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Brief Hiatus…

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Konnichiwa my dear followers and fellow bloggers!~❤

As seen in the title above, I am briefly going on hiatus for personal reasons. I’m going through a rough patch at the moment, which has unfortunately affected my motivation to watch and review anime. I feel that my lack of eagerness will affect my enjoyment of anime and the quality of my reviews, therefore I have made the difficult decision to go on hiatus. That way, I can have some time to get myself back together and get my thoughts in place. It is indefinite, however I hope to return very soon in order to bring you more news, reviews etc. I want all my future posts to be the best as I can write them so this hiatus is necessary.

Before I leave WordPress for a brief time, I would like to thankyou all for the support you have given me. Without you and other readers, this blog would’ve been shut down long ago and I wouldn’t have found the passion to do what I love most; watch anime!

I give my word that I will be back soon! Until then, please continue supporting me and Seven Coloured Compass now and in future! Don’t be afraid to leave comments on any posts, I will still reply!

Thankyou and I shall return soon.

Lots of Love,

Jimmy xxx


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