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Swimming anime becomes reality!


We all must have seen the Swimming PV by now. Well, not because it decided to show up last month or anything like that! Anyway this PV created a whole horde of female followers and hell loads of speculation. Everyone wanted this to become a reality. So when Kyoto Animation – the studio behind the PV – made a live announcement on NicoNico, nearly the entire female population fainted or squealed with joy. That’s right, the announcement Kyoto Animation made was that the Swimming PV is getting an anime series!

The anime will be titled Free! based off Kouji Ouji’s ‘High Speed!’ another honourable mention from Kyoto Animation’s yearly award program which no one has ever managed to win. It will premiere this July.


Character image 1

Character image 2

Character image 3

Character image 4

Character image 5

Many fans took to Tumblr after seeing that thirty second promo last month creating fanart, fanfics and even a petition! Their hard work paid off since THIS IS REAL! I’m a competitive swimmer myself so I was excited to hear this news! Plus, Mamoru Miyano will be voicing Rin Matsuoka… I will definitely be watching this.

4 thoughts on “Swimming anime becomes reality!

  1. I’m a competitive swimmer too, so I’m doubly interested in seeing what this story has to offer. (Of course, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to watch anyway. Swimming or no, it’s good to see some more female-orientated moe anime out there – and as you pointed out, I surely won’t be the only screaming fangirl watching the series when it comes out in July.)

    • Yeah, I agree with you. It’s good to see more anime aimed towards the female audience since there’s rarely any these days. What make this anime even more exciting is that it’s not based off an otome game for once! I’m looking forward to see how they interpret the sport because as far as I know, there’s no anime based on swimming.

      • That’s a really good point, it’s wonderful to see a female-geared anime that isn’t based on an otome game (especially since, like the vast majority of game-based anime, those titles that are adapted from otome games are very rarely high quality). And that’s true, I also can’t think of any anime that have revolved around swimming. Probably the only thing that comes close to it is Water Boys, and that was never a manga or anime but rather a live-action movie and TV drama… and synchronized swimming obviously isn’t the same thing as racing. XD

      • The last female oriented anime I watched was AMNESIA which was pretty average except for the animation I have to say. I’m now watching Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000% which is very good so far! Apart from that, there’s so many otome game adaptions and they always fail to impress. You get the occasional rare jewel but that’s rarely. Well, this is a first for swimming I think so let’s hope that Kyoto Animation do this right (^_^)

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