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It’s summer and you know what that means… it’s time to get in the pool and feel Free! (haha, do you get it? No? Rude.)

Free! logo

Name: Free!

Japanese Name: Free!

Air Date: July 3 2013 – September 26 2013

Studio: Kyoto Animation, Animation Do

Episodes: 12


The story revolves around Haruka Nanase, a boy who has always loved to be immersed in water and to swim in it. Before graduating from elementary school, he participated in a swimming tournament along with his fellow swimming club members, Makoto Tachibana, Nagisa Hazuki, and Rin Matsuoka. After achieving victory, each of the boys went their separate ways.

Time passed, and in the middle of their uneventful high school lives Rin appears and challenges Haruka to a match, showing Haruka his overwhelming power. Not wanting it to end like this, Haruka gathers together Makoto and Nagisa once again, and brings a new member named Rei Ryugazaki to create the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club in order to defeat Rin.

[via ANN]

When the first episode aired, I pushed aside all other anime I was watching (yes, including Bleach) and dived straight for this! All those PVs, key visuals and fan art finally got to me and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to watch something summery and get my stubby little hands on those boys… (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ hehe, shirtless boys in speedos, here I come!

I had my eyes particularly on Rin… because he’s voiced by my precious Mamoru Miyano! He is my god, and I hope that there will one day be an official religion dedicated to him. If not, I plan to take the world by storm with this religion… if anyone wants to join, then feel free – haha, OMG I just said ‘free’ and this review is about Free! LOL… am I the only one finding this funny? (-__-)

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much recently. I’ve been trying to catch up with episodes from Polar Bear’s Cafe, plus I’ve been trying to settle into college… I’M A COLLEGE GIRL. So I do apologise, but posts are going to be late every so often due to excessive amounts of homework I’d be getting and my busy schedule. I AM SO SO SORRY TT^TT

First Impressions

NAKED NAKED NAKED NAKED (。♥‿♥。) … oh. What a disappointment. I thought I was going to get at least some fanservice from the first episode but nope. They crushed my dreams. The main character – Haruka Nanase – was in the bath when his best friend Makoto Tachibana came to pick him up for school. So… Makoto walks directly into the bathroom while Haru is still in it. Whoa, that’s a bit straightforward isn’t it? O_o anyways, Makoto helps Haru out of the bath and the camera slowly films Haru… the chest, the abs, nearly there and… wait. He’s wearing his trunks in the bath (-___-) goddammit! Kyoto Animation, what kind of people are you to ruin my wild fantasies?! It has gotten to the point where I’m actually visualising the whole scene again just to fulfill my fangirl heart. Oh the agony! Haru also apparently cooks shirtless with only an apron covering his trunks (´⊙ω⊙`) I really thought he was naked then. Who knew my mind could be like this?! STOP PERVERTED BRAIN, JUST STAHP. I’m sure I’m not the only female who feels this way… raise your hands if you are part of the guilty party *raises hand up sheepishly*, if you raised your hand, I applaud you. Give yourself a round of applause, even if you’re reading this in public *claps* I dare you.

Episode 1*makes inhuman sounds*

MAKOTOOO!~❤ why are you such a little cutie? D’aw, why do you have to make it so easy for me to love you? He resembles the caring, older brother type which I now have a thing for… apparently. He really is such a precious little thing (maybe not little because this guy is TALL) and I adore him to pieces. His friendship and closeness with Haru is beautiful and I love how he knows what the latter is feeling without him saying so. There’s something about Makoto that really attracts me to him; his smile is somehow refreshing and his feeble attempts at stopping Haru from stripping (yes, stripping!) really make me smile with him and of course, I get a good laugh out of it. But I wasn’t joking about the stripping. Haru always has a compulsive need to strip every time he sees water or hears the word ‘pool’… I’m not complaining, it’s just something important that needs to be said (¬‿¬)

Someone’s a cocky, arrogant laddie… it’s my beloved Rin-chan (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧. y’know every time I watch a new anime, Mamo-chan always voices a character in it. I swear he’s stalking me… I like it, keep it up! After elementary school, Rin moved to Australia to attend a swimming competition. He has recently returned to Japan and visits his old swimming club where he bumps into Haru, Makoto and Nagisa. A tense situation arises as all three notice how much Rin has changed; personality wise and appearance. He’s no longer the bubbly child they remember from childhood, but rather cold, arrogant and egotistic. Does Mamo-chan always end up voicing these sorts of characters? Yes he does it very well, but seriously I swear he mostly goes for the arrogant characters… as well as the out-going and frivolous characters! Mamo-chan has the perfect voice (*´ω`*) it’s no wonder I love him so much!

Rin MatsuokaSQUEEEEEE!! >////<

Plot wise, nothing much has been offered however, it does gets the chance to show off some bromance and fierce rivalry within the first episode. I hope Kyoto Animation plan to develop the rivalry between Haru and Rin because… they ended the episode on a cliffhanger. A CLIFFHANGER. But this also gives Kyoto Animation something to build tension upon and raises questions that can only be answered by the characters themselves. How did this rivalry begin between Haru and Rin? Why did Haru quit swimming competitively? Why do all the characters love swimming so much? These are questions that most fans would be pondering on and hopefully, they will be answered in future episodes. Gimme more, MORE I SAY (屮゚Д゚)屮!!!

Midway Impressions

I’ve had a little look around to see what people’s views on Free! are, and I was really disappointed to see some people poking fun at their bodies and how they behave around one another. Some say the bodies look strange and inhuman… I beg to differ. A few of you may know that I am a competitive swimmer, but I was also at national standard ranked in the top 20 for the 100 metre freestyle before my health began to deteriorate – I caught viruses and infections so obviously it affected my training. Look at me rambling about myself… shut it Jimmy! If you look at Olympic swimmers such as Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte etc., you can see that their bodies are of similar appearance. Nothing to complain about here.

ASDFGJKLASHDSHGKLFDABHJ *HEAVY BREATHING* I CANNOT FATHOM THE FEELS I AM FEELING RIGHT NOW. The Iwatobi boys are off on a training camp in order to prepare for prefecturals, so they’re training… in open water! Obviously since Rei is a beginner, he starts off doing kick whilst the other three swim ahead. At this point, Rei feels guilty because he feels like he is going to let the team down at the rate he is going, so at night he goes out and trains more. Bad choice. A sudden storm takes Rei by surprise, and he starts to drown whilst yelling for help. Upon hearing his cries, Makoto frantically leaves his tent and dives after Rei. Both Haru and Nagisa hear the commotion and dive in after them. Once Makoto reaches Rei, he’s overcome with fear and is rescued by Haru; Rei is rescued by Nagisa. A while later, Haru manages to drag Makoto onto a nearby island to find that he is unconscious and his breathing weak. Worried, Haru contemplates on what to do, and is about to perform CPR (mouth to mouth) until Makoto awakens. Now this is where i must point out something. For those who ship Haru and Makoto together and were looking forward to some lip-to-lip action, you should notice how much Haru is shaking, and how worried he looks. His best friend is before him; unconscious, and barely breathing. He could have lost him. So imagine all the conflict Haru is feeling inside him. Think about it.

CPRWe all know what happens next…

Episode 7 marks the beginning of the prefectural tournament Iwatobi were preparing for in previous episodes. Rin and Haru are placed in the final heat (heat four) for the 100 metre freestyle (my best event yay!) and the top eight who have the quickest times qualify for finals. Now this is where is gets confusing… Rin and Haru are placed in lanes four and five; Rin won whilst Haru placed second, but Haru still didn’t qualify even though he got the second quickest time. In swimming, heats are determined by seed times with the first heat having the slowest competitors, and the last heat having the quickest. The lanes are organised in spearhead formation with the slowest (in the heat) on the outside lanes, and the fastest on the inside. Watch the Olympics and you can see how this works. But. Haru was in the last heat, seeded as one of the fastest, came second, got a time a few milliseconds off Rin’s, and yet HE STILL DOESN’T QUALIFY which is bugging me to no end! Unless there were seven other competitors in previous heats who went quicker, I am not content with this result. NOT AT ALL. What makes it worse it is that after the race, Rin says to Haru: “I win. This means I’ll never swim with you again. Never.” Haru looks so distraught, and lost after that. My heart twisted in knots, and it was painful to see Haru so upset TT^TT

The competition beginsSide by side, but not together.

Overall Opinion

Free! was one of the most anticipated anime series of the summer season, and has accumulated a whole horde of fangirls. But has it REALLY lived up to its expectations?

The plot isn’t a complicated one, or anything special for that matter, but it’s refreshing and simplistic. It’s about friendship, being able to move forward with the help of others and following YOUR own dreams instead of living out someone else’s. Haruka Nanase, the main character, only cared about feeling the water since he first started swimming as a child. He thought that was all that mattered, until a transfer student by the name of Rin Matsuoka shows up and gets him to swim on a relay with him, and two other teammates, Makoto Tachibana and Nagisa Hazuki. After the sensational experience of swimming with the best teammates you could ask for, the four youngsters felt something that would change their lives; the feeling of being a team, and being one with them. However, they were not completely aware of this, so when Rin goes to Australia to follow his dad’s dream and become an Olympic swimmer , his confidence is shaken when he realizes that something isn’t right. Swimming isn’t as important for him if he doesn’t do it with his best friends, so he assumes he’s just weak and gives up on swimming, and so does Haruka.

Several years later, the boys have grown up with Haruka, Makoto, and Nagisa attending the same high school – the former two being sophomores, and the latter being a freshman. Unbeknownst to them, Rin has returned to Japan, and demands a race against Haruka with the result of his victory. Rin thought this victory would make him free from the feeling of weakness and pain that surrounded him, but it simply didn’t work. Beating Haruka wasn’t what he needed to become ‘free’. He needed to swim with him again. As a team. So, seeing his old teammates forming a swimming club all over again, he feels lonely, and left out, and he doesn’t know how to move on. However, in the final episode – which was by far the best one of them all – friendship saves Rin from the dark and endless abyss he was in, and in the process, Haruka finally feels whole.

The animation is by no means, flawless. Half assed anime to please the fans, you say? I’d like to see you stuck in a studio trying to make the animation as realistic as possible. The swimming strokes, when they swim through the water and turn on the wall, the moment when they dive in… everything was realistic, and they took the work to animate it the best they could. The movements of the swimming styles follow the rules of FINA (the governing association for swimming), and everything is carefully taken care of. As a swimmer myself, KyoAni depicted the different techniques and strokes well.

What makes Free! stand out above all overs, is that the story is VERY much character-driven. The swimming itself is merely a by-product of the characters’ desires and interests, so the passion for the sport is clearly there. The boys development and progress is down to the fact that they lean on each other, and this makes this a rollarcoaster for your emotions. I genuinely care for each, and every character in this series, so the feels and angst where all over the place. The characters are intensely loveable, despite the flaws that make them human, and they’re not the typical stereotypes at all either. Rei and Haru displayed particularly rattling progress, and most of the other characters also showed signs of growth by the end. In the end, all characters got equal development, and KyoAni certainly deserves praise for this.

ReunionAnd they’re whole again! THE FEELS MAN ;____;

The opening song ‘Rage On’ by OLDCODEX is a rock number, and is probably one of my favourite songs ever. It’s intense, which arguably suits this particular type of series; since swimming is one of the more difficult sports to commit to, and also it is indeed intense. The lead singer – Tatsuhisa Suzuki – just so happens to be the seiyuu for Makoto Tachibana, which was a nice little fact to figure out about halfway through the series (unless you knew beforehand, as to which I applaud you). The ending song ‘SPLASH FREE’ by STYLE FIVE consisting of the five main seiyuus for the lead characters, is an incredibly catchy tune that will have you singing in no time. Trust me, I was up and dancing before I could even comprehend what was happening. But the voice acting, oh man. It was the best. It felt as if the seiyuus literally poured out their feelings for this one, and the feels got to me very well. As for the soundtrack, it consisted of calm, uplifting tracks that fitted the moods/atmospheres completely.

Free! is a prime example of why you should NOT underestimate a show’s potential based on what it is. Yes, it may have started as a commercial which stole the hearts of millions of fangirls everywhere, but it became so much more than the original ‘fanservice’ image. It became one heck of a series with the greatest animation, character development, and story development ever. It doesn’t lack substance! This is the highest praise I can give a series, and Free! truly deserves it. Free! is officially my favourite anime series ever, and I have high hopes for a season 2! If you judged this as a ‘gay swimming anime’, here is my challenge to you. WATCH IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF THAT IT IS NOT JUST SHIRTLESS BOYS CONSTANTLY STRIPPING DOWN. Then let me know your thoughts. And that my friends, is my rant for the day.

PhotoMy darling, precious swimming boys…


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The clock ticked loudly compared to the silence in the classroom. I didn’t dare look up from my desk, otherwise I would be caught by the teacher for napping during final period. My head was rested on my desk and I turned to face the window on my left. I could feel the cool summer breeze and the warmth of the sun’s rays on my face. I was jolted awake by the sound of the school bell ringing. Finally school was over for summer break and being the typical teenager I was, I couldn’t wait for the long sunny days ahead. I started packing my textbooks into my bag and I knew that the longer I spent in this hellhole of a school, the more time I wasted for R&R. I was then approached by three girls, all around medium height and their long hair tied up in ponytails. They’re my friends Mai, Nagi and Yui Nakamura. They’re also triplets which never fails to baffle me.

Mai: “Hey Ruka-chan, you planning anything this summer?”

Nagi: “Yeah I mean, you do throw the best parties in the whole school! Don’t you agree, Yui?”

Yui: “… Yeah.”

Honestly, what am I going to do with these three? I know that I throw some awesome parties, but I wouldn’t call them the best. Besides, I planned on studying rather than partying and getting drunk. It’s not my thing.

Me: “Sorry guys, I was thinking of studying instead. Y’know to get ahead of the game for the new semester?”

I thought they would understand my reasoning but the looks on their faces said otherwise. It looked like they’d seen a ghost. I didn’t say anything wrong, did I? I quickly packed the rest of my belongings into my bag and hurried out the classroom door. Now that was embarrassing. I continued walking at a brisk pace hoping they wouldn’t catch up; I was eager to get out. I arrived at the lockers where I changed my indoor shoes for my normal ones. “Thank god I don’t have to wear these for a while” I though to myself. I smiled and put my shoes on before walking out the locker room. When I stepped out, I felt the breeze rushing through my hair and I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment. I opened my eyes to see a swarm of girls blocking the exit gates. They were squealing. I was rather curious as to what could attract such a large crowd and I was getting annoyed too. I want to leave. The student council president, Yamato Maruyama, was standing beside me. Yamato was known as the handsome and princely president in school due to the fact that he has the best grades and also acts towards others in a sickeningly kind manner. I’m always second best. I’m always behind him: I’m ranked second in exams and I’m vice-president of the student council. The worst part of it all? This guy is my childhood friend.

Yamato: “Well well, what do we have here Miss Second Place?”

Yamato pushed his glasses up slightly and smirked. I thought the gesture was… sexy. Wait, did he just say ‘Miss Second Place’? If we weren’t on school grounds, I would have pounded him to death by now. I got my composure back together and replied.

Me: “Actually, I’m as clueless as you are.”

Yamato sighed loudly and began scratching his head. I watched his auburn hair rub against his skin. Geez, why am I getting fascinated now?! I shook my head violently and continued looking at the crowd of girls. I could hear them screaming “isn’t he gorgeous?” and other things along those lines. I was trying to hear more when I felt myself being dragged towards them. I look down at my arm to see Yamato pulling me along.

Me: “W-What are you doing?!”

Yamato: “What does it look like idiot?! We have to get out! You do know that this is the only way to get out of school grounds.”

I was squashed against the girls and I felt claustrophobic. It was too tight and I could barely breathe. Yamato kept on pushing through the crowd and just when I didn’t notice, we were already at the other side of the gate. I stood up properly and rubbed against my uniform to make sure there weren’t any creases. It was a miracle I got out there alive.

Yamato: “I’ll walk you home. C’mon, lets get going.”

Yamato seemed unharmed; his bag was slung over his shoulder casually, glasses still intact and hair perfectly swept over his eyes. This guy is impossible! How can he get out of that looking like as if nothing happened? Yamato was holding out his hand, waiting for an answer.

Me: “Thanks.”

I was about to start walking when I was forcibly pulled back towards the crowd.

Me: “Huh?”

???: “And here you are, about to walk off with some other guy besides me. Dummy.”

I froze. That voice… sounded so familiar. Low and husky. I turned around to see a tall man wearing a choker which looked like a dog collar around his neck and a tightly fitted black shirt, exposing a small part of his chest. His muscled arms were in front of my eyes and when I looked up properly, I could see his black hair resting on his shoulders – hiding his many ear piercings – and his grey eyes staring at me.

Me: “Cain?!”

Cain: “In the flesh. So what do you say we go home eh?”

What an arrogant bastard. The same as usual I guess, but that’s what I loved about him. This man is Cain. Our relationship is what you call complicated in some ways. But we still loved each other regardless. You could say that he’s my boyfriend.

Me: “Did you cause all that commotion?”

I pointed sharply at the girls who were standing behind him, squealing and fangirling to their hearts content. Cain glanced back at them and gave a small wave, making them squeal even louder.

Cain: “What if I did? I can’t help it that my dark aura and devilish looks charm them.”

He winked at me. Well too bad for you, winking isn’t going to make anything better.

Me: “What were you thinking?! You don’t need to pick me up from school, I’m old enough to walk home on my own!”

Ha! Answer back now you fool!

Cain: “And risk him making a move on you? No way.”

Cain nodded his head at Yamato who was still standing behind me. Damn it. I was so immersed in my rant at Cain that I forgot he was there. I thought he already left without me. How long was Yamato standing there? How much did he hear?

Yamato: “Heh. So this is the guy you chose Ruka? Cain Kurosaki. Lead singer of the rock band Fallen, am I correct? I don’t know what you see in him. How old did you say he was Ruka? You told me that he was eighteen right? Hm, I’d say that he’s a womanizer by the look of it. You can do far better than that.”

Yamato’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Cain. There was a hint of sadness behind it and I clutched my chest. Yamato.

Cain: “What did you say?!”

Cain snarled at Yamato and grabbed his shirt. Oh crap, these two would tear each others throats out! The situation was tense and I had no idea how to calm them down. How are you meant to react in these situations?! Think Ruka! Think!

Cain: “Look here smart ass. Who are you to judge whether I’m good enough for Ruka or not?!”

Cain’s grip on Yamato’s shirt got tighter. I began to worry about Yamato and checked to see if there were any signs of pain. Yamato shot a glance at me and gave a sheepish smile before he turned his attention back to Cain. Yamato was calm and composed and I wondered if he was just assuring me that he was fine.

Yamato: “I’m her childhood friend. It’s my job to protect her. That’s all. Now if you excuse me, I must take my leave.”

I was prepared to throw myself between them if things got worse. That was all I could think of doing. But that could make things worse. Instead I spoke out.

Me: “Cain. Just let him go.”

Cain: “Tch.”

Cain loosened his grip on Yamato and turned around to look at me. Yamato brushed off his shirt and left quietly without giving a second glance at me. I watched his retreating figure until he wasn’t in sight. The sun was setting and I could see my shadow forming on the ground; the breeze was beginning to die down and I could no longer feel the lingering touch of it against my face. I continued to stare at the path that Yamato walked down while the feeling of regret crawled its way into my mind. I regret that I dragged Yamato into my problems. I think that he’ll never forgive me. All I could do for him, was nothing.

Me: “Cain.”

Cain: “…”

He was staring off into the distant. His train of thought was likely to be messed up after that. I watched him intently and his face was illuminated by the sun. Signs of anger, jealousy, passion and regret were clear. Cain’s hands were clenched into fists; they were shaking. I felt like crying at the sight. It was pitiful. Lonely. Silent.

Me: “Why did you have to do that to him? He didn’t deserve it. He only did what he thought was right… for my sake.”

Silence. Cain refused to look at me in the eye. He couldn’t answer me, not after what he did. I knew that, but I wanted him to talk to me. To at least explain himself before I make the most difficult decision in our relationship.

Me: “Cain, you’re only making it harder for yourself. Answer me. Please.”

Cain hesitated for a moment before turning around to face me. We stood there in front of the school gates without a single movement from either of us. Cain slowly moved towards me as he reached his hand out and held my face in it. He stared into my eyes as if he were seeking answers. I closed my eyes and let his hand caress my face. Cain lowered his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to his body and he embraced me softly. We stayed in that position for a while before he finally spoke.

Cain: “Before I met you Ruka, my life was a wreck. I always got into trouble and did reckless things. But you. You turned my life around. When I needed you most, you appeared before me like an angel from heaven. Having you here with me now is a dream and a miracle itself. I’m sorry about what happened earlier. I truly am. But I was scared. Scared of losing you. Scared of you choosing him instead of me. I thought that because I wasn’t always around. If I can take back what I did, then I would. I love you to the point where I would die for you. Please, forgive me for what I’ve done. Ruka.”

His voice was almost a whisper. He was in so much pain. My cocky, arrogant and beautiful Cain. He’s a huge part of my life and always will be but… I don’t know where we stand anymore. Do I still love him? I thought deeply knowing the solution was absolute. Of course I do.

Me: “Thank you.”

He looked at me quizzically.

Cain: “What have I done to deserve your thanks?”

Me: “You were honest. And truthful. That’s why, I can never hate you no matter what despicable things you do!”

I giggled to myself and Cain appeared to look slightly relieved. Then his expression quickly changed to one of utter confusion. Cute. Teasing him was probably the best thing I’d ever done and knowing me, I’ll probably do it for the rest of my life.

Cain: “Oi. That last part was a joke right? What do you mean by despicable?”

Cain continued pestering me but even he was laughing. Then his lips brushed over mine and we shared a long, deep kiss to determine our love for each other. Cain laced his fingers into mine as we walked off towards the sunset hand in hand. The link between our intertwined fingers will never cease. Summer was just beginning.

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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

What happens when you stumble across one of the most feared boys of your school? Love perhaps?

Tonari no Kaibutsukun logo

Name: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Japanese Name: となりの怪物くん

Air Date: October 2 2012 – December 25 2012

Studio: Brain’s Base

Episodes: 13


Shizuku Mizutani is the type of person who only cares for her own grades. But when she accidentally delivers lesson notes to Haru Yoshida, he becomes convinced they are friends. Haru turns out to have a very innocent personality, but who would’ve thought that Haru would actually confess to Shizuku? A cold-hearted girl and super troublemaker romance with a fresh new perspective.

[via MU]

*Sighs* man, have I been busy! I’m sorry that it seems like I’m slacking off but I’m trying really hard to juggle everything. With my final exams coming up and all of my coursework due to be handed in, the pressure kinda got to my head so I’ve been really tired recently. Don’t take it the wrong way, I do love writing reviews and watching anime but the amount of work keeps on piling up. Curse you school. Curse you.

Actually, I’ve also been preparing for my school trip to America which I’m leaving for on the 13th of February. The day before Valentines day… how depressing. Well, I’m excited! I haven’t been abroad for a while and it feels quite good getting out of the UK for a bit! So yeah you can imagine how busy I am packing and whatnot. Seriously, it’s a nightmare. I can’t wait though since it’ll be worth it. Yay America!

First Impressions

Aw. I already love this series. And it’s only been one episode! I think it’s really cute how Haru declares Shizuku his friend almost immediately after they meet and he’s just so adorable when he cried of happiness (๑´ლ`๑) how could you not resist that face? Oh and he actually confesses to her! How would you know if you’re in love with someone when you barely know each other? A few hours at that! Is this the power of love at first sight? Haru’s love confession is probably one of the cutest I’ve ever seen. It was completely out of the blue so I was a little shocked but a bit happy at the same time. I’ve definitely fallen for you Haru. You’re just too sweet ❤

Shizuku is really blunt with her words so it’s rather amusing watching her turn Haru away. But Shizukuu~ he wants monja! Why say no to monja? She has a cold exterior and may seem like a total bookworm but she stands up for Haru when his so called ‘friends’ complain about Haru not giving them money. She’s earned my respect *applause* plus she’s great entertainment. Her reactions whenever Haru’s nearby are awfully humorous and her facial expressions are the best I’ve ever seen! To be honest, I would react the same way. Shizuku is one of my most favourite female protagonists and it’s easy to see why. She’s not your standard bishoujo who gets all the boys, but a regular girl like me or anyone else out there with real feelings. Shizuku is my beacon of light and my role model \(^o^)/

Monja!Monja! Monja! Monja! Monja!

Does anyone else think the plot is somewhat similar to Suki-tte Ii na yo? Both protagonists are females who are introverts and not very sociable, a good looking guy declares they’re friends, they kiss and then everything goes hunky dory from there? There’s something going on here xD well, these sort of plots always make me smile since I know they’re more realistic than other series. I like a bit of realism in my anime because I am a real person.

Haru finds a rooster! He brings it to school everyday until the teacher finds out. All of the students thought he was even weirder than before but it’s natural. Who would bring a rooster to school? xD it’s not everyday that you see one sitting in a cardboard box like the good pet it is. D’aww. Now I want a rooster…to roast xD I joke of course so you don’t have to stare at me like that Haru! I won’t harm your precious rooster….even if I’m dying of hunger. I’ll go hunt for some dinner now since I’m really hungry.

Midway Impressions

Make up your mind Shizuku. Do you seriously love Haru or not? I will steal him from you if you don’t come up with an answer in the next thirty seconds… no matter what the answer is, I’m still going to take him whether you like it or not. Mwuhahaha! I’m sorry Haru, Shizuku feels conflicted at the moment. I can’t believe she turns Haru down after he confesses his true feelings for her and then whenever Haru does something like touch her, she blushes like a tomato! And you said you didn’t love him anymore (-_-) what is this monstrosity?! Hiding your feelings for the sake of studying, it’s unfair to yourself Shizuku.

TextWhat. Is. This.

Haru is just a big ball of adorableness that I just want to take home. His blush is to die for and he’s so asdfghjkl! Excuse my gibberish. I rarely do that. It’s quite obvious that he has family issues though which I can relate to. He hates his dad and his older brother Yuzan, voiced by Yuichi Nakamura… I didn’t recognise his voice O_o Haru’s dad kicked him out of his home before he entered middle school. That’s pretty harsh. And the reason is unknown but Yuzan has stated that Haru was quite the troublemaker. Haru was then brought up by his aunt who died and now he’s living with his cousin – his aunt’s son. You poor baby! 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

Haru and Shizuku’s friends seem oddly familiar to me. I can’t seem to grasp… OH WAIT A MINUTE! They remind me of Asami Oikawa and Kenji Nakanishi from Suki-tte Ii na yo. Their personalities are somewhat similar and I’m often pondering about it whenever they appear. Sorry, I forgot to mention that their names are Asako Natsume and Souhei Sasahara; he’s nicknamed ‘Sasayan’ by pretty much everyone at their school. And Asako affectionately calls Shizuku ‘Mitty’ which is actually really sweet (*´ω`*) only true friends would give you nicknames! I have so many nicknames that I’ve lost count! My favourite one is Captain Chui which is a nickname bestowed upon me by my best friend. I love her to pieces.

Kenji Yamaguchi is a blonde haired boy who attends the same cram school as Shizuku. He initially used Haru but the two remain friends though their friendship is sort of strained. He has a terrible sense of direction and I found it extremely amusing when he had to ask a librarian where this particular book he was searching for like FIVE times プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ he has his pride as a man so of course asking others to help will hurt it. You can tell he’s slowly falling for Shizuku but he won’t admit it. Damn it, what is it with everyone hiding their feelings? Why not make a declaration of your love and proclaim that she’s yours? Stand under a balcony and shout it to the world! Haru is clearly jealous of him. It’s so obvious that his actions prove for himself! He even punches Kenji for even touching Shizuku Σ(゚д゚lll)whoa, bit too far there sweetie!

Overall Opinion

It’s a shame that romantic comedies these days are infested or overloaded with harems, where your average and ordinary guy pulls about four or more girls due to some unforeseen circumstances *looks at Campione!* Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is how all romantic comedies should strive to be. First of all, there are two key elements that constitutes to a successful romantic comedy: romance and comedy. Fairly obvious, I know but it’s 100% true. As a romanticist myself, I don’t consider romance to be: “I love you because you’re the main character of this story. There’s no particular reason why I should like you” I also don’t consider comedy to be constant sexual innuendos and sexual harassment from characters to others. It’s not funny, not to mention overdone and sometimes rather annoying to put it bluntly. I mean no offence here. I’m just stating my opinion.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is a fantastic and realistic love story. The two main characters – Shizuku and Haru – make up a hysterical yet dynamic duo. They are both socially awkward, combined with the fact that they have no clue as to what and how a relationship works. This is actually a big positive, simply because the story avoids all the generics in your typical relationship cycle. Skipping the fated meeting, the commonalities, the date, predicaments, the make up, and finally the confession. Haru and Shizuku are oblivious, allowing them to clearly speak their minds and to put it simply, being brutally honest. Can you imagine blurting out everything that’s on your mind and how ridiculously entertaining that would be? Yeah, I certainly can. This is one of the primary reasons why the characters in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun are so lovable and funny. The characters not only avert many of the typical stereotypes associated with this genre, it manages to make its two leading characters some of the most believably lonely and isolated characters I’ve ever seen in a long time. Love them or hate them, we’ve all probably known people like Shizuku and Haru. Some of us may have BEEN those kids. Better still, they complement one another remarkably well, each filling in the gaps that they’re missing in surprisingly clever ways.

Haru YoshidaWhy are you so darn cute Haru?

Brain’s Base did a spectacular job in producing this anime. The art is wonderfully good and colourful which is nice to look at. The scenery, the character designs and the animation makes Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun quite a relaxing and light hearted series. The character designs are flawless and charming. My heart literally skips a beat whenever I see the male characters blush or smile which in this case is mostly Haru’s fault. It’s unbelievably cute and heart-warming Seriously. Who needs moe when you have a hot guy blushing? The voice actors did a masterful job in portraying their respective characters bringing them to life.

The realism of this show is something to boast about. Not many rom can accomplish this so it’s a feat for Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. In other romantic comedies most of the time, events seem too cliché and leaves you thinking “what the heck am I watching?!” however that thought never crossed my mind for a second whilst watching this. This is definitely a slice of life anime that deals with the difficult choices a teenager comes to choose between…your future or love? Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun has taught me what risks there would be if you made one bad choice but you also have to be true to your feelings and yourself, otherwise you won’t progress anywhere. Unable to move forward so to say. Yes education is important, but your feelings are as well. Life lesson and words of wisdom done.

SPOILER: A few days after New Years, everything returns to normal. Haru and Shizuku find a firefly that Haru was searching for and says that he wanted to see it together with Shizuku. In the end, Shizuku states that there are still many stories to be told about her friends and Haru.

Overall, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is an anime series that perfectly fits in the romantic comedy genre. Filled with a lot of LOL moments, this series managed to make me laugh at almost everything. This series was oozing with comedy! The romance was plentiful too as Haru constantly tries to win Shizuku’s heart and beating other competitors vying for Shizuku’s affection. It was bittersweet and just plain adorable. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is one of those animes where you can never get tired of it therefore I conclude that this series passes! Congrats!

Since that’s over and done with, I better continue packing my suitcase… I’m not even halfway there \(^o^)/ my suitcase won’t be able to take it with the amount of clothes I’m packing. Teehee!

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Kokoro Connect

*Fanfare plays*

Please rise for the arrival of the Kokoro Connect review!

Name: Kokoro Connect

Japanese Name: ココロコネクト

Air Date: July 8 2012 – September 30 2012

Studio: Silver Link

Episodes: 13


The five members of the Cultural Research Club – Taichi Yaegashi, Iori Nagase, Himeko Inaba, Yui Kiriyama, and Yoshifumi Aoki – encounter a bizarre phenomenon one day when Aoki and Yui switch bodies without warning. The same begins to happen to the other club members, throwing their daily lives into disarray.

At first the five students find some amusement amidst the confusion, but this unwarranted connection also exposes the painful scars hidden within their hearts. As their calm lives are shattered, the relationships between the five students also begin to change…

At long last, here is the review as promised! I’m pretty proud that I got it done this week so that’s a good reason to celebrate \(^o^)/ it’s never good to wait or rush!

I know that pretty much everyone was looking forward to this series but to be quite honest with you guys, I didn’t even want to watch this at all. I wasn’t excited so to say. Although Kokoro Connect initially interested me with the plot, I still wasn’t excited. I guess that’s what I get for picking out of a hat… I’m not joking. I literally did pick it out of a hat xD

First Impressions

I’m BORED. And confused. I really feel like giving up at this point because I’m just not interested. But I can’t suddenly stop watching this; once I start something, I have to finish it. Leaving things unfinished never sits well with me! The idea of swapping bodies is interesting though. Swapping bodies would be pretty cool if you think about it. If I swapped bodies with someone famous then you could imagine all the mischief that I’d be doing! I’d like to be the Prime Minister or the President… that would be a fun experience (^_^)

These characters have a close bond and I like how their friendship is portrayed. My favourite character at the moment is Taichi, he’s such a selfless person it’s unbelievable! He does things for others and puts others before himself. Himeko is cold compared to the others but deep down, she’s a worrywart \(^o^)/ I don’t understand how some people don’t like her… you people are insane.

HIYAAA! And then, there was a karate chop xD

This body swapping business has something to do with a Heartseed. I know that because one of the teachers at their school is possessed by one Σ(゚д゚lll)le gasp! Oh the shock of it all.

Anyway, they’re such a lively group and it makes me happy just watching their comical interactions… does that sound weird? I bet it does. Then just ignore what I said right now. Otherwise, I shall hypnotise you into forgetting…sorry, I’m bad at threats! I’m a nice person at heart, honest!

Midway Impressions

There’s a lot of boob groping in this. When Taichi swapped bodies with Iori the first time round, he immediately grabbed her boobs. Enough already! I don’t want to talk further, it’s so embarrassing \(//∇//)\!!!

Hahaha! I love this group, they’re all different from each other but you know what they say, opposites attract! Yoshifumi and Yui are perfect for each other, Yui just won’t admit it but she has androphobia so I can understand why she doesn’t like men. Yui was almost raped by a man and ever since that incident, she’s been scared by men. It’s a terrible experience that no girl should go through. As a girl myself, I would frightened as well if I ever went through that ordeal. She’s only told Taichi this so everthing remains a secret from the others. On the other hand, Yoshifumi is persistent about Yui but it shows that he’s dedicated. He only loves Yui and it’s just so romantic ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ that’s a real man, take notes fellas. You only go for one love!

Iori is so innocent it’s adorable! She’s so cute, I can understand why Taichi likes her but he better step up his game because a classmate is out to get her too… and this classmate is a girl O_o urm, no thanks. I don’t want a girl loves girl anime please. Oh don’t worry, I’m not against it, it just seems weird. I’m glad that Taichi and Iori admitted their feelings for each other though (๑´ლ`๑) oh and Iori does the most funniest thing ever in episode 7:

Iori: “Say Taichi…have you ever had the urge to break the tension when everyone’s acting really serious?”

Taichi: “Not really. Don’t tell me…”

Iori: “There was a quiz this morning, so everyone was on edge. And suddenly I had an urge to shout…”

*Flashback to the test in the morning. Iori is writing at her desk when she pushes out her chair and jumps in the air.*

Iori: “Yahoo!”

How cute プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

I never realised how evil Himeko is. She teases her friends a lot and punishes Taichi quite often. I can see why she does this; she’s only trying to help and protect her friends. And yeah even if she doesn’t trust them much, I can still see from her point of view. It’s a frustrating situation so it’s only natural to worry and stress out. Just like me and my studies *pouts* I wouldn’t like that to happen to me and my friends. I know it would definitely ruin our friendship.

At this point, Heartseed is really starting to make my blood boil ( ಠ_ಠ) I shall refer to Heartseed as it. It’s doing all of this phenomena just for entertainment. That’s sick. How could it ruin such a wonderful friendship? Then again, in my opinion I think Heartseed is doing all of this to make the five characters discover their true selves. My question is this, does it have to do this in such a twisted way? Aren’t there other ways to help them break through the barriers and be true to themselves? So many questions for this one situation causing one hell of a mess.

Overall Opinion

Kokoro Connect is best described as unique. It does not follow the plot of traditional romance anime, but instead adds its own splash of colour to what could have been considered overused. The first arc sets the story off with the odd phenomenon of body switching amongst the five main characters. Subsequent arcs deal with various supernatural occurrences including a release of all desire and a manifestation of one’s past self which were all quite intriguing and entertaining.

While the events in Kokoro Connect are obviously not realistic, it lead me to think “what if?”. Imagine suddenly being thrown into a mess of body switching. Everyone has their own darkest secrets, desires, painful memories and insecurities. Now, throw in the condition that four other people have access to all of the above at any given time. These people are close friends…but can they be trusted? Would you want them to know about your past? Your thoughts? Your secrets? The answer is probably some things are better left unknown or HECK NO.

In addition to a superb cast that really brings life to the characters, Kokoro Connect realistically displays how a person would react when facing situations where friendships are threatened. It takes a concept that may sound lighthearted and shapes it into something deeper- even deeper and more complex than love ties that exist elsewhere in anime which is saying quite a bit. I could see when their friendship begins to go downhill and it’s done in a subtle and realistic way.

SPOILER: Himeko begins to develop feelings for Taichi and confesses to him only to get rejected. She then swears that she will not lose to Iori and will fight with her fair and square. Meanwhile, Iori begins to question whether she really loves Taichi or not. SAY WHAT?!

What are you scheming now Himeko?

Apart from the deep and complex development, the animation in my opinion was so-so. It was good but not as good as the other anime series that I’ve been watching recently. It seemed light if you compare it with other series but I was still happy with it.

Overall, Kokoro Connect was a beautifully painted story of hardships, overcoming one’s past and the friendship that keeps everything together. Certainly something to watch if you’re a real hardcore otaku. What I’m worried about is this series being forgotten… KEEP ON WATCHING! SAVE IT IN OUR MEMORIES! What to watch next? I fancy a little bit of cuteness so I’ll see where that leads me (^^)

And just a bit of extra information, there will be extra episodes of Kokoro Connect due to be released in 2013. It’s not a new season but it kinda rounds things off from episode 13. That make sense? I will update this post when I’ve watched them though so don’t worry!

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As you’ve noticed, all of my header photos have been of Starry☆Sky and there’s an obvious reason for that…IT’S MY FAVOURITE ANIME EVER! This post will be insanely long so I apologise in advance…

Name: Starry☆Sky

Japanese Name: スターリースカイ

Air Date: December 23 2010 – June 16 2011

Studio: Frontier Works

Episodes: 26


The heroine, Tsukiko Yahisa, enrolled at a school that was recently changed from all-boys school to co-ed. Since the area where the school is conveniently rural and the rather exclusive curriculums the school has, up until now Tsukiko is the only female who has enrolled to the school. In Starry☆Sky, the thirteen constellations of the Zodiac are personified into handsome young men.

Happy Birthday to me! In order to celebrate my 16th, I shall celebrate in style with…a bishie fest! What could be better than this?! Consider this a present from me to you (^_^;) although, shouldn’t it be the other way round? Where’s my present guys? I mean, I deserve something right? A token of appreciation maybe…

How many bishounens can there be in one anime series? This is going over the limit! And an all star cast too? Wow. This is going to be a long review filled with tons of fangirling! Most of my favourite seiyuus are in this series so I’m overloading with excitement. This may be the best present I ever got…total bliss!

First Impressions

Starry☆Sky is an otome game series developed by honeybee that was adapted into an anime. There are four seasons in the game series: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as well as after seasons. They’re only released in Japan so I’m hoping that someone would translate them and bring them over to the English market. I would love to play these games! For some reason, I prefer Yoh in the anime than the game…is it because he’s animated differently?

See? He looks more attractive now, but he still doesn’t appeal to me.

I shall list the cast here if anyone wants to know:

Hikaru Midorikawa as Yoh Tomoe.
Tomokazu Sugita as Kanata Nanami.
Daisuke Ono as Suzuya Tohzuki.
Soichiro Hoshi as Homare Kanakubo.
Hiroshi Kamiya as Ryunosuke Miyaji.
Jun Fukuyama as Azusa Kinose.
Daisuke Kishio as Naoshi Haruki.
Akira Ishida as Kotarou Hoshizuki.
Kouji Yusa as Iku Mizushima.
Yuichi Nakamura as Kazuki Shiranui.
Daisuke Hirakawa as Hayato Aozora.
Kenichi Suzumura as Tsubasa Amaha.

The secret 13th character is *drumroll* Mamoru Miyano as Shiki Kagurazaka! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

I’m a Libra so my character is Kotarou (๑´ლ`๑) he’s a freaking hot nurse. Doctor, check my temperature…I think I’ve got a fever!

Kotarou…my body temperature has risen ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

I realised that there are two episodes for each character – they’re around 11 minutes each – so it starts off with Yoh and finishes with Shiki. I couldn’t wait for Kotarou’s and Shiki’s; surprisingly I was excited about Kazuki’s and Kanata’s too. Their looks caught my attention the most \(^o^)/ but I love Suzuya and Ryunosuke as well, they kind of look identical ❤

I wonder how the romance will be done. Since there’s one girl and thirteen guys, I figured it was going to be rather difficult. Reverse harem! She’s so lucky! I wish I had that many hot guys around me, I would make all the girls jealous (^^)

No no no. Wait. IT SHOULD BE ME! I should be in Tsukiko’s place…she looks like an airhead (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ take me instead boys! I’ll make you happy!

Midway Impressions

Don’t forget that all characters have two episodes each. The order of episodes are:

  • Yoh – Capricorn
  • Tsubasa – Aquarius
  • Kanata – Pisces
  • Kazuki – Aries
  • Homare – Taurus
  • Iku – Gemini
  • Suzuya – Cancer
  • Naoshi – Leo
  • Hayato – Virgo
  • Kotarou – Libra
  • Ryunosuke – Scorpio
  • Azusa – Sagittarius
  • Shiki – Ophiuchus

Kazuki…the super hot school president ❤

Frontier Works, why did you do this to me? Why do I have to wait until episode 19 for Kotarou?! Halfway through and I’m still hyperventilating…WHERE IS MY GORGEOUS KOTAROU?! It’s been 13 episodes and I’m still waiting for him 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。at least I’m still entertained by the other characters…Kanata’s reactions to Yoh’s attachment towards Tsukiko is really amusing and childish whilst Kazuki’s and Tsubasa’s constant bickering in the student council room leaves Hayato with no other choice…he resorts to whipping out a chalkboard and scraping his long nails across it プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Thank goodness he puts ear plugs into Tsukiko’s ears, otherwise she would have died from the sound! That’s one way to shut up annoying little children xD I’ll try it on my younger siblings LOL.

Well, I’m glad I’ve watched Kanata’s, Kazuki’s and Suzuya’s episodes. They all stirred emotions inside me. Kanata has a heart disease and he wants to spend his remaining time with his childhood friends, Kazuki knew Tsukiko when she was small but she doesn’t remember him anymore due to an incident and Suzuya loves Tsukiko but he can’t do anything about it because he knows that Kanata loves her as well. It’s all so sad 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Suzuya and Kanata: the protective childhood friends.

Kanata is one of Tsukiko’s childhood friends and has protected her since they were young. He’s brash and impulsive and does not get along very well with Yoh. Kanata suffers from a terminal illness that leaves him in a lethargic state, which is why he often skips classes and faints without reason. However, he refuses to seek medical help and often gets into school fights that worsen his health to protect Tsukiko. Kanata only cares for Tsukiko and Suzuya so that is why he fights. He doesn’t want to be seen as weak and hates it when people worry about his illness.

Kazuki is the outgoing president of Seigatsu Academy’s student council. He’s overly confident in his abilities and likes to pick on Tsukiko a lot but he deeply cares for her as this is shown when he forsees a window breaking and protects her from the damage. It is also known that Kazuki is gifted with the power of foresight although it doesn’t allow him to see everything. When he was young, Kazuki foresaw his parent’s death but he couldn’t do anything about it so he constantly blames himself leading him to hate his power. Because of this, Kazuki was often involved in fights to prove his own strength, but one day he met Tsukiko who told him that people who think they are weak try and show their strength through brute force. He then became friends with her, Kanata and Suzuya however an incident occurred where Tsukiko was locked in a dark room. Kazuki rushed to get her out but by the time he got there, Tsukiko was in tears. This incident was caused by none other than Kazuki himself. Suzuya never forgave Kazuki and their friendship became strained.

Suzuya is another one of Tsukiko’s childhood friends who protects her alongside Kanata He’s calm and friendly and often watches out for them like an older brother. He is very good at cooking and often uses the school’s kitchen to prepare food for his friends. Suzuya is also in love with Tsukiko, but because he knows that Kanata also loves her, he holds himself back. Beneath his warm exterior, Suzuya has a dark side and worries about Tsukiko constantly. When they were young, Suzuya often learnt things beforehand so that he can help Tsukiko and Kanata.

My least favourite character has to be Iku. He has a duel personality I guess? Since he’s a Gemini, one minute he can be really sweet and lovely then the next he could be turning into the devil and being horrible to Tsukiko…you make my blood boil Iku! Sorry to any Iku fans but I really don’t like him. And his hair gets on my nerves too, it looks bushy. This paragraph makes no sense so I might as well delete it. Nothing on this planet will make me change my mind. I just hate him with a passion.

I shall wait patiently for Kotarou, Ryunosuke and Shiki. All good things come to those who wait right?

Overall Opinion

There really isn’t a plot at all. Just 22 minutes about a character, flashbacks of their past and links to how they all seem to know each other. This, of course is foolhardy because the director/producers were trying to condense a few years worth of drama CDs and visual novels into 20 minutes for each character. As a result, not much is learnt about each character. Nothing really happens and nothing feels satisfactorily resolved. They’re never fully developed. It was basically staring at colourful pictures for 10-20 minutes. To make matters worse, Starry☆Sky is riddled with poorly executed clichés and plot devices ( ಠ_ಠ)

What caught my attention in this series was the fact that each character represents one of the astrological signs. Their personalities are all based on the theory behind those of the astrological signs and the episodes are in order of the months the astrological signs are assigned to starting with Capricorn and ending with Ophiuchus. As for Tsukiko, I think she has the least development out of all the characters and is a huge eyed mystery to me.

Artwork was alright. The characters and settings were eye-catching but weren’t remarkable as other anime series. Of course the bishounens still looked gorgeous enough for all us girls to drool over. There were indeed some pretty hot bishounens so I won’t complain. It was like looking at a rainbow because of the variety of hair colours. Eye candy. Rainbow! No reverse harem is complete without a range of multicoloured haired bishounens \(^o^)/

Sound is probably the best in this show. The cast are all well known seiyuu. They grace this anime with their voicing talent. The ending theme is an instrumental piece that grabs my attention so much that I must listen to it after each episode. It’s a catchy tune so I end up humming it around the house xD

Starry☆Sky was quite disappointing. Fair enough that this series was full of gorgeous guys, but the lack of story and character development failed to show through. The voice acting, sound and art is what pretty much saved this show from being credited as absolute rubbish. Credit goes to the seiyuus! If you want proper character development for this series, then play the games. Each character is explored more deeply through their respective routes.

Personally I still love Kotarou, Kanata, Suzuya, Kazuki, Ryunosuke and Shiki. They’re just so different and eurgh, I can’t describe how much I adore them. I’ll still love them no matter how bad this anime was! I’m just watching this for the boys…I’m just kidding. I’m not that shallow! I’m here to write reviews for you guys (^^)

I’ve been looking forward to seeing you (๑´ლ`๑)

I wouldn’t recommend this series to anyone, unless you’re that interested in those bishies then be my guest and watch. Nonetheless, it’s still one of my favourite series (^_^;) yeah, I really do have a bad obsession with bishies…I should get some help, but I don’t want to purely because I love my random fangirling! What is a fangirl without her fangirling ways? I’d be plain and boring if I weren’t an otaku so I have to thank anime for being such a huge part of my life. Oh, it’s just like thanksgiving!

My friend just told me that I didn’t necessarily have to watch every single episode because they’re not all relevant…WHAT?! You mean that I forced myself to watch Iku’s for NO APPARENT REASON? Iku is the devil himself! I could have just watched Kotarou’s, Kanata’s, Kazuki’s and Suzuya’s straight away but I’m writing a review so I really shouldn’t skip episodes. I could miss something out if I skip!

I’m currently watching La storia della Arcana Famiglia and Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: Awakening of the Trailblazer. It’ll be a while before reviews for those two will be out so I-I’m sorry! Any other series that you think I should watch? Read my backlog first before recommending anything…I may have it on my list! I’m always open for suggestions, but no horror please…I don’t cope well with that genre xD

Bye for now!

*Immerses myself into the world of Regalo…*



Time to tackle the demon world and delinquents!

Name: Beelzebub

Japanese Name: べるぜバブ

Air Date: January 9 2011 – March 25 2012

Studio: Pierrot+

Episodes: 60


The story follows the ‘strongest juvenile delinquent’, Tatsumi Oga, a first year in Ishiyama High – the school for delinquents. One day while sleeping next to a river he sees a man floating down it, he pulls him to shore and the man splits in half revealing a baby boy. This boy is the son of the demon king and he has been chosen as the one to raise it with the baby’s demon maid Hilda. The story follows his life with the child and at the delinquent school.

[via Wikipedia]

By the time I finished reading the plot, I was already wetting myself プッ(※థэథ)∵.*. I had tears coming out of my eyes because this plot was so ridiculous – which means that this series is going to have plenty of LOL moments xD I haven’t enjoyed a good comedy for a while. If I laughed at the plot, then how can I take this series seriously? I had doubts with myself since I have such a childish mind, so please excuse me for any weird comments that you may see in this post!

Oh and did I mention that Katsuyuki Konishi plays Tatsumi? I love this man but I’ve barely watched any anime with him as one of the cast members. Apart from La Corda d’Oro…

First Impressions:

I’ve never watched a series about delinquents so I wanted to see how Pierrot+ interprets them. My idea of a delinquent has a lot of piercings, tattoos and talks in a weird accent for some strange reason…please don’t take offence anyone! I think that’s the stereotypical view of a delinquent since that’s what you hear about a lot lately. I would like to see if there can be many types of delinquents, not just your stereotypical sort. It’d be interesting to see female delinquents for once that way, there is balance.

Character designs are…interesting. I can’t think of another word! Limited vocabulary stored in my brain isn’t very useful ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ I have a brain the size of a pea. Furuichi looks like an old geezer, I’m worried that he’s going to be a massive pervert! Watch out girlies ( ;´Д`) pervert on the loose! Is it strange to think that he’s like the sidekick for Tatsumi? Well he’s always with him so that idea was bound to get in my head one way or another. I think that they’re like Batman and Robin. Oh god, I just get a disturbing image in my head…Furuichi wearing a Robin suit. Ewww! Get it out, GET IT OUT!

And after 2 minutes of the first episode, I am already ROFL everywhere! Straight in with the comedy, I like! Ah Tatsumi, such a typical delinquent! He’s big headed and thinks highly of himself. He’s extremely cocky and practically loves himself a bit too much. I love what happens at the beginning of episode 1! Tatsumi is about to fight another delinquent named Abe the ‘killing machine’. Trust me, this guy is huge. I’m not going to write the whole conversation because it’s long but here’s my favourite part:

Delinquent 1: “Wait, that’s not sweat!

Delinquent 2: “There’s a baby pissing on his head!”

*Baby Beel makes a noise or a grunt…whatever it is*

Abe: “Whatever! Fight me!

*Tatsumi punches Abe in the face whilst holding Baby Beel in the air*

Tatsumi: “Does my head look like a urinal to you, you brat?”

*Baby Beel squeals in delight*

プッ(※థэథ)∵.*. Baby Beel, you’re so cute!

Midway Impressions

Tatsumi is the type of delinquent you don’t want to mess with. He’s got some serious fighting skills! And it’s really obvious that Aoi Kunieda fancies him, she blushes furiously when he’s around but she has to be a killjoy and deny that she has feelings for him! Oh yes Aoi, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than denying everything whilst going red in the face ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ I mean, I know he’s younger than Aoi but age is nothing but a number in love! Tatsumi is still as outrageous as ever. He certainly likes picking fights with all the wrong people. Is there really a plot for this? It’s just pure comedy and the music in the background = LOL! Pure shounen madness I guess \(^o^)/

I was right about Furuichi. He’s a huge pervert, no wonder his sister thinks he’s weird! Plus sharing a room with Alaindelon?! Now that’s going a bit too far don’t you think xD even his parents misinterpreted the situation. I kinda feel for the guy. No seriously, Alaindelon follows him EVERYWHERE. Even the bathroom! How weird is that?! Alaindelon is the person who can teleport between the demon world and the human world so he’s pretty awesome I reckon. But his obssessiveness with Furuichi really creeps me out. It’s also the moustache…it doesn’t work with me O_o

Hildegard (Baby Beel’s maid) kicks ass! Hilda, for short, is a cold and detached character but she loves Beel and has a strong loyalty towards him. From the start, she really dislikes Tatsumi but begins to accept him after she sees how much Baby Beel is attached to him. I’m not kidding, whenever she tries to get Beel away from Tatsumi, he clings on for dear life. She adores her bocchama and doesn’t want Tatsumi teaching him all the wrong things. That’s a maid’s love to her master ❤

Don’t worry, Tatsumi doesn’t normally look like that! He only did it for the LOLs xD

Overall Opinion

I don’t think I wrote many spoilers since this series was so long! Especially 60 episodes, I don’t want to type too much…my fingers ache!

Beelzebub is a genuinely funny anime. And I mean laugh out loud ’til your stomach hurts sort of funny. You’re in for a good time when the introduction to the plot in the first episode goes a little something like this: a large man with a hilarious moustache is floating down the river where he spots a ‘handsome and good looking young man who cared nothing for his follow humans’. He proceeds to bestow the green haired demon baby (Beelzebub) onto our protagonist, Tatsumi Oga, in one of the strangest fashions imaginable, before leaving with an impressive ballerina pirouette. Chaos ensues when the baby’s demon maid, Hildegarde comes looking for the toddler and finds him attached to Tatsumi. Hildegarde is not impressed but is intent on forcing Tatsumi to fulfill his contract with baby Beel. Tatsumi basically spends many many episodes trying to pawn the baby off to someone more badass than himself while trying to keep his family, who comically misinterpret his situation, off his back, with varying degrees of success, and plenty of comedy. Along for the ride are Furuichi, Tatsumi’s best friend and the show’s pervert, and a host of other delinquents from the infamous delinquent school, Ishiyama High. The series plot is not serious or anything however it does feature some things out of our daily lives and the humour is hilarious! There are moments though that just make you go ‘awww’ ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ the humorous exaggerated faces are drawn very well which I will give a thumbs up for. They do have a little bit of fights, which are short enough and don’t drag on too long. I guess they’re short because Tatsumi has superhuman strength!

Beelzebub is a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and this approach works very well for the story being told. The main characters, particularly Furuichi, seem aware that they are part of a show that routinely sets them up with other-worldly scenarios, as if to test their reactions, and they are not shy about calling out some of the more preposterous elements that arise. Characters also address the viewer directly, which adds a nice touch of humour to the show while making the situations more relatable and real. I found this approach more satisfying than one where we are asked to accept ridiculous circumstances at face value. Those sort of things don’t work with me.

The show has a lot of heart, and can also be surprisingly creepy at times; these are demons and the underworld we are dealing with after all, but this never lasts for very long, which is a pity because I think the show would have benefited from playing up the darker themes for longer periods to counter the otherwise jovial tone, which becomes a bit tiresome over 60 episodes. Still, the show maintains enough originality to entertain and the delivery of punch lines remains top notch for the most part. Thumbs up for that.

I love the opening and endings. While the openings are more rockish and have that badass feel to them, the endings are more toned down and mature. My favourite has to be the opening ‘Baby U’ it’s just so cute and adorable! It’s awfully catchy too so you’ll find yourself singing along to it in no time! The songs chosen for the series were all sung by well known singers or bands in Japan. I have to say that the studio made all the right choices here.

The chemistry between the characters is wonderful, especially between Baby Beel and Tatsumi. Although at first he shows no sympathy for others, he shows a slight tender side towards Baby Beel (๑´ლ`๑) probably because of all the hardships he has to go through since he’s raising a child – a demon child – and being a parent. Baby Beel is just the cutest thing ever! I just want to squish his wittle cheeks ❤ this relationship has to be one of the best and well-developed of the series. The director obviously spent a lot of time thinking how this bond was going to develop between the two main characters.

*Sigh* If only babies were this cute…

I really enjoyed this series! The comedy was just too much for me to handle, my poor cheeks hurt too much from laughing! Each episode made me laugh and it was just pure comedy perfection. I would definitely watch Beelzebub again and again if I had the time. The LOL moments never cease. Do give this a try, I seriously mean it!

I apologise for this post being late. I’ve recently gone back to school and my timetable is just hectic! If my posts are late then I blame school (´・_・`) I mean, school is the cause of everything, right?

I wonder what I should review next? I’ve got a lot of series in my backlog but I may do one on a yaoi anime I’ve watched recently…

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Fruits Basket

I watched Fruits Basket in 2009 before I watched Mobile Suit Gundam 00 so I might as well do a review now (^_^;)

Name: Fruits Basket

Japanese Name: フルーツバスケット

Air Date: July 5 2001 – December 27 2001

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 26


Tohru Honda is a 16 year old orphaned girl who gets invited to live in the house of her classmate, the handsome boy Yuki Sohma and his cousins, 16 year old Kyo and 27 year old Shigure. However, these young men and parts of the rest of their family (both close and distant) hold a curse; if they are hugged by the opposite gender, they transform into animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Everyday is an adventure for sweet Tohru, as she gets to know everyone in the large family better (especially Yuki and Kyo), in both common and bizarre situations. But, the Sohma Family curse is certainly no laughing matter… it also holds horrible cruelty and heartbreak.

Well, I like the idea of people turning into animals so why not?

First Impressions

Why does Tohru live near a hill? It’s a bit dangerous isn’t it? I can’t believe I thought of that on the first episode only to realise that two of the Sohmas find out near the start of the episode. I’m an idiot プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ at least she’ll be in safe hands right?

I got the impression that Tohru is a complete airhead from the way she spoke and then I realised it was the same voice actress who did Yuuki in Vampire Knight…Yui Horie! No wonder xD such a girly voice and full of moe!

And Yuki is an ideal prince, he should be my knight in shining armour!

Shigure is a weirdo, but I love him anyway xD he’s a bit of a perv though which I’m very worried about! Watch out for this character girls O_O

Midway Impressions

Thanks to Hatori I pretty much know the Sohma family history which came in handy since I didn’t know anything about their family or curse. It’s really sad finding about each of the Sohmas, they all had such a horrible past…DAMN YOU AKITO! Why did you do this to them?! (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻

I can’t forgive Akito, he’s really terrible to do that to Hatori and the other members of the Sohmas. Akito hasn’t been introduced properly yet but I didn’t like the sound of him, I had a little siren going off in my head as a warning to stay away xD

But I adore Hatori, I imagined all of the pain and suffering he had gone through and he still has to endure the endless cycle of pain. Someone at least give him some love…he deserves it! Accept my love Hatori, it’s 100% pure (๑´ლ`๑)

Hatori…your smile is beautiful! Smile more for everyone’s sake

Hatsuharu made me laugh, he’s a strange character. Black Haru is the best though, he’s more manly! More manly = more sexy (^^)

And Kyo, you need to stop shouting love! Just calm down and drink some leek soup! To be honest, what is nice about leek soup? I don’t like it myself because I don’t like leek. It’s horrible! But cats will still flock to you no matter how you turn out so it’s alright…

Overall Opinions

At first glance Fruits Basket is just another shoujo anime with nothing different to it; the average, beautiful, kind girl getting all the pretty boys. Okay so it really is that, however there’s a special touch to the way the series develops itself and how you watch each character grow and interact with each other as the story progresses.

The story starts with Tohru Honda, your as average-as-you-can-get Japanese girl who has lost her mother in an accident and was living alone in a tent on the Sohma’s property. Of course she wasn’t aware of that until they told her, to her surprise they take her in in exchange for her doing all the housework (it was her who suggested not staying in the house for free’). It’s when she’s there that she discovers the family’s biggest secret…they have been cursed by the vengeful spirits of the Chinese Zodiac animals and when they are hugged by a member of the opposite sex they transform into the animal they were cursed by. When Tohru comes in their life they all learn to open up their heart more and realise that not all the people in the world are bad; this girl affects each one of them in a unique way and helping them break out of their shell.

It’s a beautiful series with heart-touching subjects, there is much you can learn from it and definitely worth buying if the chance should present. There is just about everything in this series: bishounen, angst, drama, comedy, romance, yaoi hints and a light-hearted, kind bishoujo showing us the way.

The character designs are wonderful characterised everyone in the series if they were a bishounen or bishoujo. The colours of their hair and eyes of the Sohma family match the animal they were cursed by and it gives each one of them a unique touch. None look the same which is what you don’t want when you have an anime with lots of characters in otherwise, you would be confused one looked like the other.

As much as I love each and every one of the characters – except Akito, I still hate him – the story felt incomplete when the series ended. I was hoping that Tohru would resolve to finding a way to break the curse (like in the manga) but no. Studio DEEN decided to leave the audience wondering if Tohru ever breaks the curse and if she ever chooses Yuki or Kyo. In all honesty, I was rather annoyed at that. Come on Studio DEEN! Give us a proper ending or something! The poor fans of this series, imagine how they feel…but then again, the manga wasn’t finished then so I guess the anime had to finish because they had no plot. Still, the ending made me go Σ(゚д゚lll)

The opening theme song really depressed me, I guess it did set the atmosphere a bit but I thought Fruits Baskets was more fun than depressing xD however, it was still beautiful as well as delicate and simple which helped portay the story.

Putting those thoughts aside for now, I loved Hatsuharu and Momiji! They were so adorable together but Kyo was really mean to Momi-kun. Poor Momiji, come with me instead! I’ll take care of you! and the revelation about Kyo in episode 25 was a shock – but it shouldn’t be since I read the manga before watching Fruits Basket xD

Who made my Momiji cry?! Was it you Kyo? *Stares suspiciously at Kyo*

Fruits Basket is a series for those who like a bit of family drama and curses. You’ll see what I mean about the charms of Hatsuharu and Momiji when you watch this! It’s such a cute series that I may watch it again, you should be happy Studio DEEN.

I’ll try and do a review for Special A since I watched it ages ago (^_^)