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Tetsuya Kakihara

I’m back from America! My flight was delayed by two hours so I didn’t take off until 1am this morning in American time. I am so jet lagged (-_-) but it was worth it. America is amazing and I loved everything there! I also did lots of shopping while I was at it! Since I am exhausted from travelling, I’ll do a seiyuu post and then I’ll move on to a different anime series.

Tetsuya Kakihara

Name: Tetsuya Kakihara

Japanese: 柿原 徹也 (Kakihara Tetsuya)

DoB: December 24 1982

Blood Type: AB-



Years Active: 2003 – present


Tetsuya Kakihara is a Japanese voice actor and singer born in Düsseldorf, West Germany who is affiliated with 81 Produce.

Acting Career

Before wanting to become a voice actor, Tetsuya had always longed to live in Japan. He was fascinated by its entertainment culture; he thinks Japan has funny TV shows, and he loved to read manga and watch anime since he was little. So with that in mind, he set off his goal to become a voice actor.

In 2001 at the age of 18, Tetsuya went to AMUSEMENT MEDIA Academy (a vocational school for voice actors and artists) to study voice acting. As first, it wasn’t a smooth road for him to get in, as the school was surprised he actually came all the way from Germany after receiving a prompt email from him 3 days ago. He sincerely requested the school to accept his application and when they officially accepted him, he found temporarily housing at a friend’s house.

And so, while he attended voice acting courses, worked part-time jobs, and also improved his Japanese through part-time school, he debuted as a professional voice actor in 2003.

In 2007, at the First Seiyuu Awards ceremony in Japan, he received the ‘Best Male Newcomer/Rookie’ award for his nominated role of Yutaka Mikoto, from Princess Princess.

Tetsuya is very active in voice acting roles in Japan, and is capable of doing a broad range of voices in his works. In anime, he is well known for voicing roles as young boys with a ‘fiery’ personality, for example Natsu from popular anime Fairy Tail. In gaming and drama CDs, he plays teenagers/mature roles, and is known for his unique soft, sweet, and mysterious voice- mainly in otome games, like Shin from the PSP game series, AMNESIA. Like other Japanese male voice actors, he is also active in yaoi-themed drama CDs and anime, and usually plays the uke part, like Akihito from the Finder series, a work of popular boys love by manga artist, Ayano Yamane.

Musical Career

From 2010, Kakihara is affiliated with Kiramune, a music label by Bandai Visual Co., Ltd. and Lantis, where he debuted as a singer with his first mini album Still on Journey. His first single is called “String of pain”, was released on February 6, 2013 and is used as the ending theme song for anime Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East in which he also voices the main role as Shino Inuzuka. His 3rd mini album is scheduled to be released in March 13, 2013.



2010: Still on Journey


2013: String of pain


An interesting and talented fact about Tetsuya is that he is trilingual; fluent in German and Japanese and near-fluent in English. He used to know five languages: German, Japanese, English, Spanish, and Latin. He is the only Japanese person to voice German-speaking characters: Lævateinn, Graf Eisen and Strada, in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

He is nicknamed Kakkii. His hobbies are snowboarding and his skills are magic tricks, social dancing and snowboarding.

This jet lag is quite bothersome so I better be off to bed. I’ll pick a new series to watch and try to get that done ASAP. Well, now I know that I shouldn’t travel often… I look like a wreck. Have a picture of Shin from me as a present!