Seven Coloured Compass

Beneath the starry sky, we'll meet once again.

The first time I felt the warmth of your hand… was on that day.

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Note: This short story contains religious content and references. Please do not feel offended as this is only pure fiction.

When was the last time I ever saw you smiling? When was the last time I ever held you in my arms? When was the last time… I ever told you that I loved you?

Who would have thought you were the one? The one who released me from the shackles chaining me to Hell; the one who gave me my freedom. Isolation and confinement were my punishment for the sins I have committed, and you bailed me out. I am forever in your debt… and I am eternally grateful. Ha, it’s strange isn’t it? Being a creature of darkness, it was a taboo to come into contact with someone of holy grounds. One touch would have sent you into the abyss… but you found me. You extended your hand to me, and offered salvation. Redemption. A chance to make myself worthy again in the eyes of God.

Fallen angels aren’t worthy of entering the kingdom of Heaven. You knew that very well, but you still helped me. Anyone would be out of their minds to come within breathing distance and yet you, with your radiance and pureness, braved the disapproval and stares of the others and guided me. Courage emitted from you and I admired that. Something I knew I could never possess, was standing right in front of me. With that, I reached out for your hand instinctively and held it. The first time I felt the warmth of your hand… was on that day.

Time flew by after that day. After our first meeting, we managed to see each other while avoiding God’s gaze. But… one day, you stopped visiting. It was peculiar and rather ominous; I feared the worst. Days, months, years went by without us meeting. The place we always met, I still stand there everyday. I always wondered when I would see you next. I still do to this very day. However, I can hear your voice; I think of it repeatedly. Can you hear my voice? I am here, thinking of you. Thinking of what could have possibly happened. Did God decide your punishment? No, that can’t be right… I should be the one receiving divine retribution for escaping. By then, my feelings have grown but they must be restrained; they are forbidden emotions.

If God has wrongly punished you, I – Lucifer – swear to you that I’ll always be there to protect you from His wrath. I don’t care if you spite me or blame me for all the misfortune that has been bestowed upon you. I don’t want you to fall from grace so I won’t go back on my word. A promise is a promise. Rest assured, I love you with all my being and I will love only you. The laws of God forbid us from seeing each other, because of our ranks. But I will find a way to break this pointless law. Rankings do not matter in love. Worthless words written on scribes can’t restrict me so I ask you, to believe me.

My guardian angel, thank you for saving me from drowning in my own heart. I will find you again, just wait for me. If my wishes are granted, I would want to see you. I want to see you, if only once. That would be enough to keep my sanity.

Thank you… for existing.


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