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Natsuyuki Rendezvous

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“I always wondered who was the one who suffered the most. The one who departed…or the one who was left behind”

Name: Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Japanese Name: 夏雪ランデブー

Air Date: July 6 2012 – September 14 2012

Studio: Dogakobo

Episodes: 11


Hazuki may be near-sighted, but he knows true beauty when he sees it and the delicate form of flower shop owner Rokka draws him in like a bee to honey. So, hoping to cultivate a relationship between them, Hazuki takes a part time job at her shop, only to discover two huge thorns preventing the nurturing of any romance. The first, the fact that Rokka is still grieving for her late husband Shimao, would be enough to snip most men’s ardor short but it’s the second that really threatens to make Hazuki’s forlorn hopes wilt. Because while Shimao is most definitely deceased, he hasn’t yet departed and his spirit is still living in Rokka’s apartment! Except only Hazuki can see him, which leads to a very strange romantic triangle indeed. Are Hazuki’s chances with Rokka as dead as the man who still lives in her house? Or can he somehow make love blossom even though there’s an interloper pushing up the daisies between them?

I’m really sorry that this review is late! My work pile keeps on increasing since this is my final year in secondary before I move on to college…how scary is that? College. No matter how many times I say that, it still seems weird!

Why the frickin hell did I decide to watch this? Rokka would look so much prettier if her fringe and hair were longer…WHY WOULD YOU HAVE IT THAT SHORT?! *Rages*

Ahem. I apologise for my random fit of anger. I needed to let it out xD

First Impressions

So all I know is that Haruki is in love with Rokka, gets a part time job to get closer to her and then finds out that her deceased husband is still attached to her. Classic. I mean, what doesn’t say love story without a ghost in it? I’m not really fond with this type of plot since it seems cliché (^_^;) I’m still watching it anyway because it looked promising. Plus ghosts. How awesome is that?

After finishing episode 1 however, I’m already bored out of my mind. I really wanted to drop this and move onto a different series but I stopped myself for two reasons: the first, I can’t start watching something without finishing it and the second, Yuichi Nakamura and Jun Fukuyama changed my mind. Curse you seiyuus and your wonderful talents (^^)

In other words, I’m literally going to force myself to continue. Persevere Jimmy! \(^o^)/

I think the opening and ending theme songs are relaxing and they’re suitable for the series. I wouldn’t mind hearing this everyday when I’m depressed! Yes, they’re very calming pieces of music to help me get out of depression or in other cases, writers block.

“Sure…let’s stick my hand through this guy’s body for the hell of it!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Midway Impressions

N’awww, Hazuki is so cute and clumsy (๑´ლ`๑) his feelings towards Rokka are genuinely sweet and it just sent my inner fangirl…well, fangirling xD every attempt he makes to get her to love him is not as straightforward as he thinks but what’s good about him is that he’ll never give up. He won’t lose, especially to a ghost. Hazuki is also stubborn but that’s a good thing about him since that’s what will hopefully win over Rokka. He blushes so easily, it’s adorable! Oh and he’s 8 years younger than her…8?! Yes Rokka, I can see why you think you’re old now O_o but accept his love. He’s not going to change his mind so easily.

Shimao is a rather annoying character. He’s too attached, possessive and clingy towards his wife. Move on already! She needs a life and Hazuki is the answer to that. Don’t expect Rokka to grieve for you all her life, the best you can do is to let her be happy and live life to the full! Shouldn’t you wish for your wife’s happiness? Death do you part? I guess it shows how much he really cares and loves her, how romantic! How he passed away though is never fully clarified. All I know is that he died of a disease 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 it’s funny watching him cockblock Hazuki’s and Rokka’s romantic moments though, he always foils Hazuki’s plans LOL.

He’s really in love with her….

Rokka is a confusing woman. But she’s been suffering a lot so I understand how she feels since I’ve lost a loved one a few years ago. Who do you really love Rokka-chan? It better be Hazuki, I freaking love his clumsiness and he’s so adorkable ❤

Overall Opinion

Too cute! Too cute! Too cuute ~!

I finally managed to finish this! I spent most of my evening watching this…I watched ten episodes last night which says something xD

Lustful or forbidden, love sometimes brings out the foolish side of us. Because once we’ve obtained our target, giving up isn’t an option. That was the case for a youthful man named Hazuki. After meeting an older and mature woman called Rokka, Hazuki falls in love at first sight. Attempting to involve himself in Rokka’s life, Hazuki decides to become an employee at the flower shop. All seems to be well until Hazuki stumbles upon the great supernatural being named Shimao.

Rokka’s deceased husband, now taking the shape of a ghost, decides to involve himself in Hazuki’s plan.

It wouldn’t have been that much of a problem but the truth is, only Hazuki can see him. Now trembling down the rabbit hole, Hazuki had to constantly face the cockblocker and attempt to flirt with Rokka while trying to ignore the ghost. Natsuyuki Rendezvous often took great advantage in producing funny scenarios with Shimao and Hazuki’s struggle for Rokka’s heart. Besides its comedy/slice of life aspects, the second half of Natsuyuki Rendezvous is the one to be praised for.

After a few episodes in, Natsuyuki Rendezvous took a sharp turn in its tone and presentation. Instead of teasing how ghosts can walk through walls, Natsuyuki Rendezvous focused on how Shimao became a ghost in the first place. The show begins to elaborate on the past relationship between Rokka and Shimao. All the while, Hazuki literally takes a stroll in Wonderland and finds himself secluded in Shimao’s feelings and past as well.

The animation became very effective when Shimao’s thoughts of Rokka were being expressed. It gave a sense of romanticism which treasured the past, but reminded Shimao that he now longer exists in Rokka’s presence, only in her memories of the past. When illustrating pastoral/nature imageries, this series also did a great job to bring out how magnificent a relationship could be. The light-hearted and at some points, sorrowful music also brought senses of emotions to the show. Impacting at times, the background music even enhanced the dramatic parts of significant scenes.

However, I found myself at times confused by the style of justifying situations. Although creative, this series’ way of exploring the relationships between characters through flashbacks often confused me; consistently switching back and forth between reality and the past with no relative appropriateness while doing so. I felt that this series took too long with its introductions of the characters’ nature/personality that it ended up having to rush the last few episodes.

SPOILER: Hazuki and Rokka finally get together! They get married and have a daughter who then gives birth to their grandson. The shop is still up and running though which is a relief (^^)

The style of telling stories and pacing brought about characters who developed majorly in this show. Hazuki only cared for his sexual attraction towards Rokka at first, but later he wanted to heal and protect Rokka’s emotional stability more than anything ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ. In the beginning, Shimao seemed like a jerk who only selfishly wanted happiness for himself and though in the end he’s the exact same, I learnt of the reasons of what drove him to do so. Rokka had a stable personality during the series but her character blossomed like a flower. In fact, there’s many references to her being as fragile as flowers and the symbolism added a nice touch.

Kiss me sweet prince ❤

Shoujo anime focused on romance tends to fabricate beautiful and classic stories. Ever so dramatised, Natsuyuki Rendezvous is a well-produced adaptation which makes its own stances on the shoujo genre. This show works its magic by exploiting the single greatest aspect of life. Love.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous surpasses what many romance anime fail to do. It leaves the impression that blooming flowers are similar to results of those in love’s relationship. But just as a flower blossoms, it also withers away each season. Natsuyuki Rendezvous illustrated how fragile love truly is, and why it’s such a treasure for humans while it lasts. Everything was done beautifully which was why I found myself in tears when I finished the last episode. If you’re a fan of romance, then this is the series for you. This was the best romance series I’ve ever watched and I’m glad I didn’t drop this (*´ω`*)


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