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Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%

1000% isn’t enough for these guys!

Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000 logo

Name: Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%

Japanese Name: うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ マジLOVE 2000%

Air Date: April 3 2013 – June 26 2013

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Episodes: 13


Entering her Master’s course, Haruka Nanami is facing an even more difficult time. And she isn’t the only one. The main six members of ST☆RISH are assigned new seniors to watch over them! But the seniors aren’t having the best attitudes about it.

Watch Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000% and find yourself completely engaged in a whole new adventure mixed in with comedy and romance!

UTAPRI HAS RETURNED! Oh my life was so bland until you came bouncing back into my life, I’m crying with joy o( ╥﹏╥ )o I can hardly contain my excitement! I love UtaPri so much because of the extremely catchy songs and of course the handsome fellas who pop up! I mean, who doesn’t like to fawn over gorgeous male cartoons? Name one person who doesn’t. UtaPri is my bundle of joy and no one can take it away from me no matter how hard they try!

I can guarantee that I will be singing along to every song that pops up, it’s hard NOT to right? Please excuse the many faces I will pull in this review… it’s so hard not to, but it must be done. If you don’t pull faces like these whilst watching UtaPri, then you my friend have something wrong with you. Oh, and please excuse the excessive amount of photos I post… I really can’t help it.

First Impressions

Haruka and crew are back and this time instead of being students at the prestigious Saotome Academy, they’re budding idols! The first episode just gets back into the swing of things and re-introduces us to our darling guys, who’ve been absent from our lives for nearly two years… come here Tokiya and Ren, come into my arms and give me a BIG kiss (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ mwuaaaa! Well, our boys have gotten seniors to help them hone their skills as idols. Their seniors are none other than the group seen at the end of season 1. Turns out, they’re a popular group named QUARTET★NIGHT; Reiji Kotobuki is Tokiya’s and Otoya’s mentor, Ranmaru Kurosaki is Ren’s and Masato’s mentor, Ai Mikaze is Syo’s and Natsuki’s mentor and Camus is Cecil’s mentor. Oh, and did I mention that Cecil joined the Master’s Course? Yeah, even I was shocked. I do however, have taken a liking to the fellas of QUARTET★NIGHT; especially Ranmaru and Reiji… Tatsuhisa Suzuki and Showtaro Morikubo FTW. QUARTET★NIGHT’s song (POISON KISS) is really catchy AND the lyrics are kind of sexual if you listen closely and translate them… it doesn’t help that Ranmaru and Camus’ voices are literally in your ears; it’s unbelievably sensual… is it wrong to say I almost had an eargasm listening to this? This is my favourite song now. Done and dusted, no arguments! \(^o^)/

Quartet NightWork it boys!

The opening song by Mamoru Miyano is probably one of the best I’ve ever heard. In fact, I love it so much that I downloaded it the moment it was released! The song is called ‘Kanon’ and I have to say, the lyrics and composition are spectacular. Heck, I even know the lyrics off by heart. I need to get a life. If only I bothered. But you know what really caught my attention? The ending song ‘Maji Love 2000%’ by none other than our ST☆RISH boys. It’s just as catchy (maybe slightly more!) as the season 1 ending however this time, they have some sexy new dance moves to show off! You’ll know what I mean when you watch them do their thing… I want them so bad (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ you don’t believe me? Oh ho my dear friends, watch the ending credits and you shall be taken into a world you’ve always dreamt of. No jokes:

Natsuki: I need you… S…
Tokiya: I feel you… T…
Cecil: I miss you A…
Ren: I kiss you R…
Otoya: I believe you I…
Syo: I hold you S…
Masato: I want you H…
All: ST☆RISH forever!

My favourite episode so far has to be episode 4. Masato Hijirikawa is the main lad in this and he has an audition for the leading role in a historical drama. Problem is, there’s a scene where he passionately embraces the leading female and being…urm, Masato, he gets incredibly flustered about it. So the ST☆RISH boys help Masato practice and the result is… Tokiya dresses up as the female. TOKIYA MY BABY, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU?! Their efforts are all wasted since Masato can’t embrace the female, especially because that said female is Tokiya. My poor poor baby got rejected 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。on the bright side, Masato manages to pass the audition! All he had to do was imagine that he was embracing Haruka. Oh, you player… you have crawled your way into my heart ❤

Poor Masa-chanThey all had to hold in their laughter… Tokiya wasn’t exactly the best cosplayer プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Midway Impressions

Otoya is just a big ball of sunshine. He’s so adorable that I could hug him right now! He’s such a pure soul, I personally think we’re related somehow! Otoya was helping out at the orphanage he grew up in because they were having a fundraiser or something and then the children came up with the brilliant idea to host a haunted house! I thought it was super cute when he held hands with Haruka as she was so scared, although now that I look back on it, there was nothing THAT scary. Anyways, the fundraiser wasn’t getting much awareness so Otoya sings. Then the rest of the group turns up… in teddy bear suits ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ how adorable is that?! I just wanted to squeeze them go to sleep whilst cuddling them… wouldn’t that be nice?

Teddy bearsKAWAIIII!~❤

Is it me, or has Ren gotten even SEXIER than the last time I saw him? That man will not stop at any lengths to make me love him even more than I already do. He just oozes sexual pheromones and it doesn’t help that Junichi Suwabe voices him with that low, teasing voice. It’s always Suwabe-san who voices the flirty, playboy types… but it’s not like I don’t enjoy hearing that voice! Honestly, what am I going to do? Seriously episode 6 was just… I can’t even put it into words. And when I re-winded the episode to watch it again, I hear this:

Ren: “I had no idea my songs were making you so hot.”

(O_O) … *nosebleed* \(//∇//)\

Holy crap. I think I just died.

What makes this even better is that Suwabe-san used that REALLY seductive voice. You know the one where he’s practically saying “it’s sexy time!”. It rung in my ears (I was wearing headphones so it was like he whispered to me!), gave me another eargasm \(^o^)/ and it actually made my cheeks flush! My mum thought I had a fever and nearly took my temperature, god bless her… but I can’t exactly tell her that an animated character is seducing me… she’d get slightly worried. Unless I can get her into anime, then she can see why I’m always wetting myself laughing; what a lovely thought! Anyway, this particular scene happened during Ren’s episode where he participates in a fashion show and suddenly, a power-cut happens. All the girls and fans attending whine before Ren decides to sing his song – Orange Rhapsody. Let me tell you now, this type of song suits Ren best. It was incredibly jazzy and I couldn’t help but dance in my seat as I listened. Here’s some advice, to get the most out of this episode (and Ren’s gorgeous voice), watch it with headphones in… it’s much better that way! (๑´ლ`๑)

RenThat wink is a crime against humanity.

The music is even better than the first season! They’re more catchy than before and they’re even more fitting for the characters. Problem is… where’s Tokiya’s? Everyone else has had one so far and he’s the only who hasn’t had the chance to sing… he’s left out. And I was so looking forward to hearing Mamo-chan’s harmonic voice (-_-) if I don’t hear his idol song within the next two episodes, I am going to lose it. I really am. It’s more likely that they put Tokiya’s episode towards the end of the series… because I am totally shipping Tokiya x Haruka. Maybe not TOTALLY because I love him dearly too and I have hope that he’ll one day be mine (highly improbable, but I can dream), but because I think he and Haruka look cute together. Oh, but then she looks good with all the other guys… Otoya x Haruka, Syo x Haruka, Natsuki x Haruka, Masato x Haruka and Ren x Haruka… I CHANGED MY MIND. THEY’RE ALL PERFECTION, SHE SUITS ALL OF THEM. I SHIP THEM ALL.

Overall Opinion

Reiji: “Give in to temptation.”
Ai: “My promise to you.”
Ranmaru: “I rock you hard.”
Camus: “With my deep emotion.”

I gave in to temptation (damn) and watched Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%. And they surely did what they said. Please read my review for the first season if you have not read it yet.

The plot continues from the previous series where Haruka Nanami and ST☆RISH – composing of Tokiya Ichinose, Otoya Ittoki, Masato Hijirikawa, Ren Jinguji, Syo Kurusu and Natsuki Shinomiya – have now become professionals after their successful debut, and must now win the prestigious ‘UtaPri’ award in order to be recognised as true idols. It isn’t going to be easy though, because first of all, they have to train with their new senpais in the Master Course! Plus with the addition of Cecil Aijima, a new and formidable rival for Haruka’s affections appears! This plot was rather lighthearted and simple like the first season, but that is what’s needed in anime nowadays; not too OTT or underrated. However there was indeed more plot in comparison. As like before, the episodes were separated so each one focused on one particular character or the entire group. The way this was carried out was particularly good, as we viewers get to know each individual more and each episode connects to the other to form one, fluid plot. On the downside, the predictability was quite obvious and there was not much tension or suspense in the build-up to the final challenge: rival group, HE★VENS vs ST☆RISH. At this point, we all knew who was going to win. What made up for all of this was possibly the comedy. Humourous scenes were executed well one after the other, and constantly made me laugh non-stop; the jokes and comedy was similar to Ouran High School Host Club.

Animation was pretty much the same as the first season – none of the characters have had any significant changes so it’s all good. The animation maintained its usual splendor and elegance we all loved from season 1, and our ST☆RISH boys haven’t changed a bit! Backgrounds weren’t as visually stunning, but they were still appealing to look at (perhaps stare if they boys were there…) and the buildings looked grand as they should. Architecture is important in anime after all otherwise, where would all the characters live?! xD

TokiyaTokiya, you know you’re my favourite right?

Character development is something I have difficulty reviewing with this series. Haruka may have been the driving force behind ST☆RISH, but it was the guys who pulled through and had the most contribution to this series – I am NOT saying this out of favouritism. With the addition of Cecil into the group, he also brought along the flair and conflict needed… I say conflict because, he is a love rival after all! There is also the senpais from QUARTET★NIGHT: Reiji Kotobuki, Ranmaru Kurosaki, Ai Mikaze and Camus who act as mentors. Admittedly the senpais didn’t really help with ST☆RISH’s progression and development, they were just there for the sake of it and barely interacted with each other let alone ST☆RISH. The only one who made the most effort was Reiji, with the last three slowly warming up to them towards the end of the series. There was also the introduction of rival idol group and favourite to win the UtaPri award, HE★VENS, consisting of Eichi Otori, Kira Sumeragi and Nagi Mikado. Although they acted as the antagonists for ST☆RISH, they just seemed like a bunch of pretty faces thrown in for more fanservice. I really hoped QUARTET★NIGHT and HE★VENS would get more screentime and development, but sadly this wasn’t done.

HEAVENSThat was a… fiery performance?

Being a series about music, it’s fairly obvious that the music had to be… well, amazing. The composition this time round was perhaps even better than the first season, and when left in the hands of Elements Garden – a famous group of Japanese music composers – you get a whole horde of fantastic tunes. The opening theme song Kanon – sung by none other than Mamoru Miyano – features more guitar and piano than the first season opening (Orpheus), and was leaning more towards rock. Nonetheless, it was still a great song to listen to. However the animated sequence left me going “what the actual…?” at certain points: at one stage, Haruka and the ST☆RISH boys fly around underwater covered in sparkly stuff… and then Haruka leaps out the water NAKED. Was that really necessary? Insert songs were actually much better than the ones in season 1. Some may argue with me, but it is my honest opinion. I view it this way because the songs suited the characters more, and reflected their personalities properly. The BGM remained the same as the first season; always matching the mood and atmosphere of the situation. Finally, the cast ensemble is brilliant. Their voices portray the characters well and make them come to life – they really make them their own characters, so it’s no wonder the seiyuus are fond of them!

If you watched and enjoyed the first season, then it’s almost a given that you’ll enjoy the second season too! Sequels are notoriously known for not living up to its predecessor’s standards, but surprisingly, Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000% has managed to exceed the greatness of Maji Love 1000%! UtaPri is a series for everyone and is not just limited to females… males can enjoy this too! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I’m hoping that there will be a season three… because that ending is illegal.

Nisenpaa (Hey!) Saikoo na LOVE (Get you!)
Kimi to dake (Jump!) Yes! Happy PULSE (Syun! Syun!)
Maji de suki da yo (Yes, we love you)
Eien ni…
Zenryoku zenkai de nisenpaa kimi no koto wo Love you
Ba, Bang! Ja, Jan!! Love you☆

NB: We all knew from the beginning that I am biased towards Mamoru Miyano… so Tokiya is obviously my favourite! He’s just too ASDFGHJKL; I can’t ignore him (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.


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UtaPri Lyrics♪

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for lyrics recently so y’know what? I’m going for it! The majority of them were for Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% because well, they were awfully catchy xD the lyrics for the songs will be in alphabetical order and will be written in romanji (my kanji is terrible!). If there are any errors then please let me know (^_^;)

Brand New Melody

Character: Otoya Ittoki (Takuma Terashima)

Futari de tsukuridasu kono merodii ni nosete
Mirai ga kyou ni kasanaru you
Kawarazu gyutto kono fureezu mitai ni

Tsumazui chattari koron darishite futari wa iku
Ashita no hou e
Kimi ga inakerya sonna atarimae no koto demo
Noizu darake sa

Tomechaou kono jikan kami-sama ni tanon de
Time leap and feed back mou
Tameiki ga deru kurai
Sorasenai sorasanai kimi no hitomi

Sumairu zenkai de ashita wo mezasou yo
1000% no genki de peace sign
Sono toki wa iu yo ano ni moji no kotoba wo
Dou shiyou mo naku haato ga fly
(I’ll make tomorrow with you)
Kimi ni hikareru

Egao ni nattari toki ni wa ken ka shi chattari shite
Oto wo sagasou
Deaeru hazusa futari no tame dake no true music
Wakuwaku suru yo

Donna ni mo donna ni mo chiisana koto datte
Make song and believe song sou
Umareta omoide wo
Futari nara nandatte uta ni naru sa

Hashiri dasou yo ima wo bukiyou datte ii kara
Hare nochi kaisei peace sign
Sekai wo koete hyottoshitara uchuu mo
Lock de tsunagaru’n ja nai?
Ore wa shinjiru

Sutejii de kimeru ne
Futari dake no peace sign

Sumairo zenkai de ashita wo mezasou yo
1000% no kansha de peace sign
Sono toki wa iu yo ano ni moji no kotoba wo
Tsubasa no you ni haato ga fly…

Nee afureru… omoi ga
I’ll make tomorrow with you

Eternity Love

Character: Cecil Aijima (Kousuke Toriumi)

Tsukikage no sea watatte oide
Sono te ni ima ai ga mezameru kara

Towa wo utau shiosai no koe
Zutto anata sagashi tsuzuketeta

Meguriau unmei wo daite
Kono sekaijuu kara ai no uta wo atsume
Sono kokoro sono yume e tsugeyou
Watashi wa tada anata no tame
Umareta “mamoribito” to

Madoromi no veil matou hanayome
Kioku no sora hane wo kazashi ikou

Haruka mirai mata deau darou
Owari no nai yume ga tsutau kara

Ikusen no bara yori mo saite
Ikuman no hoshi no uta yori kirameite
Utsukushii anata e to chikaou
Hidamari no you shinjitsu wo sotto
Terashi tsuzukete yukuto

Haha naru ginga e to toumei na fune ukabe tabi e deyou

Meguriau unmei wo daite
Kono sekaijuu kara ai no uta wo atsume
Sono kokoro sono yume e tsugeyou
Watashi wa tada anata no tame
Umareta mamoribito to

Knocking on the Mind

Character: Masato Hijirikawa (Kenichi Suzumura)

“Namida wo fuite” itsuka ugokidasu kara
Yukidoke no you ni kirari mirai hikaru
Yume wa itsudatte knocking on the mind kanjite

Asufaruto no sumi de tsumetai yami ni furuetatte
Osorenaide pure heart
Itsudatte hana wa ue wo muiteru

Donna toki mo wasurezu ni ite hoshii
Sono egao wa taiyou da
Ai no kouzui ga tomaranai hodo ni
Omoi ga michiteku
Soba nii sasete hoshii
“Shinjiru” koto wo wakeaou…

“Naze na no darou?” sugata mitsukeru tabi ni
Kako no kagerou ga fuwari sora ni kieta
Tomoshibi no you ni knocking on the mind attakai

Fuyu no keshiki sae mo haru no iro ni mieru hodo ni
Sekai ga ima changing
Hajimete uta ga kaze ni tonda

Kagiri aru kotoba ja tarinai kara
Hito wa fureyou to suru no ka?
Kokoro no damu kara afureru you ni
Tsuyoku shimetsukeru
Tashikamete kono kodou
“Tokuntokun” to ah… utau…

Donna toki mo wasurezu ni ite hoshii
Sono egao wa taiyou da
Ai no kouzui ga tomaranai hodo ni
Omoi ga michiteku
Soba ni sasete hoshii
“Shinjiru” koto wo wakeaou…

Maji Love 1000%

Character: St☆rish

DOKI DOKI de koware sou sen percent love hey!!

(10)Are you ready?
(9)Are you ready?
(8)Are you ready?
(7, 6)
(5)Are you ready?
(4)Are you ready?
(3)Are you ready?
(2, 1)

Saa let’s song!
Yume wo utaou (LET’S SHOUT!)
Sora ni utaou (LET’S GO!)
Hajikeru monogatari ni shichaimashou
Mirai no chizu wo (YES YES)
Kimi to egakou
Kono revolution (WE ARE)
Ikimashou (STARISH!)
Ai wo change the star
Check it out!

Girigiri na mune no kodou
Oh baby gouin ni naru koi no shoudou
Douchi wo erabu princess?
Kura kura shichau kurai sen percent love!

Naze ka?
Kimi de
Fushigi na rave!

Mada minu seiza wo
Futari de tsumuide
Kisu yori
Uta de sekai wo tsukurou

Saa let’s dance!
Yume wo odorou (LET’S SHOUT!)
Sora ni odorou (LET’s GO!)
Yarisugi na kurai ga ii sa
Junbi wa OK?

Ikkai kiri no (YES YES)
Special jinsei
Kyoukashou ni wa (WE ARE)
Ai wo change the star
Check it out!

Koyoi wa hora futari de sen percent love!

Nanairo no compass ni
Oh honey jibun dake no brand new melody
Mitsuketa yo “rashisa” tte yatsu
Dakara tsutaetainda sen percent love!

Knocking on the mind
Believe heart
Toki hanatsu sing!

Otokogi Zenkai
Orion koete
Niji yori
Hana wo sakasemashou

Saa let’s peace!
Yume wo toubou yo (LET’S SHOUT!)
Sora wo toubou yo (LET’s GO!)
Nee saikou na jikan wo tabi shimasen ka?
Hyakuman kai no (YES YES) shippai datte
Kono love passion (WE ARE)
Kujikenai (STARISH)
Ai de change the star

Ima sugu ni kimi wo dakishimetai yo
Datte kimi wo maji de mamoritai kara

Saa let’s song!
Yume wo utaou (LET’S SHOUT!)
Sora ni utaou (LET’S GO!)
Hajikeru monogatari ni shichai mashou
Mirai no chizu wo (YES, YES)
Kimi to egakou
Kono revolution (WE ARE)
Ikimashou (STARISH!)
Ai wo change the star
Check it out!

Koyoi wa hora futari de sen percent love!

Mirai Chizu

Character: St☆rish

Kono hiroi hoshi no naka
Bokura wa naze deatte
Sora wo miageteru ‘n darou?
Ikusen no toki wo koete
Hitotsu no merodi
Kyou wo shitte taiyou na…

We’ll be…
Kokoro no oku wo
Terashite ageru
Make your happiness
Seiza wo ranpu ni

Todoketai ‘n da
Issho ni iyou
Shinjitai ‘n da
Bokura no mirai wo

“Hitori ja nai kara ne”
Bokura ga tsutsunde ageru
Ari no mama kimi wo…
Haato ni hibikasete
Kimi to iu na no onpu wo
Sekai de ichiban no hanataba ni
Chizu wa ashita wo sashiteru
Nanairo ni somete…

Sunadokei wo kaeshite
Setsuna no toki wo mitsume
Hakanaki tooku wo miteta
Otona ni narutte koto ga
Choppiri kowaku de
Kimi ni yorisotta

Could I…?
Bokura ni nani ga
Should I…?
Kimi ni dekiru ka

Imagine for you…
Sore wa utau koto sa
Haamonii ni naru
Kiseki ni kawaru
Mukae ni yuku yo
Ai ga sou iu kara

“Tomo ni aruite yukou”
Namida yowasa mo wakeatte
KISS mitai ni
Tsunagaru kono yume
Gyutto dakishimeyou
Shiawase mai oriru you ni
Eiga mitai na wan shin ni shiyou
Dakara egao de yukou yo
Kaze ni yure nagara

“Hitori ja nai kara ne”
Bokura ga tsutsunde ageru
Ari no mama kimi wo…
Haato ni hibikasete
Kimi to iu na no onpu wo
Sekai de ichiban no hanataba ni
Chizu wa ashita wo sashiteru
Nanairo ni somete…

Hitori ja nai…
Hitori ja nai…
Kimi wa hitori ja nai kara…
Mirai chizu hirogete

Nanairo no Compass

Character: Tokiya Ichinose (Mamoru Miyano)

Ah…kimi dake ni todoke
Kono kaze no oto yo feeling heart…

Mou nakanakute ii yo sono mama de ii
Sora wo mite ah…my sweetest love

Blue…aoku kagayaku hoho wo tsutau sono shizuku
Rise…shitte ita kai? Asu e no hikari dato

Truth…kimi wa tabun ne jibun wo mada yoku shiranai
Sono namida wa kitto kimi wo michibiku niji ni naru

Nagai tabi ni kogoeru nara
Ah…uta de atatamete ageru yo

Kimi ga negau koto no zenbu ga hoshi ni naranai kamoshirenai
Dakedo shinjiru yume de areba
Ikusen aru yozora no ichiban kirameku hazu no houseki saa

Think…oboeteru kai? Kaerimichi no yuuyake wo
Yes…hashai de ita mirai chizu hirogete

Dream…itsukara darou? Mune ga shimetsukerareru yo
Terasareru kokoro chikuri otona no aji datta

Hitori kiri ja dekinai koto mo
Ah…kimi to norikoete ikitai

Kimi ga egao ni naru koto naraba kami-sama ni datte uso wo tsuku
Ai to yoberu kurai ni suki dakara
Issho ni kite hoshii yo na mo naki monogatari e to fly to sky

Mou nakanakute ii yo sono mama de ii
Kimi wo mamorasete hoshii’n da
Futari shinjiru yume de areba
Ano hi no taiyou yori zettai ni sugoku kirei na
Nanairo wo furaserareru… sekai ni

Orion de Shout Out

Character: Natsuki Shinomiya (Kisho Taniyama)

Zaratsuita shadow minds kurui sou na hodo
Who am I? Michibi ite yami no tsukiyo
Kokochi ii dark wind mabushikute shining sky
Soredemo asahi e to kogareru

Kage to hikari ore to omae chikazuiteku
Real to fake ga towareteru
Black? White? Nazeka? Nazeka? Kokoro ga
Rashiku iro yo to shauto shite
Utau yo

Tsuyoku moete iru yozora no orion annafuuni
Haato no honoo no omomuku mama ikireba ii
Zen’aku to gotaku narabe nayami tsukuseba ii sa
Gemini syndrome

Nukumori ga empty yoi no kuchibiru yo
Where is “ai”? dakishimete yoake made wo
Ore dake no angel lips
Naze ikenai? Devil heart
Kajitsu no kaori ga uh afureru

Yokubou honmou zetsubou kibou kono zenbu no
Furihaba aru hou ga kagayaku hazu
Tabun zutto kyou mo asu mo mayou sa
Dakedo mayou koto wa honki no Trues

Omoi wo subete hikitsukeru black hole koi mo yume mo
Hoshii mono wa te wo nobasa nakerya mono ni naranai
Futari no jibuntachi to tatakai kotae wo shire
Tokihanatte your dream

Michiru tsunoru tagiru mukau sono me wa
Rashiku iro yo to shauto shite
Utau yo

Tsuyoku moete iru yozora no orion annafuuni
Haato no honoo no omomuku mama ikireba ii
Nageku kurai ga choudo ii sagashi tsuzukete mado e
Gemini syndrome

Zen’aku to gotaku narabe nayami tsukuseba ii sa
Shinjite mite your dream


Character: Tokiya Ichinose (Mamoru Miyano)

Kono mune ni kizamareta first impact fast soul beat
Seijaku ni yureru machi anju no uta wa doko e
Samayotta meiro no hate just feeling just missing
Ima kimi wa nani o negau

Sing your song hanaretete mo wakaru yo
Hear my wind tsunagatte iru sora wa hitotsu

Kagiri nai brand new sky bokura wa
Hitori ja nai kara
Haruka na kimi no rabu song habataite
Shinjiyou shiny days futari no
Zettai teki na ai no heart chain

We’ll have an innocent dream feel me touch me
Kono kodou ga mirai dakara

Sou yoake o matsu sekai e
Hibike orpheus heart

Sore ga tsumi da to shite mo believe my pain believe your voice
Kamawazu dakiyosetai kakusareta namida goto
Kamisama wa kimagure sa shaking minds shaking love
Nani o tamesou to shite iru

Sing my song kono omoi wa kienai
No more cry tagiru you na ima o kogase

Tatoe hora cloudy sky nijinde
Kokoro ga naite mo
Taiyou no you na ai de hikarasete
Yasashisa de shimai konda kizuato
Isso kisu de fusagasete

We’ll make the future’s world feel me touch me
Todokimasu ka kikoemasu ka

Sing our song sono namida o koete
Make your wing futari dake no sora o mezase

Kagiri nai brand new sky bokura wa
Hitori ja nai kara
Haruka na kimi no rabu songu habataite
Shinjiyou shiny days futari no
Zettai teki na ai no heart chain

We’ll have an innocent dream feel me touch me
Kono kodou ga mirai dakara

Sou yoake o matsu sekai e
Hibike orpheus heart

Otokogi Zenkai Go! Fight!!

Character: Sho Kurusu (Hiro Shimono)

(Otoko nara ai o moyase)
(Otoko nara ai o mamore)
(Ai dake ga ore ni chikara o ataete kureru!!)

Sajin kemuru sekai kouya no saihate
Kokoro ga atsuku moete burning shot

Dare mo tomerarenai kono omoi wa
Kobushi e to kawatta

Namida kirari hoshi mo kirari
Lalala uta de iyasu yoru mo aru
Dakedo hato ga hoete iru
Hyaku ja dame sa en pasento iku ze

(Otokogi zenkai!!)

Dare mo tatsu na ore no mae ni wa nani o suru ka wakaranai kara
“Ikari” no yakedo o
Owasetakunai ze…!

Hyaku oku aru kono sora no shita
Mamoru asu ga mune ni areba
Mayowazu sakebeyo
“Otokogi zenkai let’s go fight!!”

Jibun rashiku ikiro koukainai you
Yuusha yo rekishi tsukure shining Ssoul

Ai o buki ni kaete hashirida sou
Yoake e to mezashite

Mirai kirari asahi kirari
Ulala uta ga tomoshibi ni naru sa
Soshite honoo ni kaerunda
Hyaku ja dame sa sen pasento hazero

(Otokogi zenkai!!)

Tomoni ikou ore to issho ni kaze ni nareru chikara ga aru sa
Toushi to yuuki de
Saa kabe o yabure

Inazuma yori tsuyoi negai ga
Onore no michi tsukuru hazu sa
Furuero tamashii yo
“Otokogi zenkai let’s go fight!!”

Dare mo tatsu na ore no mae ni wa nani o suru ka wakaranai kara
“Ikari” no yakedo o
Owasetakunai ze…!

Hyaku oku aru kono sora no shita
Mamoru asu ga mune ni areba
Mayowazu sakebeyo
“Otokogi zenkai let’s go fight!!”

Seigi ga subete sa
“Otokogi zenkai let’s go fight!!

Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart

Character: Ren Jinguji (Junichi Suwabe)

Yuuhi ga mau kyoushitsu de kimi dake wo miteita
Hoshi yori mo kirameita sono hitomi ni knock out

Hajimete dayo tatoeru nara Bitter na chokoreto mitai
Amai mitsu ni koi ga hazado dashiteru

Itsumo wa ubau dake kantan na ressun taimu
But…ubawareru nante hansoku na love…

Tokihanatou my soul feiku na kokoro nuide
Mune no oku breakin’ out!! Hu…atsui ze
Hashiridasu omoi jounetsu ni kaeta nara
Kimi no tame dake iu sa ore no ai no rasuto furezu

Mou wan shotto kimetai ze kono datsu no saki wa
Iikai redi? Mannaka da yo hi wo tsuketa batsu sa

Kisu dake ja owarenai better na serifu dakedo
Kimi dake ni nageta bara wa sou yuu koto

Yasashisa afureteru kimi wa marude tenshi sa
If…moshimo ore dake ni hohoen’dara peace

Dakishimetai yo my dear zettai ni hanasanai
Zenbu ga sa breakin’ out!! Hu…atsui ze
Kagayaku sora e to utau you ni tsutaetai
Kimi no tame dake ikiru ore no ai ni uso wa nai

Tokihanatou my soul feiku na kokoro nuide
Mune no oku breakin’ out!! Hu…atsui ze
Hashiridasu omoi jounetsu ni kaeta nara
Kimi no tame dake iu sa ore no ai no rasuto furezu

Sekai no hate made believe heart!

That’s it from me! Hopefully this has been helpful to any of you major UtaPri fans (^^)

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Hair Wax Modelling?

Hey guys! Long time no see!

I am terribly ill and currently down with a cold – no thanks to Cornwall ( ಠ_ಠ) – so I shall do a short random post before I do my next review. This couldn’t wait any longer since I saw it today and I would not get the chance to post it again! Take advantage of the situation Jimmy xD

Whilst checking Facebook, stalking other people I stumbled across an interesting picture uploaded by Tokyo Otaku Mode. It features our gorgeous boys from UtaPri posing for hair wax…it’s absolutely brilliant! I shall post it here so that the world can see how beautiful they truly are ( ^ω^ )


Look at them pose it up! I personally think that they should be on the cover of Vogue magazine. Tokiya and Ren are still as sexy as always but look at Satsuki – pictured underneath Natsuki – he looks pretty damn fine (^^)

*Puddle of drool begins to form on the floor…*

Fangirl all you want over these lush boys while I work on my next review…

Until next time, this is Jimmy signing off.


Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%

Which one of these beautiful boys is my prince of song? There’s only one way to find out… REVIEW TIME!

Name: Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%

Japanese Name: うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ マジ LOVE 1000%

Air Date: July 3 2011 – September 24 2011

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Episodes: 13


With dreams of becoming a composer and someday writing a song for her favourite idol, Haruka enters Saotome Academy – a prestigious performing arts school. If successful there, she’ll be able to join the Shining Agency after graduation. However, it won’t be so easy when Haruka is already surrounded by potential idols and composers. On top of that, her homeroom teacher is a current idol, the headmaster was a record-breaking singer and the academy itself is a chaotic place where anything can happen. Which prince of song will be paired up with Haruka?! Uta no Prince-sama is an exciting, coming of age romantic comedy that will be like sweet music to your eyes and ears!

[via NicoNico]

Yay yay yay! This is like heaven to me! And I’ve been extremely excited about this series for many MANY reasons… one, Mamoru Miyano is Tokiya Ichinose. We all know I have a thing for him…I am not guilty for liking him a lot *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
Two, this is a series based on music so obviously the music has to be good! Plus if Mamoru-san and his heavenly singing voice is starring in this then it’s good enough already. And three this series has an all star cast including Junichi Suwabe, Kenichi Suzumura, Yuichi Nakamura, Hiro Shimono, Kisho Taniyama, Takuma Terashima and Kousuke Toriumi… gosh that was long!

First Impressions

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ is an otome game series developed by Brocoli. I’ve never played them since my Japanese is limited, I can’t afford to buy them online and my PSP is broken 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。I am awfully sad.

Mamoru Miyano as Tokiya Ichinose.
Takuma Terashima as Otoya Ittoki.
Kenichi Suzumura as Masato Hijirikawa.
Junichi Suwabe as Ren Jinguji.
Hiro Shimono as Syo Kurusu.
Kisho Taniyama as Natsuki Shinomiya.

Wow! Famous voice actors! What is it with all these otome game adaptions having brilliant voice actors? You made the right choice guys \(^o^)/ plus the animation looks stunning. It’s already amazed me to the point where I think this could possibly be one of my favourite series of all time.

Hayato, sing to me again!

I’m in love. That beautiful melody has enchanted me… if you have no idea what I’m going on about then I’m talking about the song that was played in episode 1. Haruka was in the city when she heard it; the song is called ‘Nanairo no Compass’. If you read it in English, it translates into ‘Seven Coloured Compass’ which is the name of my blog. Yes, the name of this blog was inspired from this song… I love it oh so much ❤

I shall write the lyrics here because I’m nice:

Hayato: “Ah, this sound of dark wind delivered only to you… feeling heart…”
“You don’t have to cry anymore just stay as you are. Look up at the sky. Ah, my sweetest love…”

“Blue, that teardrop that rolls down a blue glistening cheek…”
“Rise, did you know about the light that leads us to tomorrow?”
“Truth, maybe you still don’t know yourself that well.”
“I’m sure that tear will become a rainbow to guide you.”

“If you get chilled on your long journey, ah I’ll warm you up with a song.”

“Maybe everything you wish for won’t become stars, but if you have a dream to believe in, they’ll be thousands of the most glittering jewels in the night sky.” ♪

So sad yet so beautiful 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。the lyrics were so moving!

Midway Impressions

Since when can Kenichi Suzumura do a voice like that O_o I was frozen stiff when I heard it! It was serious but yet so sexy… did anyone know he had that voice? I’m used to hearing Hikaru from Ouran so my hearing must be messed up xD his singing voice is flawless, in other words it was beautiful. I really mean it! Try searching for his character song ‘Knocking on the Mind’, it made me swoon! A very soothing song with wonderful lyrics that really got me going. Thankyou for making Masato Hijirikawa such a cool character Kenichi-san!

Ren-sama! You’re so hot I melted ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ ~kyaaa!! And he’s voiced by Junichi Suwabe which makes it even better! It’s so cute when he calls Haruka ‘hitsuji-chan’ (๑´ლ`๑) you can call me hitsuji-chan sweetheart! It’s fine with me! But he’s a playboy and I wouldn’t want someone like that toying with my feelings. I’m sorry Ren, I want to cry a waterfall for you so excuse me…

*Face plants onto the desk and sobs like an idiot.*

The sexy king of UtaPri!

But I like his character song too! Don’t worry Ren, I’ll listen to it everyday (*´ω`*) – its called ‘Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart’ if any Ren fans want to know \(^o^)/ it has a jazz feel to it because of the saxophone playing the main tune at the beginning of the song.

Syo Kurusu is a chibi ore-sama! A real man wears nail polish xD Hiro Shimono is absolutely perfect for this role… he does a whole lot of yelling especially at Natsuki Shinomiya – his roommate. Anyone else feel really sorry for Natsuki? I certainly did!

Overall Opinion

Does anyone get hypnotised by Haruka’s eyes? It was really creepy so I avoided looking into her eyes throughout the whole series! I wouldn’t mind if it was Tokiya though…

The concept of having a music academy to train students to become future idols is interesting in itself. In episode 2, there was good development of the story through an assignment given to the students of Saotome Academy where they were paired up. One of them had to compose the music whilst the other created lyrics to go along with the music. Alas, this sort of development was never used again until near the end of the series.

The heroine – Haruka – gets way too much attention from all of the guys right at the start for no apparent reason. I am raging with jealousy it should be me! (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ that’s right, I’m giving the ( ಠ_ಠ ) look to you. She literally fails at giving an impact so she’s a terrible heroine in my eyes. But he is very hardworking so I give her credit for that!

Animation was good. The academy looked grand and elegant and the guys just look stunning (๑´ლ`๑) bishie obsession! It was a unique way of animating the characters, I loved the chibis… they’re so kawaii! Ren’s eyes were captivating, I could stare at them all day…

The music was incredible needless to say! All of the character songs were amazing. Natsuki’s sent shivers up my spine, it was so intense… Kishou Taniyama did such a fantastic job! I’m still trying to unsee Len Tsukimori from La Corda. Tokiya’s was so beautiful, it moved me to tears! It was so romantic ❤ Episode 8 was a real tear jerker. Tokiya sung Amazing Grace with a bunch of kids and it was just… wow. Mamoru-san is really good at singing English. Very impressed ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

All of the guys have distinct personalities. This is clearly shown in each episode. One episode is for each guy and the rest is either for Haruka or other characters. The headmaster though makes me LOL, I wish my headmaster was like that. You’ll see what I mean when you watch this.

The all important meeting… someone is getting kicked out.

I’m only kidding, they’re all bloomin talented xD

SPOILER: Tokiya is Hayato. Basically, the person Haruka wanted to write a song for was Tokiya himself! Another spoiler… Natsuki has a double personality. Natsuki is sweet and loves cute things – including Haruka and Syo – whilst his other half, Satsuki, is cold and harsh. I prefer Satsuki (^_^;)

Tokiya = Hayato. I noticed this quite early in the series.

YUICHI NAKAMURA PLAYS RINGO-SENSEI. Ringo, the cross dresser. Your eyes do not deceive you. You have read this correctly. I never knew his voice could be that high, it sounds really feminine O_o

How the series ended was satisfying and definitely hinted a second season but it left lots if questions. Who was that group of males watching ST☆RISH? Were they another band? And also, who will Haruka end up with? It’s most likely Tokiya but I hope that season 2 will explain all of my unanswered questions! I obviously haven’t played the games, so I don’t know about the events which occur.

I was very satisfied with Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%. I loved every moment of it! It had full fledged pop music and some hot bishounens. The opening – Orpheus – by Mamoru Miyano is amazing and the ending – Maji Love 1000% – is extremely catchy. The music got me dancing in my seat and never failed to please my ears. In fact, I’ve downloaded all of the character songs because they were that good! My favourite is definitely ‘Nanairo no Compass’ simply because of Mamoru Miyano. That man is amazing.

An avid fan of music and don’t mind an annoying heroine? Maybe you want to escape reality and listen to a group of bishies singing their hearts out for you? Watch this, it’s so worth it.

What makes me even more excited is that season 2 will be released in April 2013… rejoice! But I can’t wait that long for Tokiya and Ren so I shall drown my sorrows with a bottle of chocolate milk… chocolate milk helps everything with it’s sugary sweetness.

I-I’m sorry for this post’s absurd length! It’s just that I love this series more than anything ❤