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Magical powers now that’s something I want and need!

Name: Prétear

Japanese Name: 新白雪姫伝説プリーティア

Air Date: April 4 2001 – June 27 2001

Studio: Hal Film Maker

Episodes: 13


16 year old Himeno Awayuki is struggling to adjust to a new step family when seven guys – named Leafe Knights – appear at the scene revealing that she possesses special magical powers. Shying away from the strange group, Himeno later joins them when a monster places her friend’s life in jeopardy. Without training, she must prove herself capable to take up the sacred duty of the Prétear. They must resolve their differences and work together to defeat the evil princess intent on the destruction of the world.

I was in the mood for some magical shoujo so I found myself watching this in the end. There were other options like Shugo Chara and Madoka Magica but I chose Prétear instead. Why? It might be Hayate’s fault…*Hayate looks on in disapproval*

I’ve been watching a few series dating from 2001 mainly because of the artwork and animation. It just seems so different compared to the anime you see these days so I wanted something fresh.

I apologise for the picture quality…they’re not very good!

First Impressions

Well, I’ve already read the manga of Prétear beforehand therefore I wanted the plot of the anime to be similar to the original manga. If it doesn’t then this girl will be pouting all day. I’m a fan of original plots! Don’t judge me, ok? Original plots are always the best.

What a great way to start with Himeno flying through a bush and landing on Hayate xD that must of made a lasting impression! Love at first sight I’m guessing? Himeno seems outgoing and lively…maybe a bit loud but she’s a strong character. She’s made a good impression on me already; she’s not afraid to bark back when people argue against her which shows that she’s got guts. I like that in a heroine. Thank goodness for that, I can’t stand heroines who can’t do anything for themselves. Himeno has been quite lonely since her mother passed away so it’s a good chance to become independent and not rely on others. She’s probably one of the most independent heroines I’ve ever seen. And also the funniest!

 Hahaha! I had to put this in プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Hayate is a hottie, I love his long hair…it looks so lush and silky. I’ll ask him if I could brush it…

Imaginary scene plays

*Hayate walks out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist*

Jimmy: “Hayate, you’re hair is tangled. Come here, I’ll brush it for you”

*Hayate comes and sits down in front of me and flashes a gorgeous smile*

Hayate: “Why, thankyou Jimmy. I would like that! You’re such a babe, y’know that? I love you”


But Sasame is quite attractive and he’s voiced by Takahiro Sakurai…I think I’ll go after him too. Mwuhahahaha! Oh wait. Do you like anyone Sasame? Tell me now.

Midway Impressions

Right, so here is the list of Leafe Knights:

  • Hayate – Knight of Wind
  • Sasame – Knight of Sound
  • Kei – Knight of Light
  • Go – Knight of Fire
  • Mannen– Knight of Ice
  • Hajime – Knight of Water
  • Shin – Knight of Plants

Shin is the youngest of the Leafe Knights and it’s obvious because he looks like a wittle baby and when he talks, it’s just the cutest thing ever. He’s too adorable ❤

My least favourite has to be Kei…his attitude is the worst and I just don’t like that ponytail! He looks like a girl xD I’ll gladly give you a haircut for free *takes out a pair of scissors* I clearly do not have evil intentions. Or maybe I do…

Overall Opinion

The plot follows our heroine, Himeno, as she tries to stop the demons made by the Princess of Disaster. How she does this is pretty interesting, she has to merge with the Leafe Knights in order to momentarily take control of their powers, and this is important as she will need different elements against the different foes. It sticks to this the whole way through and gave some plot twists and surprises after half way through the series. There is also a love story that takes place between Himeno and the main Leafe Knight, Hayate, along with other mini plots to help prevent the story from being straight forward. There are a handful of episodes that deal more with personal problems that take a break from the overall story. The ending itself is not anything spectacular, but it does resolve all plot threads and questions and it made me feel satisfied at the end.

The action scenes I must say are a bit on the shallow side and lack a certain flare as some enemies were defeated in a matter of minutes once Himeno transforms, which was a disappointment for me. This happens on most parts where they usually are involved with side plots, and made me feel like some of the actions scenes were just thrown in some episodes. Though this is a magical girl style anime, it also has some comedic scenes as well, but it was never over the top and it kept me watching . When they do gear up for battle and/or show more problematic scenes between the characters, the title quickly shifts into the appropriate mood, so I didn’t have to worry about the characters acting comical at the wrong time, as it’s balanced with the seriousness.

Being that this is a 2001 title, it was no surprise that it shows age. The design that went into each character was nice though; each article of clothing and facial expression is pretty decent to look at with a good scenes of detail and personality. However the backgrounds weren’t as impressive since most came off as a sort of bland watercolor style painting, this is especially true with the more natural environments such as the gardens and parks.

The opening and closing themes were very pleasant to the ears, the first with a more mature magical girl style up beat theme and the ending with a much more relaxed yet enthusiastic style. The background music was quite forgettable though. It does play the right music at the right time depending on the situation but I quickly forgot about this when the series ended.

To be frank, the characters were very appealing and gave off good vibes but they lacked depth found on other magical girl series. This is because there were too many characters in the overall story that I really never get a chance to learn about any of them. Still, they do spotlight the appropriate cast members whom of which are indeed important to the storyline. There were some drastic changes between the characters from the manga and anime though. Hayate’s hair was made longer and is tied up in a ponytail in the anime whilst Sasame is changed from a joyful flirt to a quieter more serious man. The most noticeable was Kei, the Knight of Light. Kei is made into a narcissist. But now I love him…it’s the voice that does it xD

SPOILER: Sasame becomes a Knight of Darkness and works for Takako, Princess of Disaster. He fell in love with her but she never returned his feelings because she loved Hayate. Unrequited love is so sad 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

But…Hayate falls in love with Himeno which is so cute (๑´ლ`๑) they certainly make a cute couple! Even if they debate a lot, they’re still perfect for each other.

Prétear was very enjoyable. Although it lacked the depth of characters, the comical outbursts and the good story make up for it. Must watch for any magical shoujo fans! I’m a fan of magical shoujo so I might end up watching Shugo Chara soon enough.