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“May God be with you”

Name: 07-Ghost

Japanese Name: セブンゴースト

Air Date: April 6 2009 – September 22 2009

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 25


Barsburg Empire’s Military Academy is known for training elites who bring victory to the empire. Students of the academy freely utilize an ability called ‘Zaiphon’ to fight, while the types of Zaiphon usable depends on the nature of the soldier.

Teito Klein, a student at the academy, is one of the most promising soldiers produced. Although ridiculed by everyone for being a sklave with no memories of his past, he is befriended by a fellow student called Mikage Celestine. While preparing for the final exam, Teito uncovers a dark secret related to his past. When an attempt to assassinate Ayanami, a high-ranking official who killed his father, fails Teito is locked away awaiting punishment.

Only wanting the best for Teito, Mikage helps him escape. Teito ends up at the 7th District Church where he is taken in by the bishops. It is here that Teito attempts to evade the grasp of Ayanami and the Military, so he can rediscover his memories and learn why he is the person that can change the fate of the world.

This has been in my backlog for quite some time now so I thought just go for it! Plus Junichi Suwabe voices Frau, Jun Fukuyama voices Hakuren Oak and Daisuke Namikawa voices Mikage \(^o^)/ I’m happy!

First Impressions

This little outburst in episode 1 by Mikage made my day:

*Mikage uses his Zaiphon and blows some magazines into Shuri’s hand*

Mikage: “Sensei! Shuri-kun bought porn to class!”


At the end of episode 1, Teito finds sanctuary in the 7th District after escaping from the Imperial Army with Mikage’s help. Teito is then taken to the ‘Domain of God’ by three bishops named Frau, Castor and Labrador. Whilst in the 7th District, the Imperial Army is not allowed to capture him… hahahaha! In your faces! Can’t touch this xD

Hot bishop trio…

I love Mikage! He’s the best friend that I’ve always wanted…he’s so dedicated to his buddy and even risks his life to help Teito escape. That’s true friendship, it’s too beautiful ❤ if only some of my friends are like that. It’s cute when he makes the pact with Teito too. I could tell that Mikage will seriously keep that promise because he’s just that awesome. Be my best friend, you’ll absolutely love it (^^)

Teito is actually pretty strong too as shown in his graduation exam. He kicks ass! And LOL at Shuri, he just pounds the wall screaming for help. Shuri made me go ( ಠ_ಠ) most of the time… ARE YOU A MAN?! Wimp. I thought he was a member of the proud Oak family… clearly not if he’s running away from battle!

Episode 2 was extremely hilarious! The comedy balances with the seriousness so I don’t get bored easily. Basically, Teito tries to find out the history of the destroyed Raggs kingdom so he casually goes to the library. When he finally manages to get the book, Frau grabs him and runs out. The way Frau dashes out makes me giggle every time! I shall put a link to the clip here. I was wetting myself, look at Teito’s and Frau’s faces! They look so adorable プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Midway Impressions

MIKAGE! I can’t live anymore, my life is over. I don’t have anything to live for… I’m sorry guys, I can’t continue like this. I’m having an emotional breakdown. *Sobs like a lunatic*

Ok much better. Oh no wait, here it comes again! Joking xD seriously, I was crying so much because MIKAGE DIES. There. I said it. It’s too painful for me, I can’t bare it anymore 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。why did you do this to me?! Damn you Ayanami! His reincarnation is the most cutest thing ever though, I teared up with joy ❤

It’s sad to think that I’ll never see this again 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Frau, you perverted bishop (๑´ლ`๑) hehee, stop being so sexy! If Frau wasn’t a bishop then I would marry the man. The many things I would do to make him mine… bad thoughts there. Oops xD but who wouldn’t want him? He’s so smexy. Episode 13 made me laugh a lot and you can see why if you click here. Poor Frau, he’s a victim of circumstances (^_^;) what makes him even cooler is that he’s one of the seven ghosts. He’s Zehel and is the only ghost who can wield Verloren’s scythe/sickle. That thing is hench!

Castor and Labrador are really intelligent. Castor can make these weird doll things and Labrador can predict the future… how awesome is that?! Castor and Frau’s constant bickering is just funny whilst Labrador looks on in the background and doesn’t help Frau at all. I feel sorry for the guy now!

Why does Ayanami look and sound so hot?! I shouldn’t even be thinking of that because he was the one who lead Mikage to his death (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ curse you Ayanami! I will never forgive you for as long as I live. REVENGE! REVENGE!

I’m getting some strong yaoi vibes from this series… did anyone else sense this? Teito always blushes around Frau and Hakuren does the same around Teito… I wouldn’t say all the time, but the majority. But it is rather cute so I’ll accept it for now. Besides, the possibility of a romantic relationship between any of the characters is open to interpretation…

Overall Opinion

There’s a lot of hotties in this series. There’s him:

And him:

And him:

And him:

I could go on! The list is practically endless ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

The plot is alright, in my opinion. It’s a bit slow but it’s sound. 07-Ghost also has its funny moments, my favourites has to be when Frau and Castor are involved LOL. There’s also a few sad and touching moments which I know I went through a few tissue boxes whilst watching xD

There’s not many confrontations between the good side and the bad side. Ayanami prefers to send his lowly minions – mwuhahaha – after Teito rather then go after him himself. The few times they do confront, they just say remarks and provoke each other into ripping each others’ heads off. Literally.

The ending of the anime is very open ended and there are still a lot of loose ties that have yet to be resolved, yet I’m oddly satisfied with it. We get to see a montage of the previous episodes and it serves as a reminder of how much Teito has grown and matured during the course of the series.

The animation has got to be the best thing about this series. It is one of the reasons I’ll watch this over and over again. The characters are absolutely gorgeous and animated as are their chibi forms. The backgrounds and settings were amazing, you don’t see many religious settings in anime but this one is centred around a church and is beautifully depicted. Definitely no disappointments there!

The soundtrack was a delight to listen to. I liked the opening theme ‘Aka no Kakera’ by Yuki Suzuki and the ending theme ‘Hitomi no Kotae’ by Noria. The instrumental pieces were pretty good as well, it goes hand in hand with the anime. The ending theme was more relaxed and classical, the violin playing sounded so sorrowful but beautiful at the same time \(^o^)/

The character development for Teito was probably the best in this series. It was interesting watching Teito move from a military soldier to a bishop in training. If you do like shounen ai – known as yaoi – there were some undertones of it, the cast was predominantly male after all! There were only a few female roles and they don’t really do much. Hakuren was one of my favourites too; he looks gorgeous with that long hair plus his voice was hot! Never underestimate the voice acting powers of Jun Fukuyama (^^)

The cast of characters was vast ranging from the badass and perverted bishop to the cheerful best friend who would do anything for his loved ones, even if he’s at risk himself. I would have loved them all the more if there was more background story to some of the major characters though, especially the Ghosts. I was really interested in them and was disappointed when not much was revealed by the end of the anime.

SPOILER: Teito is the vessel of the Eye of Mikhail. Around 1000 years ago, the God of Death Verloren fell in love with the Chief of Heaven’s daughter. However, she was found dead a while later. Verloren was accused of killing her so he fled to Earth hoping that he would find her reincarnation. As he searched for her, he tainted humans so the Chief of Heaven sent seven ghosts to punish him for his crimes. They sealed his soul with the Eye of Raphael whilst the Eye of Mikhail sealed his body. Both eyes possess a strong power that can protect or destroy the world. If they’re together, they could resurrect Verloren. Since Teito has the Eye of Mikhail, the Military are after him because he could be a large threat to the empire.

Phew, now that was a long spoiler!

It’s strange to think that this was aimed towards females and yet it seems like it was made for males instead. There’s all the action and fighting for the males whilst there’s the emotional scenes for the females. I think 07-Ghost is suitable for both genders personally.

I really loved 07-Ghost, not once I lost interest whilst watching this which is quite rare for me. Although the plot is quite serious, there are quite a few funny moments which were enhanced by the chibi characters and was quite entertaining! If there was an emotional equivalent of a colour palette, then 07-Ghost would be the whole spectrum. Laughter, sadness, anger, despair, hate, joy, love, acceptence. It really is an emotional rollercoaster which makes anime all the more better. This is one of my favourite anime series ever and I highly recommend it!

With all of that said, I wouldn’t mind a season 2. The manga is still ongoing so it’s possible… I hope.