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Brothers Conflict Green-lit!


Since I am at home today down with a cold, I might as well be the bearer of good news…

You now that there are two games for the series Brothers Conflict? No? I shall explain.

Brothers Conflict is an otome game series developed by Otomate. It spands two games, one called Passion Pink and the other called Brilliant Blue.

Now, the story revolves around 16 year old Eva whose father remarries and suddenly she gets eleven brothers — from 32 years old down to 11 years old. She joins the Asahina family under one roof at the Sunrise Residence complex. Romance is sure to bloom!

So why am I posting about an otome game? It’s quite simple really…BROTHERS CONFLICT IS GETTING AN ANIME SERIES! How awesome is that?! My inner fangirl is just screaming with joy(≧∇≦)

The cast really made me happy as well; Kaname is voiced by Junichi Suwabe, Suburu is voiced by Daisuke Ono…I could go on and on!

My favourite has to be Kaname…he’s a flirty monk xD and then my second is Iori, he’s so princely ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ


Kaname is on the far right and Iori is next to him on the left ❤

Are you excited about Brothers Conflict? I know I am! Having lots of hot brothers – apart from the youngest – fighting over you? That’s what I want in my life *sigh*

Keep an eye out on this blog for anymore news (^^)

2 thoughts on “Brothers Conflict Green-lit!

  1. Yeah, I’m curious about how the story will proceed… Who is the lucky guy, who will capture Emma’s heart? What will the story focus on: the game or the novel?
    Seriously, there are too many questions… xD

    I love all the brothers, so I actually don’t want ONE anime pairing for BC… But if Emma does not end up with anyone, it would be unfair to the boys… LOL I wonder, why don’t they make OVA’s for each character?? That would be much fairer… ^^

    • I agree with you! It would be unfair to all of the guys if Ema chose only one guy but at the same time it wouldn’t be fair if she chose no one…the frustration!

      I personally think that there should be an OVA for each pairing e.g. Ema x Yusuke, Ema x Kaname etc. That way, everyone will be satisfied! We just have to wait and see ^^

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