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I do apologise about my lack of presence here! I’ve recently returned from a family holiday in Cannes and the French Riviera, and it was gorgeous. The apartment I stayed in had wifi, however it was incredibly slow and it didn’t give me the opportunity to watch anime or type reviews. Heck I couldn’t even go on Tumblr! The horror (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

I am currently in the process of watching Polar Bear’s Café and Bleach season 4, as well as waiting for the new episode of Free! to come out. Last weeks cliffhanger had so much suspense I almost died from shock, and grief! MAKOTO!! REI!! BE SAFE MY BABIES (ಥ_ಥ)

Since I’ve been back from holiday, the weather at home doesn’t compare to Cannes at all. It’s certainly a lot colder, but what did I expect? It is Britain after all xD I’m not kidding, it was about to rain and it was freezing. At least here I get faster wifi and working computers.

In other news, on Monday, my brother and I bought a PS3 as well as two games: my brother bought Gundam Target in Sight while I bought Bleach Soul Resurrección. I spent the whole day yesterday playing Bleach and I’ve never been so mesmerised in my entire life. The graphics and the character’s fighting moves amazed me; they were so fluid and smooth. I spent roughly half the time squealing over Byakuya, Gin, Grimmjow and Toshirou ^^; but in all honesty, I am infatuated with them and have been long before I began watching Bleach. It was a shame Renji, Shuhei and Kira aren’t playable characters because I adore them too. So now you know that if nothing new appears on the home page/archives, I’ll be most likely kicking Hollow butt or the usual reading, studying etc.

Well, that is what’s new with me! I plan on getting a review out sometime next week, or perhaps earlier depending on my typing speed… snail pace Jimmy, snail pace.

See you soon my dear readers!~❤


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