Seven Coloured Compass

Beneath the starry sky, we'll meet once again.

For You…

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“To my beloved.

By the time you read this, I will no longer be a part of this world. I will be moving onto the next life that God is waiting to give me. It may seem unfair to you, that I have suddenly left but… maybe this is a good thing. Maybe this time, you’ll be free; free to move on and give life your greatest. Give the world everything you have to offer, because I know you have so much to give. That pure light radiates from every inch of your body and I love you for that. But, love might be an understatement… I am absolutely, irrevocably, besotted with you. Please, never forget that. Never forget that I love you from the very depths of my heart and being. You were my guiding light and now, it is my time to be yours.

Your feelings are all the evidence I need. You must understand that from the moment I laid eyes on you, I could never go back to the way I was. So I am grateful. Grateful that you had given me meaning and purpose in the bland life I had. Your face always burned brightly in my mind. You were all I ever thought of. You were all I wanted; no matter what, I could not stop thinking about you. I was strongest when I was with you; I felt you were my other half and the one who would be able to break down the walls that surrounded me. I never imagined, I would feel this way about another person.

For you, I would do anything. But I am no longer here to do that. I am no longer able to be there for you. I am no longer able to protect you. I am no longer able to touch you. I am no longer able to say… I love you. Those would have been my last words to you, but I spread my wings too early and departed. I wanted you to know, that someone will continue to love you once I disappeared. Regret is all I feel. Sometimes, love is unfair. And fate decided it was my time to depart. What hurts the most, is that I will never be able to make you smile again. Could you promise me something? Smile. You look best when you smile; it lights up my entire world so please, continue to smile. For my sake.

You may forget about me. You may not even grieve for me. But I will never do that. If you wish to choose another man, then I wouldn’t mind as long as that keeps your happiness sane. I’ll always pray for your happiness because that’s what matters to me most. Remember, I’ll never let go of you… unless you do so first.

Keep your head high, and remember that your guardian angel will always gaze down upon you from God’s kingdom.

I wait for the day, when we are reunited…and when I am finally able to hold you in my arms.

All my love.”

She read the letter for what seemed like the thousandth time. Small beads of water formed at the corner of her eyelids, and slowly dropped onto the letter she held so dearly. Her hands shook slightly as they gripped the letter tighter.


There was no way she could forget him. There was no way she would be able to move on so quickly. She was mourning. It still hadn’t sunk in that she lost him. He was gone and there was no way he was coming back. She knew that, yet she didn’t want to believe in the reality. All she could do was walk aimlessly around their apartment; lightly touching each of his possessions. She came to a stop when a certain object caught her eye. A large cardboard box was sat in the corner, gathering dust from the many years it had remained unmoved. It drew her closer and with curiosity, she undid the seal.

Inside were a number of photos. Each and every one he had was something precious; from their first date to the first day moving in together. Everything was there. Precious memories that will last a lifetime. A royal purple box was placed inside amongst the photos. She glanced at it before reaching towards it. She hesitated before she decided to open it. What happened next was something that was too overwhelming to put into words. Her tears started again, and she sobbed quietly. A simple, diamond ring rested inside the cushioned box and a handwritten note was attached.

“My last gift to you is an eternal vow. I love you.”

Without hesitation or doubt, she slipped the gift onto her ring finger. It was a sign. A promise that they would meet each other again. This was something that she never wanted to forget nor let go. This ring proved that what she had was real. She softly smiled to herself while the tears continued to stream down her cheeks.



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