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Dog Days

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This is the first season of Dog Days… there’s too much cuteness!

Name: Dog Days

Japanese Name: ドッグデイズ

Air Date: April 2 2011 – June 25 2011

Studio: Seven Arcs

Episodes: 13


The Republic of Biscotti faces a predicament by the invasion of Galette Leo Knights. In order to save the country, Princess Millhiore summons a ‘hero’ from the outer world. Cinque Izumi, a junior high school boy living in Earth, is chosen as the hero to fight for Biscotti.

Whoo! Mamoru Miyano voices Cinque! I really do love this man ❤ Daisuke Ono, Takahiro Sakurai and Takehito Koyasu are also voicing characters in this so I’m mega excited! Yui Horie voices Millhiore so I have a hunch that she’s going to be freaking adorable…

First Impressions

Cinque Izumi is a 13 year old half British, half Japanese boy from Cornwall. He’s very athletic and straightforward which makes him super cute! Before spring break, he gets summoned by Princess Millhiore to be the hero for her battles against neighbouring countries. What Millhiore didn’t realise is that Cinque can’t return home or contact his family… oops xD Cinque is really adorable though, I just want to squeeze those cheeks! He’s like a younger Tamaki! And he’s funny; his reactions to many things are jokes \(^o^)/

From the moment they meet, Cinque and Éclair immediately argue. It’s quite amusing seeing them bickering, it almost relaxes me which is a weird thing to say (^_^;) Cinque doesn’t realise that Éclair is a girl until he accidentally grabs her boob. He got a good punch out of that xD

The rules of battle in the world of Flonyard are different, basically no one dies. Instead if they are unable to battle, they turn into… how do I put it? A ball. A round, ball of an animal. PWAHAHAHA! I wet myself when I saw it, it was so darn hilarious プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

I’m in love. Seriously in love with Loran Martinozzi right now. It’s not just his looks, it’s also the voice. That voice. THAT VOICE! Thank you Takehito Koyasu for voicing such a wonderful character! Loran is also the leader of the knights, that makes things all the more better! I would love a knight, especially one as hot as Loran ❤

Loran and Cinque look so brave (๑´ლ`๑)

Midway Impressions

I’m stupid. I’ve just realised that nearly every character in this series is named after food LOL. On the bright side, I’m very impressed with this series so far! It’s enjoyable to watch and it’s light so there’s no way I can get confused xD

Millhiore is so adorable it’s unbelievable. I want to cuddle her like a real dog… I’m jealous of you Cinque, you got to stroke her hair! I love how she wags her tail when she’s really happy, that made me go ‘awww’. Forget that! Now I want a puppy, a really fluffy puppy that will keep me warm through winter. Like a hot water bottle! Thanks a lot Millhiore (^^)

Millhiore is patting Éclair’s head?! Why not me Millhi?!

So Princess Leonmichelli Galette des Rois of Galette Lion Dominion declares a surprise war on Biscotti and proposes a wager… the sacred swords of their countries. Biscotti have Pallidion and Excelide whilst Galette Lion Dominion have Grand Vert and Ex Machina. The reason Leonmichelli announces this war is because she read the stars and found out that the holders of Pallidion and Excelide – Cinque and Millhiore – will die. Of course she doesn’t want Millhiore to die because they’re like sisters so she’s trying to hide the swords where no one can find them. That’s understandable, I wouldn’t want my friends to die so I’m hoping that this war will help prevent unnecessary deaths. Nobody understands the true motives though so they think it’s just for fun.

Loran is still as gorgeous as ever and he has quite a hot friend there ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ his name is Bernard Sabrage and he’s voiced by Daisuke Ono. No wonder! Bernard has long hair which makes me think of all the long haired characters Daisuke-san has voiced ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Why hello soldier ❤

Overall Opinion

Dog Days was one of those series that surprised me. The series just kept getting better as I went through each episode and it just goes to show that there are anime that’s good all round.

The series starts off like a number of fantasy series with our protagonist getting summoned to another world to assist with a war that is currently going on. Although the word ‘war’ makes it sound like something big is going on, a war in Flonyard is more like a game with a protective barrier to prevent anyone from getting seriously harmed. However as the series goes on, a catastrophe begins to develop and the characters are forced to stop it.

When the series first started, it looked like it wouldn’t actually have a plot because the series was all happy and cheerful. Flonyard seemed like a perfect world. However one plot twist would change all that and gave the series a foundation to build a plot on. The plot twist itself was also unforeseeable because it completely changed the mood from happy and cheerful to something more serious and dark. The plot itself is pretty simple, it doesn’t over complicate things and is pretty easy to follow. The story is also paced well too as it doesn’t try to squeeze it’s plot into 2 episodes like some series, and because of this the plot actually has time to develop. Dog Days also excels in an area where I’ve seen a number of series fail, the ending. Not only is it emotional and heartwarming but it also gives hope for a second season. Despite getting off to a slow start, for a 13 episode series the story is really well developed and paced. This definitely exceeded my expectations!

The animation was beautiful. The vibrant colors really added to the happy and cheerful mood that the series had initially. Also during battles the visual effects used to animate the magic are visually appealing too. The fights themselves are well done, they certainly weren’t lacking. With the exception of the protagonist and the minor characters from earth, all the other characters are half animal. They still look like humans, they just have animal features like ears and tail which make them look super cute.

The opening fit the anime because of the heroic feel it had to it. The ending sounded more sweet and had a really catchy rhythm. All the voice actors matched the character they were playing especially Yui Horie voicing Millhiore, it was a perfect match. All around a pretty solid job on sound.

I’ve noticed that a number of recent series have these weak and useless protagonists that really don’t do much, but this is not the case in Dog Days. The protagonist Cinque is called the hero for good reason; he’s always ready to fight and plays a significant role in many of the battles. For a human he has incredible strength and speed. He’s also able to handle the other character’s emotions really well being able to cheer them up when they are down and is a nice and likeable character.

The main female Millhiore is a gentle, soft spoken and well mannered princess but she does have some unique qualities that separates her from typical princesses. During the middle of the series and toward the end she fought the demon with Cinque showing that she can fight and defend herself. Also as an added bonus, she can sing and the songs she sings are always nice to hear and on top of that being half dog makes her extremely cute!

A lot of other characters also play a role in the story instead of just being pushed to the side. Ricotta helping with her artillery support and trying to get Cinque home, Éclair assisting Cinque in battle and also Leonmichelli who’s secretly trying to prevent the catastrophe.

SPOILER: At the end of the series Cinque is finally going home but before he leaves, Millhiore confesses her love for him. Cinque replies that he loves her too and then he leaves to go back home.

To be honest when Dog Days first started, I thought it was fun to watch but kind of stupid. But as the plot slowly revealed itself, my desire to watch Dog Days also increased. The random comedy at times was also hilarious which was enhanced by comedic facial expressions etc. and overall was an enjoyable watch.

Dog Days started out slow but once it got going it never looked back. The plot that was presented was simple but it’s well paced and well developed which is definitely worth the watch.

Cinque: “Haha! Of course this series is good, I’m in it!”

After watching this, I’m even more hyped about season 2! I can’t wait; I’m literally jumping on my bed because I can’t contain my excitement xD season 2, here I come! But I’m awful sleepy too so… (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ


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