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The first time I felt the warmth of your hand… was on that day.

Note: This short story contains religious content and references. Please do not feel offended as this is only pure fiction.

When was the last time I ever saw you smiling? When was the last time I ever held you in my arms? When was the last time… I ever told you that I loved you?

Who would have thought you were the one? The one who released me from the shackles chaining me to Hell; the one who gave me my freedom. Isolation and confinement were my punishment for the sins I have committed, and you bailed me out. I am forever in your debt… and I am eternally grateful. Ha, it’s strange isn’t it? Being a creature of darkness, it was a taboo to come into contact with someone of holy grounds. One touch would have sent you into the abyss… but you found me. You extended your hand to me, and offered salvation. Redemption. A chance to make myself worthy again in the eyes of God.

Fallen angels aren’t worthy of entering the kingdom of Heaven. You knew that very well, but you still helped me. Anyone would be out of their minds to come within breathing distance and yet you, with your radiance and pureness, braved the disapproval and stares of the others and guided me. Courage emitted from you and I admired that. Something I knew I could never possess, was standing right in front of me. With that, I reached out for your hand instinctively and held it. The first time I felt the warmth of your hand… was on that day.

Time flew by after that day. After our first meeting, we managed to see each other while avoiding God’s gaze. But… one day, you stopped visiting. It was peculiar and rather ominous; I feared the worst. Days, months, years went by without us meeting. The place we always met, I still stand there everyday. I always wondered when I would see you next. I still do to this very day. However, I can hear your voice; I think of it repeatedly. Can you hear my voice? I am here, thinking of you. Thinking of what could have possibly happened. Did God decide your punishment? No, that can’t be right… I should be the one receiving divine retribution for escaping. By then, my feelings have grown but they must be restrained; they are forbidden emotions.

If God has wrongly punished you, I – Lucifer – swear to you that I’ll always be there to protect you from His wrath. I don’t care if you spite me or blame me for all the misfortune that has been bestowed upon you. I don’t want you to fall from grace so I won’t go back on my word. A promise is a promise. Rest assured, I love you with all my being and I will love only you. The laws of God forbid us from seeing each other, because of our ranks. But I will find a way to break this pointless law. Rankings do not matter in love. Worthless words written on scribes can’t restrict me so I ask you, to believe me.

My guardian angel, thank you for saving me from drowning in my own heart. I will find you again, just wait for me. If my wishes are granted, I would want to see you. I want to see you, if only once. That would be enough to keep my sanity.

Thank you… for existing.


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For You…

“To my beloved.

By the time you read this, I will no longer be a part of this world. I will be moving onto the next life that God is waiting to give me. It may seem unfair to you, that I have suddenly left but… maybe this is a good thing. Maybe this time, you’ll be free; free to move on and give life your greatest. Give the world everything you have to offer, because I know you have so much to give. That pure light radiates from every inch of your body and I love you for that. But, love might be an understatement… I am absolutely, irrevocably, besotted with you. Please, never forget that. Never forget that I love you from the very depths of my heart and being. You were my guiding light and now, it is my time to be yours.

Your feelings are all the evidence I need. You must understand that from the moment I laid eyes on you, I could never go back to the way I was. So I am grateful. Grateful that you had given me meaning and purpose in the bland life I had. Your face always burned brightly in my mind. You were all I ever thought of. You were all I wanted; no matter what, I could not stop thinking about you. I was strongest when I was with you; I felt you were my other half and the one who would be able to break down the walls that surrounded me. I never imagined, I would feel this way about another person.

For you, I would do anything. But I am no longer here to do that. I am no longer able to be there for you. I am no longer able to protect you. I am no longer able to touch you. I am no longer able to say… I love you. Those would have been my last words to you, but I spread my wings too early and departed. I wanted you to know, that someone will continue to love you once I disappeared. Regret is all I feel. Sometimes, love is unfair. And fate decided it was my time to depart. What hurts the most, is that I will never be able to make you smile again. Could you promise me something? Smile. You look best when you smile; it lights up my entire world so please, continue to smile. For my sake.

You may forget about me. You may not even grieve for me. But I will never do that. If you wish to choose another man, then I wouldn’t mind as long as that keeps your happiness sane. I’ll always pray for your happiness because that’s what matters to me most. Remember, I’ll never let go of you… unless you do so first.

Keep your head high, and remember that your guardian angel will always gaze down upon you from God’s kingdom.

I wait for the day, when we are reunited…and when I am finally able to hold you in my arms.

All my love.”

She read the letter for what seemed like the thousandth time. Small beads of water formed at the corner of her eyelids, and slowly dropped onto the letter she held so dearly. Her hands shook slightly as they gripped the letter tighter.


There was no way she could forget him. There was no way she would be able to move on so quickly. She was mourning. It still hadn’t sunk in that she lost him. He was gone and there was no way he was coming back. She knew that, yet she didn’t want to believe in the reality. All she could do was walk aimlessly around their apartment; lightly touching each of his possessions. She came to a stop when a certain object caught her eye. A large cardboard box was sat in the corner, gathering dust from the many years it had remained unmoved. It drew her closer and with curiosity, she undid the seal.

Inside were a number of photos. Each and every one he had was something precious; from their first date to the first day moving in together. Everything was there. Precious memories that will last a lifetime. A royal purple box was placed inside amongst the photos. She glanced at it before reaching towards it. She hesitated before she decided to open it. What happened next was something that was too overwhelming to put into words. Her tears started again, and she sobbed quietly. A simple, diamond ring rested inside the cushioned box and a handwritten note was attached.

“My last gift to you is an eternal vow. I love you.”

Without hesitation or doubt, she slipped the gift onto her ring finger. It was a sign. A promise that they would meet each other again. This was something that she never wanted to forget nor let go. This ring proved that what she had was real. She softly smiled to herself while the tears continued to stream down her cheeks.


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The clock ticked loudly compared to the silence in the classroom. I didn’t dare look up from my desk, otherwise I would be caught by the teacher for napping during final period. My head was rested on my desk and I turned to face the window on my left. I could feel the cool summer breeze and the warmth of the sun’s rays on my face. I was jolted awake by the sound of the school bell ringing. Finally school was over for summer break and being the typical teenager I was, I couldn’t wait for the long sunny days ahead. I started packing my textbooks into my bag and I knew that the longer I spent in this hellhole of a school, the more time I wasted for R&R. I was then approached by three girls, all around medium height and their long hair tied up in ponytails. They’re my friends Mai, Nagi and Yui Nakamura. They’re also triplets which never fails to baffle me.

Mai: “Hey Ruka-chan, you planning anything this summer?”

Nagi: “Yeah I mean, you do throw the best parties in the whole school! Don’t you agree, Yui?”

Yui: “… Yeah.”

Honestly, what am I going to do with these three? I know that I throw some awesome parties, but I wouldn’t call them the best. Besides, I planned on studying rather than partying and getting drunk. It’s not my thing.

Me: “Sorry guys, I was thinking of studying instead. Y’know to get ahead of the game for the new semester?”

I thought they would understand my reasoning but the looks on their faces said otherwise. It looked like they’d seen a ghost. I didn’t say anything wrong, did I? I quickly packed the rest of my belongings into my bag and hurried out the classroom door. Now that was embarrassing. I continued walking at a brisk pace hoping they wouldn’t catch up; I was eager to get out. I arrived at the lockers where I changed my indoor shoes for my normal ones. “Thank god I don’t have to wear these for a while” I though to myself. I smiled and put my shoes on before walking out the locker room. When I stepped out, I felt the breeze rushing through my hair and I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment. I opened my eyes to see a swarm of girls blocking the exit gates. They were squealing. I was rather curious as to what could attract such a large crowd and I was getting annoyed too. I want to leave. The student council president, Yamato Maruyama, was standing beside me. Yamato was known as the handsome and princely president in school due to the fact that he has the best grades and also acts towards others in a sickeningly kind manner. I’m always second best. I’m always behind him: I’m ranked second in exams and I’m vice-president of the student council. The worst part of it all? This guy is my childhood friend.

Yamato: “Well well, what do we have here Miss Second Place?”

Yamato pushed his glasses up slightly and smirked. I thought the gesture was… sexy. Wait, did he just say ‘Miss Second Place’? If we weren’t on school grounds, I would have pounded him to death by now. I got my composure back together and replied.

Me: “Actually, I’m as clueless as you are.”

Yamato sighed loudly and began scratching his head. I watched his auburn hair rub against his skin. Geez, why am I getting fascinated now?! I shook my head violently and continued looking at the crowd of girls. I could hear them screaming “isn’t he gorgeous?” and other things along those lines. I was trying to hear more when I felt myself being dragged towards them. I look down at my arm to see Yamato pulling me along.

Me: “W-What are you doing?!”

Yamato: “What does it look like idiot?! We have to get out! You do know that this is the only way to get out of school grounds.”

I was squashed against the girls and I felt claustrophobic. It was too tight and I could barely breathe. Yamato kept on pushing through the crowd and just when I didn’t notice, we were already at the other side of the gate. I stood up properly and rubbed against my uniform to make sure there weren’t any creases. It was a miracle I got out there alive.

Yamato: “I’ll walk you home. C’mon, lets get going.”

Yamato seemed unharmed; his bag was slung over his shoulder casually, glasses still intact and hair perfectly swept over his eyes. This guy is impossible! How can he get out of that looking like as if nothing happened? Yamato was holding out his hand, waiting for an answer.

Me: “Thanks.”

I was about to start walking when I was forcibly pulled back towards the crowd.

Me: “Huh?”

???: “And here you are, about to walk off with some other guy besides me. Dummy.”

I froze. That voice… sounded so familiar. Low and husky. I turned around to see a tall man wearing a choker which looked like a dog collar around his neck and a tightly fitted black shirt, exposing a small part of his chest. His muscled arms were in front of my eyes and when I looked up properly, I could see his black hair resting on his shoulders – hiding his many ear piercings – and his grey eyes staring at me.

Me: “Cain?!”

Cain: “In the flesh. So what do you say we go home eh?”

What an arrogant bastard. The same as usual I guess, but that’s what I loved about him. This man is Cain. Our relationship is what you call complicated in some ways. But we still loved each other regardless. You could say that he’s my boyfriend.

Me: “Did you cause all that commotion?”

I pointed sharply at the girls who were standing behind him, squealing and fangirling to their hearts content. Cain glanced back at them and gave a small wave, making them squeal even louder.

Cain: “What if I did? I can’t help it that my dark aura and devilish looks charm them.”

He winked at me. Well too bad for you, winking isn’t going to make anything better.

Me: “What were you thinking?! You don’t need to pick me up from school, I’m old enough to walk home on my own!”

Ha! Answer back now you fool!

Cain: “And risk him making a move on you? No way.”

Cain nodded his head at Yamato who was still standing behind me. Damn it. I was so immersed in my rant at Cain that I forgot he was there. I thought he already left without me. How long was Yamato standing there? How much did he hear?

Yamato: “Heh. So this is the guy you chose Ruka? Cain Kurosaki. Lead singer of the rock band Fallen, am I correct? I don’t know what you see in him. How old did you say he was Ruka? You told me that he was eighteen right? Hm, I’d say that he’s a womanizer by the look of it. You can do far better than that.”

Yamato’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Cain. There was a hint of sadness behind it and I clutched my chest. Yamato.

Cain: “What did you say?!”

Cain snarled at Yamato and grabbed his shirt. Oh crap, these two would tear each others throats out! The situation was tense and I had no idea how to calm them down. How are you meant to react in these situations?! Think Ruka! Think!

Cain: “Look here smart ass. Who are you to judge whether I’m good enough for Ruka or not?!”

Cain’s grip on Yamato’s shirt got tighter. I began to worry about Yamato and checked to see if there were any signs of pain. Yamato shot a glance at me and gave a sheepish smile before he turned his attention back to Cain. Yamato was calm and composed and I wondered if he was just assuring me that he was fine.

Yamato: “I’m her childhood friend. It’s my job to protect her. That’s all. Now if you excuse me, I must take my leave.”

I was prepared to throw myself between them if things got worse. That was all I could think of doing. But that could make things worse. Instead I spoke out.

Me: “Cain. Just let him go.”

Cain: “Tch.”

Cain loosened his grip on Yamato and turned around to look at me. Yamato brushed off his shirt and left quietly without giving a second glance at me. I watched his retreating figure until he wasn’t in sight. The sun was setting and I could see my shadow forming on the ground; the breeze was beginning to die down and I could no longer feel the lingering touch of it against my face. I continued to stare at the path that Yamato walked down while the feeling of regret crawled its way into my mind. I regret that I dragged Yamato into my problems. I think that he’ll never forgive me. All I could do for him, was nothing.

Me: “Cain.”

Cain: “…”

He was staring off into the distant. His train of thought was likely to be messed up after that. I watched him intently and his face was illuminated by the sun. Signs of anger, jealousy, passion and regret were clear. Cain’s hands were clenched into fists; they were shaking. I felt like crying at the sight. It was pitiful. Lonely. Silent.

Me: “Why did you have to do that to him? He didn’t deserve it. He only did what he thought was right… for my sake.”

Silence. Cain refused to look at me in the eye. He couldn’t answer me, not after what he did. I knew that, but I wanted him to talk to me. To at least explain himself before I make the most difficult decision in our relationship.

Me: “Cain, you’re only making it harder for yourself. Answer me. Please.”

Cain hesitated for a moment before turning around to face me. We stood there in front of the school gates without a single movement from either of us. Cain slowly moved towards me as he reached his hand out and held my face in it. He stared into my eyes as if he were seeking answers. I closed my eyes and let his hand caress my face. Cain lowered his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to his body and he embraced me softly. We stayed in that position for a while before he finally spoke.

Cain: “Before I met you Ruka, my life was a wreck. I always got into trouble and did reckless things. But you. You turned my life around. When I needed you most, you appeared before me like an angel from heaven. Having you here with me now is a dream and a miracle itself. I’m sorry about what happened earlier. I truly am. But I was scared. Scared of losing you. Scared of you choosing him instead of me. I thought that because I wasn’t always around. If I can take back what I did, then I would. I love you to the point where I would die for you. Please, forgive me for what I’ve done. Ruka.”

His voice was almost a whisper. He was in so much pain. My cocky, arrogant and beautiful Cain. He’s a huge part of my life and always will be but… I don’t know where we stand anymore. Do I still love him? I thought deeply knowing the solution was absolute. Of course I do.

Me: “Thank you.”

He looked at me quizzically.

Cain: “What have I done to deserve your thanks?”

Me: “You were honest. And truthful. That’s why, I can never hate you no matter what despicable things you do!”

I giggled to myself and Cain appeared to look slightly relieved. Then his expression quickly changed to one of utter confusion. Cute. Teasing him was probably the best thing I’d ever done and knowing me, I’ll probably do it for the rest of my life.

Cain: “Oi. That last part was a joke right? What do you mean by despicable?”

Cain continued pestering me but even he was laughing. Then his lips brushed over mine and we shared a long, deep kiss to determine our love for each other. Cain laced his fingers into mine as we walked off towards the sunset hand in hand. The link between our intertwined fingers will never cease. Summer was just beginning.

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Just when I thought you were mine…

A light shone through the half opened window of Christian’s penthouse. The curtains were softly blown by the draft let in. The sound of bed sheets rustling and car horns can be heard, and he groans as he turned. His face scrunched up and then relaxed when he begins to slowly open his eyes. Morning. Christian propped himself onto his elbow and scanned his room with droopy eyes.

Christian’s room was rather large for a single bachelor. The black and white colour scheme made his room look modern and cool; a favourite of society to show off the wealthy. A large wardrobe placed on the right side was quite flashy; definitely showing that Christian was a man with taste. His wardrobe was filled to the brim with designer clothes ranging from Dolce & Gabbana suits to Armani underwear. His taste in fashion was classy and exquisite. Now lets get on with the rest. He had a king size bed covered with bed sheets made of the finest silk. Carpets were made of the best material and fur rugs were placed on top. Clothes were sprawled all over the sofa that comfortably sat beside the wardrobe and also over his work desk which Christian barely uses. And the curtains! Oh the curtains! They were incredibly soft that you could wrap yourself in them!

In other words, Christian was a wealthy man. He had his own business empire, a fancy penthouse, butlers and maids who responded to his every beck and call, a Ferrari Enzo that he drives around, a limo and his own personal chauffeur. Heck, he even had his own private plane that will whisk him off wherever he wants to go, whenever he wants. He lives the high life and yet, something was missing. What more could he want though? He has everything within his grasp but still he felt that something was missing. The equation wasn’t complete.

Christian glanced at the digital clock beside him and checks the time. It’s seven in the morning. Why was he up so early?

Christian: “I don’t even have work yet. Honestly, my sleeping pattern is wrecked.”

He murmured to himself and suddenly comes to realise that the bed is colder than it should be. Much colder. He hastily turns around to find her gone.

Christian: “Great. Just great.”

He cursed to himself and quickly ran out of his room, slipping on his nightgown at the same time. He runs through his bedroom door, runs down the flight of stairs and bursts into the living room. Nothing. He cursed again and ran to the kitchen. Nothing again. Christian was getting more and more anxious as he searched every room when he finally stumbled across his office. He nervously opens the door and walks over to the safe, located underneath his desk. He typed in the code and hesitated before opening the safe. Empty. Christian stood up sharply and stormed out of the room back to the living room.

Christian: “Just when I thought you were mine…”

He quietly muttered to himself.

Christian: “Where is she?!”

He started dialling on his mobile when a timid old man walks out of the kitchen and hurriedly runs over to Christian.

???: “Master! What is the problem?”

Christian: “What’s the problem? What’s the problem?! She robbed me!”

Christian was clearly furious. He was raging. The old man beside him winced and Christian looked at him. He sighed.

Christian: “Sorry Alberto. It’s just that I thought what we had was serious.”

Christian was close to tears. Alberto patted Christian on the back to soothe his master’s pain. The understanding Alberto shows towards Christian was enough to calm him down, but not fully.

Christian: “I loved her so much. She was the thing missing from my perfect life. I was complete.”

Christian paused to think. Then continued speaking.

Christian: “I should have locked her in a cage if I’d have known.”

Alberto looked horrified, his face drained of colour. He peered into Christian’s face to see a sinister smirk plastered on his face. His face was dark and… evil. Alberto was about to question Christian when his thoughts were interrupted. One of the maids had heard all the commotion and came with breakfast served on a silver tray. Christian briskly walked past Alberto and disappeared into the kitchen. The maid scurried towards Alberto and whispered into his ear. He shook his head at her.

Alberto: “Leave the Master alone for now. I fear he may be planning something devious. Something he may come to regret.”

“Find this girl and have her return here. As his servants, we must tend to his every need. And right now, he needs her.”

The maid nodded at Alberto’s instructions and walked towards the kitchen. Alberto was left alone in the living room as he pondered on whether his decision was right. He thought about the girl’s safety if she ever returned to this place. He remembered the look on Christian’s face. He dreaded what would happen in future. As Christian’s personal butler, he must know what his master was planning to do. Maybe even put a stop to it but it may be futile. Nevertheless, Alberto followed the maid into the kitchen where he saw Christian reading the morning newspaper whilst drinking a black coffee. Christian looked from his newspaper to see Alberto stood at the door, staring at him.

Christian: “What is it Alberto?”

Alberto didn’t know what to say and how to put it. He had to put it in the most subtle way possible, otherwise Christian would be suspicious.

Alberto: “If the girl ever returned here, would you like her to sleep in the spare bedroom?”

Christian paused for a slight moment before answering Alberto’s question.

Christian: “Yes. I don’t want her near me after her betrayal.”

Alberto: “Of course Master. Would you like me to start preparations?

Christian looked down to start reading again. He took another sip of coffee before asking the maid for another cup. Alberto watched his movements closely. He could see that Christian’s hands were slightly shaking, not obvious but can be seen if you looked close enough. He could see that Christian was also blinking irregularly; a sign that he’s on edge. Alberto was shaken back to reality by Christian’s voice.

Christian: “Yes. Oh and before you start Alberto, I want you to find out where I can get cages.”

Alberto: “Why is that Master?”

Christian paused again but it seemed longer than the last. Alberto was onto something here and he can see it from the hesitation in Christian’s eyes. What was he hiding?

Christian: “I’m planning on importing animals for my new investment. Didn’t you hear? I bought a zoo not long ago for my little sister.”

Lies. There was no such thing in the news, Alberto thought. If Christian had a new investment, it would have been all over the news but nothing appeared. However if he mentioned about the lack of news reports, then Christian would know what Alberto was up to.

Alberto: “Yes, I have heard. Congratulations Master. Well then, I shall start on the preparations.”

Christian: “Please do.”

Alberto turned his back and began to walk out. He sighed to himself but at least he had a rough idea of the situation. He shut the door behind him and was about to walk away when he heard a low, quiet voice on the other side.

Christian: “I wonder if you’ll love me. Or will you break?”

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At last, I can convey my feelings for you.


So you may be wondering why I’m not posting up the usual anime review or seiyuu info post, but that’s a story for another day. I’ve been writing a bunch of short stories in my notebook recently and we all know that I love writing literature. Especially fiction. Well, I thought that I would like to share the stories I write with you guys and get your opinions on them. If you could support my writing then I’d be very happy! Here’s the first of many short stories I’ve written inspired by the relationships of childhood friends. I wrote this whilst I was at school one morning…how original. The format of how this story is written is like one in a game and is in the first person. The names in bold are the ones speaking and the rest are narrations. Please note that this is all fictional and no characters are based on actual people.

A love so great that you can’t let go. A love so powerful that you couldn’t possibly forget. A love so tender that you want to cherish forever. What would I do without you? You told me to walk towards the light but… you were my light. My one and only.

I wake up in a cold sweat. That dream again. The same recurring dream which I can’t seem to grasp. I dreamt of him again. Yes, my lover. My soul mate. Two halves of a whole but no longer whole. Just half. A useless half who can’t do anything by herself. I grab a fistful of hair and cry softly; pulling my legs into my chest to stop the pain from spreading. Pieces of memories flash into my mind; small fragments which make it all the more unbearable. My cries get louder when the door quietly opens and I feel myself embraced in warmth. A silky voice whispers my ear:

???: “Ssh. Don’t worry, calm down. I’m here with you”

A large hand gently pats my head as he says this. Xavier. He’s my childhood friend. I’m living with him for temporary accommodation since my apartment was taken away from me after… he died. Xavier was the only one I could count on and he offered that I stay with him until I find a place for myself. So, here I am. I look up at him to see his face so close to mine. His blonde hair swept across his face. His dark eyes boring into mine. A moment of silence. Time went by without either one of us averting our gaze, then he slowly brings his face closer. I close my eyes but push him away without too much force.

Xavier: “Why? Why are you pushing me away?!”

He almost shouts at this. I hug myself and move away from him, checking the distance.

Me: “I can’t. I feel guilty.”

Xavier looks at me, anger filling his eyes.

Xavier: “Why? Its been a year since he died! Why did you come here, knowing how I feel about you?! Tell me Angelique. Tell me please.”

Me: “Don’t. Don’t say my name the way he said it! He was our childhood friend, my lover! Why are you so upset about this? Can’t you see that I love him so much that it’s tearing me apart?! I can’t move on so quickly, I’m afraid of leaving him behind. I can’t. He’ll feel lonely.”

Xavier: “He’s dead Angelique! Open your eyes! Nothing you do will bring him back. It’s not your fault that he died. You know I miss him too but I’ve moved on. It’s what he would want. It’s what he would want for you too. So let go.”

I was at a loss for words. I never expected Xavier to be so… serious. My most important person. It was my fault he died. Why didn’t Xavier understand? If he didn’t save me from that car, then he wouldn’t have… wait. I noticed something damp on my hands. When did these tears start falling? They never seem to stop. They just keep flowing and flowing. Everything that I’d been holding in has suddenly overwhelmed at this moment. Why was Xavier the only one who can manage to get my true feelings out? I look up at him again. His chiseled features, his toned body. His warm gaze.

Me: “But still -”

Xavier: “Angel.”

I freeze in shock. What did he just say? What is this pleasant sensation I feel in my heart?

Xavier: “Angel. I can’t hide it anymore so I will put this as simple as possible.”

Xavier says as he gets off my bed and goes down on one knee. He takes my hand into his and my eyes get wider in surprise. Xavier. Our eyes level and he starts speaking.

Xavier: “Angel, I have been in love with you for as long as I can remember. I wake up everyday thinking of you and I do the same every night. You’re the only one who I think of so dearly. All your perfections and imperfections… they make me love you even more. Now look at me. I’m twenty years old and my feelings for you have never been clearer. You’re the one who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve always held back and suppressed my emotions because of him but no more.”

He places the hand not holding mine onto his forehead and sighs loudly.

Xavier: “I want to be with you, by your side. Forever.”

Xavier. He’s being serious. His face shows it all. It’s bright red. How cute. I’ve always loved this about Xavier, he shows his emotions so easily. But, his true feelings towards me. He’s always been hiding them. For my sake. For my own happiness. All these years and he’s gone by without saying a word. Xavier, why? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? You’ve been in pain because of me, yet you never complained. Why did I never see this before? Why didn’t I say anything to Xavier? That sensation I felt earlier makes its way back into my mind but now I know what it is. Love. I love Xavier. The feelings I never noticed before, have reached my heart at last.

Xavier: “I know that you still love him and that will never change, but I still want to be with you.”

I shake my head at him. No. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for loving me.

Me: “Xavier.”

He looks up with a slight hint of shock in his eyes. Maybe it was the way I said his name so fondly.

Me: “The scars I have from the past may continue to haunt me, but I want to heal them. For you.”

Xavier: “Angel?”

Me: “Yes. I want to be with Xavier too. I want us to go through life together and to experience everything with you. I want us to be able to say our feelings to each other everyday. I just want to be by your side. Forever.”

I smile at him and his face lights up with joy and confusion.

Xavier: “Does this mean…?”

He reaches out for my hair, taking a strand and kissing it.

Me: “I am yours Xavier.”

Another moment of silence.

Xavier: “At last, I can convey my feelings for you.”

Xavier closes the distance between us and seals my lips with his. He caresses my face with his hand and I place my arms around his neck. A soft and tender kiss full of love. With this kiss, I vow my eternal love for him. In this blissful moment, I pray to god that this love will last. Xavier pulls back a little as he softly murmurs against my lips,

Xavier: “Finally.”