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Ixion Saga DT

Taking a break from the world of shinigami’s and spirits, and diving into the world of fantasy!

Ixion Saga DT logo

Name: Ixion Saga DT

Japanese Name: イクシオン サーガ DT

Air Date: October 8 2012 – April 1 2013

Studio: Brain’s Base

Episodes: 25


The series follows Kon Hokaze, a boy who embarks on a journey from our world to an alternate world known as Mira, which is full a mysterious energy known as Alma. After saving Princess Ecarlate from attackers, he soon finds himself in the middle of a struggle around Alma.

What drove me to watch this?! Many reasons were taken into consideration but I think one in particular stood out… the white haired man with an awesome seiyuu lured me. Hiroshi Kamiya – who voices the antagonist – is one of my favourite seiyuus and this man is a legend. How could I not love him after he voiced Izaya in Durarara!! and Penguin in Polar Bear’s Café? The former is one of my favourite animes of all time and the latter is just super cute so I can’t not adore it.

I’m taking a break from Bleach because you know… I can’t watch over three hundred episodes at once. One, it’s too much effort and two, I do have other anime series to be watching. I’m speaking the truth here, have you not seen my backlog?! I need to eliminate the majority of it because that thing keeps on building and building! I curse my attentive nature… I always notice anime I’ve never watched before straight away and think “might as well watch that!”. I’ll resume with season 2 of Bleach after I finish Ixion Saga DT… I told myself that I would finish this series first so I have to stick to my word.

First Impressions

Kon… you pervert! Hentai! I could rip my hair out watching this guy! ( ಠ益ಠ ) for a male protagonist, he is pretty useless. AND, he is rather dim-headed. I am not joking, this guy is getting on my nerves. Kon is an avid gamer and that’s when he meets a female online. He says she’s cute and all that but have you seen her?! She’s not beautiful in the slightest! He needs to get his eyes tested… and can I also complain about all the whining he does? He’s sounds like my mum so that’s definitely worth mentioning. But what ticks me off the most is that he fights dirty and uses cheap tactics when he knows he can’t win. No seriously, his solution is always kicking/hitting people in the balls or attack them when their back is turned. He has no honour whatsoever. Unlike my precious Erec-sama who fights clean, Kon isn’t worth mentioning anymore… I’ve had enough of him already so get off my screen!

Giant birdThere will be a day where we ride giant pigeons…

Now Erec… ah!~❤ am I sailing on a dreamboat? This white-haired guy is VERY good looking… the living epitome of perfection perhaps! His full name is Erecpyle Dukakis, but that’s too much of a mouthful so I’ll settle with Erec for now. Because this anime is so… unhealthy (I’ll say for now), I’ve realised that his name is a comedic reference to something I do not wish to mention. It’s quite disturbing but makes sense pretty early on in the series. At the climax of the first episode, Kon and Erec face off and because the former was wearing REALLY insensible footwear (the shoes had frickin’ horns on them!), he goes ahead and kicks Erec IN THE BALLS. And because of this so-called ‘incident’, Erec had to get them removed hence the comedic reference of his name. I for one, do not find this in the least entertaining. In fact, I am gutted! Erec lost the most important thing – his manlihood – because of that stupid idiot! Poor Erec is having a mental breakdown! You can see why I despise Kon so much now. I want to bitch-slap him so much *steam coming out of head* bring it bitch! (ง •̀_•́)ง

H-Hyuuga-kun? Is that you? Oh, my mistake. I apologise Leon-sama. It’s just the long hair and military uniform… Leon is a member of Erec’s military group, Incognito. He is fiercely loyal to Erec and is a massive ドM though he doesn’t admit to it. Denial!~

Mariandale is Princess Ecarlate’s maid and guardian… she/he is also transgender. Seriously, she/he is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen… she/he can wield a gun, cook delicious meals at large volumes AND look cute all at the same time. Mariandale may look helpless, but she/he is a capable fighter and a superb marksman. In fact, she/he sometimes speaks with her/his manly voice when the situation calls for it… Jun Fukuyama’s low voice is unbelievably sexy. No it’s true! Jun-Jun really voices Mariandale Σ(゚ー゚;) I know… it greatly shocked me too. It shocked me to that extent where I actually fell off my chair. It hurt too. So now it’s really awkward… I always see Panda-kun from Polar Bear’s Café whenever I hear Mariandale’s feminine voice and then I see Hakuren from 07-Ghost whenever I hear her/his masculine voice O_o it’s two in one.

Midway Impressions

What. Is. This? K-Kon… i-is… d-dead?! YAHOO!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment! This the most glorious day of my life! Oh wait, don’t get your hopes up Jimmy, he’s bound to come strolling back into my life again much to my distaste. Speaking of which, I’m not a huge fan of the opening and ending theme songs… I find it unnecessary to chant “DT!” or “ED!” constantly.

Episode 13, introduces a new female character who lives in a town where Kon, Ecarlate, Mariandale and Sainglain are currently staying in. It’s funny and ironic at the same time; she thinks everyone loves her when they clearly don’t like her around xD heck, even her grandmother can’t stand her! Well anyway, she falls in love with Kon at first sight and somehow concludes that he is dying and needs her love to save him… I swear she is delusional. And she is one crazy bitch. Her methods of getting someone to like her? She beats them up… no wonder no one likes you girl (-_-) worst part of it is, that she always fantasises about the situation and it’s always completely off.

Princess Ecarlate is betrothed to the ruler of a kingdom named Jugglaburk. She’s only 8 years old and yet she’s already engaged… of course for political reasons! There’s no way she’d be doing something like this for love, right? Although she’s young, she is very mature and acts a lot older. Her snarky remarks at Kon never fail to make me LOL, she’s got attitude which is what I like most about her; she’s also a good sidekick, she’s a lot better than other female characters I’ve seen lately. The best conversation I’ve seen between her and Kon is probably the one in episode 11 where they are still on their journey to the capital:

Kon: “You can’t get a proper night’s sleep in a place like that. I think I slept on this wrong.”

“Looks like I need a soft bed and a pillow with a nice firm body.”

Ecarlate: “You poor thing.”

Kon: “I know, right?”

Ecarlate: “You can’t calm down unless you talk incessantly. Is that some sort of illness?”

Exactly my point! Tell it to him straight hime-sama! \(^o^)/

Swan LakeIs this some sort of Swan Lake production?

Overall Opinion

Mixed feelings about this series. I’m not sure whether I should praise it for being funny or criticise it for having tons of sexual humour when it’s not always necessary. For a start. we all know what potty humour becomes when it matures… sexual humour. There is plenty of it in Ixion Saga DT for adults or those who are fortunately over the age of twelve. Ixion Saga DT is filled to the brim with raunchy tidbits and jokes and while the show doesn’t really have a plot, the majority of the series pokes fun at recent series where people get plunged into virtual worlds and just getting giggles out of it.

Like with any story of a similar genre, our story begins with Kon – a basic teenager with an abnormal obsession with video games. Before he knows it, he accepts a request from a mysterious yet sexy female resulting in him plummeting from the sky and landing on a group of warriors attacking a small party. At first, its seems as though he has been simply pulled into the game however, upon looking around at his surroundings, it seems more and more surreal; meaning Kon has been deposited there for no particular reason. The group he had inadvertently saved is none other than Princess Ecarlate and her bodyguards Sainglain and Mariandale. These three are travelling to the capital so Ecarlate can be wed thus ensuring a treaty to avert war. Kon finds himself a servant to Ecarlate and travels with the group. Trying to stop them is Erecpyle Dukakis – Erec or ED for short – and his military group, Incognito. Erec controls a weapon named ‘Alma Gear’ which makes him the pride and joy of his group and a respected warrior. Unfortunately he is no match for Kon’s orthodox tactics and thanks to some pointy dragon boots, he lose his manliness… I am still fuming over that by the way. You’d think I’d forget about it but I haven’t. After an episode focused on Erec and his attempts to regain what he had lost, we are left to wonder… is Kon the bad guy and Erec the hero of this tale?

Erecpyle DukakisOh. My. God. JUST STAHP LOOKING SO SMEXY.

Generally speaking, there was balance between the amount of DT and ED episodes. Neither characters change drastically over the course of the series; Kon is still a jerk I want to beat up and Erec is still as heroic as he makes himself. The show never ventured deeper into these characters but for once, I’m alright with that. Why? Because this show is more comedy so these characters only function as props for the jokes and it’s generally fun to watch them. With that being said, there is a feeling of happiness when everything is resolved and things works out meaning that though they are one note characters, attachments can be formed easily; something which contributes to the enjoyment of the show.

SPOILER: The one who is manipulating events from the shadows is none other than the Archbishop from the Ulga sorority (why sorority, I mean… it’s a bunch of men). Kon, Erec and others manage to stop the war between the Empire and Jugglaburk however, the Archbishop releases his secret weapon. Kon manages to subdue it… just by talking. Afterwards, the Archbishop is arrested by Erec and Incognito and is trialed. Mariandale gives her/his testicles to Erec and the latter no longer needs to seek revenge against Kon. Peace is restored and Kon returns back to Japan.

Ixion Saga DT’s approach to humour is something to look out for. Although absurd and plain immature, it is surprisingly hilarious. The absurdity of it all ensured that the show did not get stale, but sometimes lead to unevenness in quality. Notable successes include Ecarlate’s wedding night in episode 19, and Incognito’s beginnings in episode 22. Parody is inherent in both these episodes. Eclarte’s wedding night is straight out abnormality with a karaoke machine, creepy puppets, and some interesting behaviour of both newlyweds. Incognito’s beginnings appear to stem as a buddy cop comedy; this episode used a filter to make the animation appear very 1970’s like and the scenery could have been taking out of a 70’s detective movie. Apart from that, Ixion Saga DT’s humour comes from references to pop culture. References to other anime series (Sailor Moon was particularly good) and at one point, other characters poked fun at Erec for his clichéd lines. The ridiculous rituals are also of worthy mention as they poke fun at traditions within the fantasy genre.

As mentioned beforehand, rapid switches lead to unevenness in terms of both animation and storytelling. What saved the show when it stumbled was the voice acting – notably Jun Fukuyama portraying Mariandale. His voice manipulation was truly astounding and make jokes even funnier! Pet, a furry mascot of some sort, provides some unusual voice opportunities for Yoshimasa Hosoya, and his bird impression in episode six was probably one of the funniest things I’ve heard in years. The rest of the cast were amazing too . Animation sometimes got lazy as with episode 13 where the crazy bitch girl was introduced. Not only it wasn’t relevant to the main plot, the gag wasn’t strong enough to carry through the episode therefore this one dragged for what seemed like over an hour. This was my least favourite episode purely for the fact it wasn’t needed.

Overall, Ixion Saga DT ended nicely with loose ends tied up. Though completely devoid of serious moments, Ixion Saga DT managed to keep me watching which is impressive since there really wasn’t much of a plot. When watching this series, it really isn’t for the plot, it’s more for the laughs and sheer entertainment of it. This is something you should watch if you’ve had a bad day… and if you can tolerate testicle jokes. If it’s not your cup of tea, turn back now.