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This is the fangirl speaking. I am currently possessing the author. I am very sorry she is now in a deep slumber…nah, I’m only kidding xD bring on Uraboku!

Name: Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru aka Uraboku

Japanese Name: 裏切りは僕の名前を知っている

Air Date: April 11 2010 – September 19 2010

Studio: J.C. Staff

Episodes: 24


Yuki Sakurai is an orphan with a mysterious ability. Found near the fence of his current home – the Asahi Orphanage – Yuki strives for independence. The last thing he wants is to be a burden on anybody. His ability makes this nearly impossible, however; whenever he touches someone, he feels their emotions and can see the darkness within their hearts and exactly what caused such darkness. Unable to control his ability, Yuki has often made insensitive blunders while trying to empathize with the person he feels pain for. Now however, with death threats clouding his judgement and his ability increasing immensely, what will happen when a man claiming to be Yuki’s older brother appears?

This series is full of famous voice actors as well as loads of bishounens. *Mentally preparing for a bishie fest.* I mean, have you seen the official images yet? They’re like eye candy, especially Shuusei. I’m going for him since I have a fetish for most characters voiced by Mamoru Miyano. And plus, Shuusei is a little cutie!

The manga is ongoing and I’m saving up to buy the manga volumes. It’s £12.99 for each volume which I think is rather pricey. I mean, I normally get my manga for £6.99 so that’s a huge difference in prices. It doesn’t help that Uraboku has roughly the same amount of pages that the manga I buy have. Weird right? I might have to send a complaint and casually mention my distaste for the higher prices. Is that too much to ask?

First Impressions

Mamoru Miyano as Shuusei Usui.
Takahiro Sakurai as Luka Crosszeria.
Akira Ishida as Kanata Wakamiya.
Jun Fukuyama as Tsukumo Murasame.
Daisuke Ono as Hotsuma Renjou.
Takehito Koyasu as Takashiro Giou.

KYAAA!!! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

*Faints from too much fangirling.*

It’s just too much. God must of answered my prayers! Most of my favourite voice actors star in this…thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! You can imagine how happy I was when I found out xD my poor parents have to go through this nearly everyday when I watch anime LOL. But when Kanata Wakamiya appeared on my screen, I literally died inside. All of the male characters are hot…with the exception of Yuki, he’s quite cute but not the guy I would usually go for!

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Uraboku so I’m quite worried. Let’s hope that this won’t let me down!

Midway Impressions

Tsukumo looks like Zero from Vampire Knight O_o it’s the silver hair that does it. I’m a sucker for hot guys with unusual hair colours. Not forgetting blonde haired ouji-samas ~ *Thinks of Aoi Kaji straight away…hmmm* ehh?! \(//∇//)\ !!! I’m sorry, going a little off topic here xD I like Tsukumo a lot. He’s so laid back and relaxed plus his love of snacks is just too adorable.

Zero look- a -like? Just much kinder \(^o^)/

Uraboku has a serious tone so I am actually paying attention to what happens otherwise I may miss something important and then get confused later on. The music helped show how serious the series is so I know what mood the series is trying to give off. A very gothic series like Vampire Knight!

I like Luka. Correction…I FREAKING LOVE HIM! Powerful, dark, mysterious and sexy, he’s got the whole package deal! Luka is so devoted to Yuki that he’s actually willing to go as far as dying for him. I’m a huge fan of these sorts of plots! If a guy was willing to do that for me, then I’d be touched. His voice though, is to die for and this has to be the hottest thing he says throughout the whole series:

Luka: “Only I know your pain…your uncertainty…your loneliness”.

“If only we could be together forever. I’ll say it as many times as you wish”.

“I will not betray you”.

The look in his eyes reveals his pain 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Ahhh, Luka! Why you look so sad? His voice is so seductive, I was frozen stiff because I’ve never heard a voice that SEXY before ~apart from Mamoru-san of course (๑´ლ`๑) I love you Mamoru! No jokes though, I was drooling when I heard Takahiro Sakurai’s voice…seriously, there was literally a puddle of drool where I was sitting! My apologies go towards my sister who had to clean it up xD but this is the first time I’ve been introduced to the man that is Takahiro Sakurai. I’m being honest here! I’ve never watched an anime with him voicing one of the characters so this is the first. Pretty good introduction there!

Hotsuma and Shuusei are cute together \(^o^)/ they bicker and have their problems but that’s what makes their bond even stronger ❤ these two probably have one of the best relationships in the whole series! I sense a hint of yaoi here but oh well! I read somewhere that in his previous life, Shuusei was actually a girl and was happily married to Hotsuma. I’ll have to read the manga then to find out if this is true or not! These two are perfect together, it’s unbelievable. They’ve suffered through a lot but they get through everything together. They’re always there for each other which is what I like about their bond.

Akira Ishida’s character, Kanata Wakamiya, made a slightly predictable revelation in the middle of the series. Kanata is actually Reiga Giou’s human incarnation. Reiga is the enemy of the Giou clan therefore he is enemies with his childhood friend Yuki. I had a hunch that he would be an enemy because of the book he had in his room in one of the first episodes. It was fairly obvious and easy to figure it out. You don’t have to be a genius to solve it! He’s still pretty hot though!

Overall Opinions

Uraboku gets off to a serious start delving into heavy subjects such as orphans, parental abuse, troubled pasts, death threats and world destruction. An impressive start to the series and it made me wonder why so many sinister things are happening around the most innocent person ever – Yuki.

Yuki is a soft-spoken and mature boy who helps take care of children in an orphanage that he grew up in, and he often hangs out with his childhood friend, Kanata. The peaceful days don’t last forever though as the Duras begin to stir activities nearby whilst a friend engages in more odd, secretive behavior. Furthermore, Yuki has these powers that suddenly awaken and begin to cause problems. After a chain of events, he meets a mysterious man named Luka who claims to be his protector, followed by members of the Zweilt Guardians, and the head of the Giou Clan who tells Yuki that he is his half-brother and would like to take him away. So the group end up taking him to the Twilight Mansion, and he comes to learn about the Zweilt Guardians and their shared destiny.

Luka is a powerful duras fighting on the protagonist’s side, and it’s obvious that he is very attracted to Yuki. Most of the time, he is standing around quietly with a deadpan expression and mostly observes. While he doesn’t seem to be that interactive and sociable initially, he gradually gets more involved with the other characters. In addition to that, he has an ancient love story that he is hiding from Yuki, and it eventually becomes a concern and interest to him.

However, the ending was lacking. Most series are like this now where they leave you asking yourself how the series will really end and how they should end. It got on my nerves so much that I nearly whacked my head against my bed just so I could unsee it ( ಠ_ಠ )

Although Uraboku as been categorised as shounen-ai (yaoi), there are no obvious indications that this is a shounen-ai series. Yes the male characters are close but they could be interpreted as best friends rather than lovers. I was coming into this expecting something along the lines of popular yaoi series such as Gravitation or Junjou Romantica but there wasn’t anything along those lines in Uraboku. I never saw any obvious indication of yaoi, like kissing for example. They are really close though so I’m wondering…

The villains were clichéd. I don’t know why, they just were. I guess they weren’t being proper villains. Most of the time, I was going Σ(゚д゚lll)whenever they appeared in front of Yuki, Luka and the Zweilt Guardians! They weren’t doing their jobs properly and they didn’t seem threatening enough to be classed as proper villains. The only one who managed to scare the living daylights out of me was the red haired one who’s name I can’t remember well. Casanova I think it was? Anyway, I thought villains were meant to be scary but these guys are not.

How adorable! Shuusei, you’re too handsome

Speaking about the Zweilts, they’re too attached to Yuki and they constantly worry about him…let the poor guy have some space! They’re a bit melodramatic and sentimental at times too. It kind of got on my nerves (´・_・`) but they all had detailed backgrounds, the characterisations were very well done as they have distinct personalities and a strong fighting morale. They rarely ever hesitate in battle and emphasize on working as a team. Their close relationships give off a charm as they become very likeable characters ❤

SPOILER: Yuki is ‘Kami no Hikari’ lit. ‘Gods Light’. The battle between the Giou family and Reiga has been going on for thousands of years now so the Zweilts end up being reincarnated whenever they die so that they can continue to fight. Yuki was a girl in his previous life and also Luka’s lover. However, when she was reincarnated she was reborn as a boy instead if a girl. The mysterious thing is, no one knows why Yuki is a boy. One possible theory is that the previous Yuki wishes for the fighting to end.

Luka has a younger brother O_o he’s only shown in the last episode. I was not happy…more screen time is needed for the younger brother! He’s just as hot as Luka ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

The original soundtrack was epic. Everything from the opening and ending (sung by Rayflower) to the battle music and slow music. During major battles, the tunes are orchestral, enchanting, and dark; strongly emphasizing the dark theme that Uraboku gives off. It was all enchanting and melodic so it suited Uraboku and it’s dark themes really well!

Overall, a good series. Uraboku’s plot lacked originality and the villains weren’t…good villains but the likeable, well-developed cast of visually appealing characters, colourful action, dark undertones and an epic soundtrack totally make up for this. I would definitely watch this again – mainly because of Shuusei and Luka, they’re too gorgeous and smexy!