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Japanese Name: アムネシア

Air Date: January 7 2013 – March 25 2013

Studio: Brain’s Base

Episodes: 12


This story takes place in a fictional town, in a fictional country, in a fictional world. One morning, a young lady awakens to find that she has lost all her memories prior to that morning. Her life, her relationships, her very name—all gone. All that’s left is a cell phone with numbers and names she doesn’t recognise and Orion, a young boy that only she appears to be able to see. With Orion’s guidance, she struggles to make sense of herself, a boyfriend she doesn’t know and the thousand and one little things that make up a daily life. But with no memories left, the only alternative is to forge new ones, even if that means leaving old loves behind.

[via Sentai Filmworks]

I have been waiting for the anime adaption of AMNESIA for quite a while now. As long as I can remember really! When the first episode aired, I went straight for it; completely ignoring my backlog and my conscience. I’m not joking, it was screaming at me to wait until I’m finished with Polar Bear’s Café but I have no reason to apologise. I only wanted to see and hear my darling bishies brought to life since I’m unable to play the game!

First Impressions

If you want to read the individual character routes, then read Rin’s blog. They will help to understand the plot of the anime in some way.

You wouldn’t be able to understand my happiness when I heard that AMNESIA was going to be adapted into an anime but the big question that’s eating away at my mind is, who’s route are they going to base the anime on? The highly probable answer would be Shin since he’s the poster boy of the entire franchise but I’m hoping they’ll follow Ukyou’s instead. Why? He’s the canon of the game and his plot in the otome game is just epic. Words can’t describe how epic his route is. It just is and that’s why he’s the canon of the game. I also think that you can get more out of Ukyou’s plot and to be honest, I think that the heroine and Ukyou are made for each other. They’re too adorable together that you can’t possibly ignore them! But I have a hunch that she may end up with Shin which gives me mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Shin, Toma, Kent and Ikki but most of their routes contained bitchy fangirls which I can’t deal with bitchy fangirls can piss off and burn in hell. Nonetheless I still love the guys, no matter what hardships we have to endure in their routes ❤

The opening theme song is amazing. It starts off slow and then builds into this heavy guitar rock kind of thing which adds suspense to the series. It’s called ‘Zoetrope’ by Nagi Yanagi. The animation sequence that accompanies the song is somewhat psychedelic but it really caught my attention with the bright and vivid colours. Shame that Ukyou barely appears in that sequence though, I was quite disappointed to be frank. It’s like they just tossed him aside and that’s not fair because he’s like the main show! *Sob*

I think the animation is gorgeous. It really does bring the characters to life and I have to admit that Ikki is trying seduce me… why do you talk with such a sexy voice (*´ω`*) it’s too much! If you look at their eyes, you can see that they’re tinted with two colours which is very unusual yet so pretty and alluring. Also, their hair is dip-dyed if you pay attention. You can see green in Kent’s, blue in Ikki’s, yellow in Toma’s and red in Shin’s. It’s quite cool. I hate that these guys aren’t real. I have to slap my face to remind myself that they’re fictional characters xD

Heroine and IkkiOh Ikki, if only you weren’t so persistent of Heroine…

I definitely think that Brain’s Base are following Shin’s route after watching episode 2. Those events happened in his route but they’re misleading me because there are hints of Ikki’s, Toma’s and Kent’s routes as well which is confusing me. Worse, WHY NO UKYOU?! He needs the love. It must be obvious that I show a special fondness towards Ukyou and I would apologise, but I won’t. He’s too asdfghjkl!!! Fangirl rampage!!!!

Midway Impressions

I must have mentioned Ukyou about ten times now. I’m not giving up hope yet! The reason why I’m not giving up is because so far, they’ve been through Shin, Ikki and Kent’s routes or ‘worlds’ and at the moment, the current episode I’m watching is Toma’s. It’s a mixture of all their routes. Now, I’m getting slightly paranoid since this is our yandere nii-chan we’re talking about here and I know what he does to the Heroine later on O_o oh well. I’ll just have to endure it for now. But seriously, when that flower pot almost hit the Heroine, Toma’s reaction was the most scariest thing ever. He looked like he was about to bloody murder someone Σ(゚д゚lll)I’ll stay away for a bit…. but that’s only second to Ukyou’s dual personality. He scared the living daylights out of me! And his voice sent shivers up my spine! It was awfully scary! Looks like I’m not sleeping tonight then…

Toma clearly suspects something is going on though. When the Heroine asked if they were going out, did anyone else notice how his upper face was shadowed? Yeah, I did. He looked really suspicious then and I can only imagine what’s going to happen in future episodes. I pretty much know his route from the game off by heart (how sad) BUT IT’S SO GOOD! I can’t stop watching this series because it leaves me on edge after every episode, and I just love the thrill of that! I literally sit on the end of my chair in anticipation. Nothing says thrilling like a guy who’s out to kill the woman he loves O_o did I really just say that?

Locked inSo that’s what you were planning Toma (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.

I’m wondering what the final episode will be like though since the anime is almost coming to an end. Who will she choose or will she choose ANYONE for that matter. I guess the director will probably leave that decision to our wild fantasies. UKYOU ALL THE WAY BABY!! *Ahem* oh I’m excited now! And before I forget, Waka is a badass manager. I may just fall in love with him xD

Overall Opinion

AMNESIA is based off a Japanese otome game of the same name by Idea Factory. As such, the series stars a main female protagonist as she encounters several hot guys that represents a different suit of a card deck. She becomes the centre of attention with her bonds with the other guys in several supposed routes/arcs that proceed the story.

The story has two main issues: the pacing and the Heroine. The pacing moves by slowly, to the point when episode 9 aired, practically nothing is known about the plot or what is going on. The story is meant to be about the Heroine collecting her memories and finding herself but that’s probably the least she’s done throughout the show because she HARDLY DOES ANYTHING OF USE.

The Heroine herself is the second issue. This girl is so bland, has barely any personality, and is used as a wish-fulfillment device that she doesn’t even have a name. None. She’s just ‘you’. Having no name makes it all the more better for the female audience however. It makes self-insertion much easier so all of us girls can imagine ourselves being cuddled by those hot bishies. Heroine isn’t your usual heroine – she provides little to no advancement to the plot and has to rely on the other characters to push her towards any direction. I understand that the girl has amnesia and all, but she could have made a bit more effort to act normal in front of the others. I mean, her voice had no emotion whatsoever. She can barely complete a sentence let alone a conversation! But we do know a few things about her: she’s around 19 years old, she has no memories prior to August 1st, she has a job at a café called Meido no Hitsuji and she is clueless with no knowledge of the world or even herself. However, all of this adds up resulting in her weak character.

Speaking of the Heroine, another issue is raised: she’s submissive. Overly submissive so to say. Almost all the guys do extremely improper things to her, like pushing her against a tree in the middle of the dark or forcefully kissing her, getting too close to her etc. She takes it and she just accepts all of this. She never fights back or sticks up for herself, and is even willing to stay with a man who she knows will eventually dump her when the time limit is up. Yes Ikki, I’m on about you \(^o^)/

The positives? The animation was beautiful and captivating as expected of Brain’s Base. The eyes look downright gorgeous and the opening theme is eye-candy for the ladies. The men are attractive, which is a key for these sorts of anime, and the backgrounds are well-created. Soundtrack was quite good and mysterious especially the melody that plays whenever the Heroine is with Ukyou. I have to give bonus points for the awesome opening song by Nagi Yanagi. The hard rock riff and suspenseful violins will never get out of my head. The way these two instruments mixed together was astounding since it’s one of those things you’d never expect. The seiyuu did a terrific job with their voice acting. Even Heroine who can rarely complete a full sentence is portrayed in a direct way to show how real and that she suffers from amnesia. All the other male characters’ voices fits their personality as well and furthermore made their characters believable.

Hide and seekHide and seek isn’t Heroine’s best game.

Back to the men, they are presented as the guys that the Heroine had connections with in the past. Each of them represent a different symbol: Shin (Heart), Ikki (Spade), Toma (Diamond), Kent (Clubs), and Ukyou (Joker). All of them are dressed in a flamboyant and interesting way with their stylish clothing which I thought were appealing, extravagant and unusual. Unfortunately though, they don’t seem to hold any more meaning to that. There are the odd occasion where a memory does return to the Heroine but that’s all. The main problem here is the story. It’s based on a game so of course there would be alterations but I feel like the series is rushed too fast due to the amount of episodes given.

SPOILER: Ukyou’s evil persona takes over and attempts to kill Heroine before the clock strikes twelve so he can survive. Heroine is terrified and accepts here fate but Orion encourages her to fulfil Ukyou’s wish: to keep on living. Ukyou returns to normal for a brief moment and tells her to run. Heroine takes the opportunity and runs. Evil Ukyou eventually catches up to her and is about to stab her when Ukyou returns to normal and stabs himself in the heart. After a long confession, Ukyou dies but his wish is fulfilled so both Heroine and Ukyou are saved. Orion then reveals the reasoning behind the leap between parallel worlds and time reversing. Orion and Heroine part ways and she goes through a door where she sees five cards floating: heart, spade, joker, clubs and diamond. She chooses one of them unknown to the audience and returns to that world.

Although AMNESIA got generally poor reviews, I have to say that I personally loved it. Way to be the odd one out Jimmy (-__-) I loved AMNESIA not only because it’s based off the popular otome game, but also how it manages to keep the mystery and suspense from the game itself. It’s like they’re deliberately with holding information from us in order to shake up the plot, which is why it’s hard to understand. Yes there may seem like no plot at all, but I think that it’s the directors way of saying “figure this out yourself”. I admit that I’m slightly disappointed at the outcome but it’s done and over with. If this series had more episodes than a better conclusion could have been done. Again, the director left the ending to our imaginations.

I wouldn’t recommend this series for anyone who isn’t into the whole otome game thing, and those who’ve already read reviews that’s said this series was probably one of the worst. I even heard people saying that AMNESIA should just be forgotten. Uh, how about no?

Orion“Thankyou Jimmy for saying we’re ok!”

So after all that, who were my favourite guys?

1. (tie) Ukyou and Toma… apparently I prefer creepy and overly protective characters?
2. (tie) Kent and Ikki
3. Shin

I don’t have anything against Shin personally; I love the boy and everything, but I can’t seem to get my head around the reason why he’s my least favourite out of the dateable characters. Maybe it’s because I’m not a major fan of poster boys and how they’re always the one who’s most likely to get the girl. It just seems unfair to the others. Ukyou and Toma are my examples for this. My babies need the love.

UkyouLook how much my baby is suffering (´;ω;`)

As some of you may know, I’m watching Sword Art Online now. I have to plead guilty here since I’ve only watched… two episodes. Eek! I’m sorry! I’ve been distracted by so many things like Kuroko’s Basketball. No really, this is like the millionth time I’ve re-watched it. Major obsession with basketball at the moment! So, the review for Sword Art Online may take a while. We’ll never know!