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Prom 2013

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As many of you may know, I had my leavers prom last night. And it was the most magical night ever… it was just perfection. I’m getting emotional knowing I may never see my friends again!

After last night, I’m exhausted. There was lots of dancing, hilarious rapping videos (thanks to my Head of Year… you legend) and plenty of laughs. It was indeed a great night full of memories. Actually, I didn’t go to sleep until two this morning… oopsies!

I better keep my promise then! Here are some photos but I’m not going to upload all of them as I took so many! The first few are with my brother and then the rest are with my friends. For specific reasons, please do not post these photos anywhere else. I have already posted these photos and many more on my Facebook account but these are my photos and I don’t wish to see them anywhere else apart from this blog and Facebook. I hope you all understand.

NB: I’m wearing a white dress!







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