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Quickie: Kuroko’s Basketball season 2 release date revealed!

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While the terrorist is threatening those connected to the manga and anime, there’s still good news for fans of the popular series Kuroko’s Basketball. According to the May/June issue of The Tsukuru magazine, the second season of the sport series will premiere in September. So by my counting, that’s about five months or so away until we can see the Seirin team don their awesome new uniforms and take on the competition like we’ve never seen before!

After season 1 ended, I’ve been waiting very patiently for news of a second season premiere date and finally I’ve got it! Well, I for one know that this will be one of my most anticipated series for the fall season!

If you haven’t watched Kuroko’s Basketball yet, DO IT NOW. If we all support the series, then hopefully this will show the guy who’s been making these ridiculous threats that no matter how hard he tries, it ain’t going to stop people from liking the series. What is there to hate? Just the fact that these guys are insanely good at basketball or something? I am honestly confused about what could be hated in Kuroko’s Basketball. Nothing comes to mind.

All we can do now is to wait for season 2 and then hope for some good ratings. That’ll show the guy.


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