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Quickie: New Kuroko’s Basketball uniforms revealed!

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We all know that there’s been a lot of hype after Kuroko’s Basketball was given the thumbs up for a second season with a scheduled release this year, so it’s natural that around this time the studio behind the hit series would casually show the art for season 2. And this time, it involves new uniforms. Take a peek!

New Kuroko's Basketball uniforms

The image comes from Monday’s issue of Shuseisa’s Shonen Jump. Pretty neat uniforms huh? So the picture shows our two lead characters – Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami – showing off their new uniforms whilst bumping up their bromance a bit. I’ve only caught on with this yaoi thing that’s going around with some fans, so this image could possibly send their imaginations wild. Maybe frying their brains in the process.

All I know is, we’re in for a pretty awesome second season. I honestly can’t wait to see those monstrous dunks that Aomine does so well and the epic shots that Midorima never fails to get in. Plus with Kuroko discovering his new basketball and Kagami getting stronger by the minute, I can’t wait to see what style they’ll pull off. It’s going to be one of the anticipated series of 2013, I just know it!

Oh and about the guy who’s been threatening the mangaka? No news on whether the police have caught him. I’m pretty damn sure that he ain’t a fan of these new uniforms though, that’s for certain.

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