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Akira Ishida

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Today is the première of AMNESIA and since I can’t contain my excitement, I thought that a seiyuu post on one of the voice actors starring in the series would be a perfect way to start off my evening!

Akira Ishida

Name: Akira Ishida

Japanese: 石田 彰 (Ishida Akira)

DoB: November 2 1967

Blood Type: O

Height: 163cm

Weight: 52kg

Years Active: 1988 – present

Akira Ishida is a Japanese voice actor born in Nisshin, Aichi, Japan.

Acting Career

Akira was a part of Mausu Promotion (formerly known as Ezaki Production, until its 1990 change of name) from 1988 until March 2009. He is the member of Gerbera Peerless Ltd. He is currently a free lance voice actor with no company representing him.

For his portrayal of Athrun Zala in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, he won the ‘Best Male Supporting Character’ award at the first Seiyuu Awards in 2007 and was chosen as the most popular voice actor in the Animage Anime Grand Prix in 2004 for his portrayal of the character Athrun Zala.


Akira’s favourite colour is blue and his favourite fruit are peaches. He also likes motorcycles.

I find it strangely odd that Akira voiced Fisheye in Sailor Moon… I grew up with that anime and to find out like this only made me laugh xD my childhood anime has the grace of one of my favourite seiyuus ever O_O I think I may be a bit scarred by this. Why? Fisheye looks like a girl and the voice sounds so feminine, it’s beyond creepy! Well, that’s it for now! I’m now preparing myself for episode 1 of AMNESIA so of course I’m mega excited! Time to get my fangirl on… IKKI!!! I’VE COME FOR YOU HONEY o(*゚▽゚*)o oh wait, wrong one! Ikki’s voiced by Kishou Taniyama *awkward laugh* I still love him but I meant to say Kent because he’s voiced by Akira Ishida \(^o^)/ they’re a bunch of wonderful characters who I wish were real. A girl can dream.


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