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Kuroko’s Basketball Season 2 Starting Soon!

Kuroko’s Basketball is going to bounce back onto our screens very soon!


(Image belongs to rightful owner)

2013’s 40th Shonen Jump magazine has announced that the popular anime series will be dribbling back on October 5 (four days after my birthday… yay), and include both old and new characters.  GRANRODEO will be performing the opening theme titled ‘The Other Self’, and OLDCODEX will be handling the ending theme.

So the main question is… ARE YOU READY FOR SEASON 2?


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Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life Gets Second Season!

Remember back in 2012 where a series of shorts about a yellow, mascot creature who doesn’t do anything and a group of girls enjoyed making fun of him and all, appeared on our TV screens, computer screens etc.? I certainly do… I watched it!

Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life has been given the thumbs up for a second season… who would have thought there would be a day where we would see Wooser again?

The new season is set to premiere during the winter 2014 season (so round about January?), and I’m already pumped! More Wooser? Yes please!

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Quickie: Diabolik Lovers Première Date Revealed!

A couple of months ago back in February, I told you guys that an anime adaption for the otome game Diabolik Lovers was approved. I can now say that the date it will air has been announced.

According to the official website, Diabolik Lovers will air September 2013 on AT-X, then distributed on Niconico Douga.

Diabolik Lovers will be animated by Zexcs, the studio behind Cuticle Detective Inaba and Suki-tte Ii na yo.


Quickie: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Getting Anime Movie!

BL lovers, you’re going to like this news.

According to a strip on the latest volume four cover of the light novel (Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai), the series is getting an anime movie adaption.

Cast information will be revealed on August 1st so… typically, I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on that info!

Tomorrow is a big day for me… I’ve got my college taster day (hurrah -__- ) AND prom! I’ll probably post my prom photos here so you can all see my dress; I’m pretty chuffed with it! Plus, this year’s prom is AT A MANSION. That is pretty awesome.


Quickie: Brothers Conflict Premiere Date Revealed!

Brothers Conflict has finally gotten a premiere date! This is great news and it couldn’t come any better for us girlies! We’re in for a treat this summer, because a lot of anime is coming for us… get this date slated in, because you’re going to need it if you want more men to drool over.

Brothers Conflict is set to air in Japan on July 2nd; the day before the long-awaited premiere of Kouji Ouji’s Free! meaning that first week of July will indeed be a bishie fest. These two shows would be battling it out for ratings then! It’s also a coincidence that Brothers Conflict‘s premiere is on the same day as my prom, which is just… I can’t put it into words, but maybe the correct word for my mood right now would be ‘ecstatic’.

What anime series are you looking forward to this year? There are plenty to look forward to, but I have to say, I’m excited for Kuroko’s Basketball season 2… not forgetting Free! too. I do like swimming… especially if hot men are involved.

2013 is going to be a good year for anime! I just know it!

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Quickie: New Free! Promos, Key Visuals and Date Revealed!

Well, Kyoto Animation are certainly pleasing us females at the moment! Not only have they released the rest of the character promos for Free! and new key visuals, they’ve also announced the premiere date!

The newly released promos introduce us to Nagise Hazuki, Rei Ryugazaki and Rin Matsuoka. After watching all three, I’ve fallen in love all over again with Rin and I’m beginning to drool over Rei… those muscles… that body…

Also revealed were three key visuals. The first shows the five male leads while the second and third show images of two female characters: first year student, Gou Matsuoka and classic literature teacher Miho Amakata. So it’s not just hot guys in speedos… damn.

New Free key visual

Key visual 1

Key visual 2

Free! will air on July 3rd this summer… so girls, put that on your calendars, get your swimming costumes ready and brush up on your skills! You’re going to need it if you’re going to impress these lads. Luckily for me, I’m already sorted!

Get ready guys, Free! is splashing it’s way in! (Pun intended…)

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Quickie: BlazBlue gets anime adaption!

Y’know, I am a HUGE fan of BlazBlue. The complicated plotline, the sharp graphics, the variety of characters and the epic fighting moves really get me going! I mean, you gotta love seeing Ragna beating the crap out of Jin and seeing Hazama – or should I say Terumi – acting like the crazy bastard he is. But let us be honest here, why am I expressing my adoration of BlazBlue all of a sudden? It should come to you any second now… DADADA! That’s right, BlazBlue is getting an anime adaption…(or you could have read the title straight away).

The announcement came via a wraparound jacket on the cover of the Calamity Trigger novelisation with no details revealed other than the fact that it was getting an adaption. Apparently, the adaption is set for a fall release this year.


It upsets me to say this, but I know most of you may have no idea what BlazBlue is. I shall enlighten you all on this matter *ahem* BlazBlue is a popular Japanese fighting game series developed by Arc System Works. Seven games have been released with the main ones being Calamity Trigger, Continuum Shift and Chronophantasma. Many limited editions and extended editions have been released for the existing games.

The plot centers around an SS-ranked criminal named ‘Ragna the Bloodedge’ (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita) on his quest to take down the NOL, the governing body of the BlazBlue universe. In a desperate attempt to stop him, the NOL announced the largest bounty ever available to whoever can capture him. Not only that, they are also after the mystical power that Ragna possesses – the ‘Azure Grimoire’.

So you can imagine how happy I was when I heard the news. No seriously. I was literally bouncing off the walls in glee… my poor parents almost had heart attacks! xD

I’m definitely excited! There’s no way I would miss this! It just gives me the chance to fawn over Ragna all over again ❤

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Quickie: Kuroko’s Basketball season 2 date changed!

Previously in our otaku happy-go-lucky lives, I told you guys that the release date for season 2 of Kuroko’s Basketball was set for September… bad news, they’ve changed it to a month later which is now October.

This is according to the Weekly Shounen Jump so I assume that this information is more reliable than the one I gave you before. But an extra month of waiting? An extra month of waiting for those monstrous slam dunks, epic passes and all sorts? Boo!

I’m sure we can live with that though. I mean, I’m pretty sure I’m capable of dealing with it… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I’ll be crying myself to sleep tonight!

See you!

Yeah, see you… in five months time!

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Quickie: Key Visual for Brothers Conflict!

Ok, I know this is REALLY late but I do have a valuable excuse! With revision underway and my first exam beginning next week, things have gotten pretty hectic for me!

Anyway, a key visual for the upcoming anime adaption of Brothers Conflict has been released online. Take a look!

Brothers Conflict key visual

What have they done to you Fuuto and Kaname?! T-they look so weird! Excuse me while I pick myself off the floor and plonk myself back into my chair. I think I had a heart attack. They better not turn up in the anime looking like that, they need to show off their attractiveness! I better get back to revision, I’m too ashamed to look at this anymore…


Quickie: New Sailor Moon anime delayed.

I’m sure that many anime fans have heard the news that a new Sailor Moon anime is underway for a scheduled release of summer 2013. Well, bad news. The anime is being delayed.

The confirmation of this news came via Twitter from the account of Kodansha editor Fumio Osano. No details or reasons as to why the release is being delayed however when questioned whether it’ll be in the winter 2014 season, he replied “Not 2014. Perhaps.”

This is very upsetting news since I literally grew up watching Sailor Moon. I couldn’t have been any happier when I heard the news that a new Sailor Moon anime was in the works but to find out that it’s being delayed, breaks my heart. I know I’m no the only person who feels this way.