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Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East

Having a demon live inside you sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Hakkenden season 1 logo

Name: Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East

Japanese Name: 八犬伝 -東方八犬異聞-

Air Date: January 5 2013 – March 31 2013

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 13


When their village was wiped out five years ago, only Shino Inuzuka, Sosuke Inukawa, and the girl Hamaji, who was raised as if she were their sister, survived. And both men inexplicably have the same peony-shaped birthmark. Genpachi Inukai and Kobungo Inuta were raised hundreds of miles away as foster brothers, but they too share the same birthmark. When they went north as part of the army three years ago, they went to confront demons and came back forever transformed. Now the Imperial Church has come for Shino and Sosuke and they must find eight mystical gems and their owners or face a fate worse than death at the hands of the Church.

[via Sentai Filmworks]

I’m going to start eliminating series off my backlog because, let’s face it, it’s getting bigger and bigger. If I don’t start now, that list will never get smaller! First off, I shall start with Hakkenden. Why? The animation is pretty to look at and… there’s two blonde haired characters who have caught my eye (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧. my blonde hair fetish has kicked in again. I don’t know who you are, but I will find out soon enough!

I’ve found more time to watch anime! Do you want to know why? Well. The United Kingdom is known for its awful weather and it either constantly rains or it’s extremely cold. Now in July, Mother Nature has decided to not be a bitch and gives us a heat wave that’ll last for two weeks, perhaps more. TWO WEEKS. I can’t stand the humidity and it’s impossible to sleep at night! So… I end up watching anime during late hours. Cheers Mother Nature for giving me this chance!

First Impressions

This… this is just confusing. What on earth is going on? The only parts I understand are *ahem* Shino and Sosuke’s village was destroyed prior to the series’ beginning because there was a disease was spreading. They currently live with two men of the Church and their childhood friend, Hamaji, who turns out to be a terrible cook despite being a health nut (like my mum except she’s not THAT bad at cooking). Finally Shino has a demon sword called ‘Murasame’ living in his body and Sosuke can… transform into a dog called ‘Yoshiro’. And because of this, the Church are after them? Ok, I get the gist of it… for now. There’s also something called the Four Houses of the Sacred Beasts or something like that. The Church takes in children who harbour a sacred beast and takes care or them, probably because they want their powers to themselves. Greedy priests and bishops and… *murmurs* why does everyone always seek power? It doesn’t make the world go round or anything ( ಠ_ಠ) is the Church here corrupt or something?

On the brighter side of things, I’ve discovered their names! I’ve discovered the names of the two blonde haired men! Their names are Rio Satomi and Kaname Osaki; the latter is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa while the former is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya. Kaname is from the Osaki family and is part of the Four House of the Sacred Beasts. Rio is also part of the Four Houses. But how are these characters involved and what part do they play in the story? At least all the characters are appealing to look at and the animation is stunning. When Shino summons Murasame, the way it comes out of his arm is bloody awesome. An eye appears on his hand (07-Ghost’s Teito Klein uses the same sort of summoning… does that jog your memory?) and then wings sprout out of his arm. The opening sequence, man don’t even get me started. It’s fast paced, smooth and dynamic. Plus I have yet to add two more men onto my list; one has glasses and the other has a birthmark on his cheek… I must find out your identities! Brace yourselves, I am coming for you my pretties!! (I mean this in the most politest way possible)ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

ShinoThat’s just… awesome and creepy in every way O_O

So let me get this straight. There’s a talking crow AND a talking toad. Is it me, or am I seeing things correctly? IS IT ME, OR AM I GOING MAD?! Let me take my temperature first and see if I’ve got a fever… there’s nothing wrong with me which means… it’s real. It’s real. Right, I’ll get back to it. Both Shino and Sosuke each own a colourful bead with a character written on it i.e. devotion, duty etc. There are others and Rio has assigned a simple mission to Shino and Sosuke; they must find the other six beads and their respective owners. Reason… unknown (-___-) honestly, there’s a lot you guys aren’t telling me here.

Midway Impressions

Oh ho!~❤ so your name is Genpachi, eh? Genpachi has a peony birthmark on his right cheek which is similar to Shino’s on his right arm. I think Sosuke and Kobunga have peony birthmarks too. What is its significance? Does this mark link these characters together? Before I lose it, could someone be kind and perhaps explain what’s going on? Speaking of Genpachi and Kobunga, they’re demons. Well, not they’re not technically pure blood demons, but they can turn into them: Genpachi an transform into a lightning demon who devours supernatural beings and Kobunga can just transform into a demon. Three years ago, there was a war up north where civilians were kidnapped and kept as hostages. Genpachi and Kobunga were dispatched as part of a rescue mission with the military… until they came across human eating demons ∑(;°Д°) everyone was killed and the two were practically dead. Somehow, they managed to survive and came back as changed men… their bodies became immortal. Their lives were never the same. *Sob* they had such tragic pasts, and they share those memories together (ಥ_ಥ)

EEK!I’m pretty sure you’re not meant to feed it, Gen-san… (^_^;)

Actually, I’ve noticed a slight connection between several characters: Shino, Sosuke, Genpachi, Kobunga, Keno, and Dosetsu (the hot megane I was wondering about earlier), all have the word ‘Inu’ at the beginning of their surnames. Coincidence much? I think not. This point can’t be made any clearer because they all have a bead – with the exception of Keno and Dosetsu because it has not been revealed yet if they possess one. It must also be taken into consideration that all of them have experienced near-death experiences but were saved by supernatural beings at a cost. Shino and Sosuke were close to death when they were rescued by Rio, who offered Shino the demon sword Murasame. Shino accepted Murasame but lives with its curse: he is trapped within a child’s body… and Shino is meant to be 18 years old! I’ve mentioned Genpachi and Kobunga’s above. Keno had his heart ripped out (literally) by a mysterious man who has a similar appearance to Sosuke; he was rescued by a demon princess who gave him her heart. Dosetsu was out in the snow and was dying, contemplating about his long lost sister (hinted that it’s Hamaji). He was rescued by Yukihime – lit. snow princess. See, the dots are connecting somehow!

I adore the interactions between the characters; they have a really strong bond which holds them together. Shino and Sosuke’s brotherly banters never fail to make me giggle and it’s amusing to watch Sosuke snap back at Shino bluntly! There is also the bond between Hamaji and Kaname. It’s hinted that he has feelings for her, and it’s fairly obvious to see that through his actions. I hate to admit it, but they look perfect together (-___-) but the best relationship has to be Genpachi’s and Kobunga’s. They’re not related by blood, but these two are unbelievably close, they have so much respect for one another, and they’re like brothers… it’s beautiful ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ at this point, I think the series is more character driven. Studio DEEN are really digging in deep with these characters, and their pasts come to light. It seems that the plot has taken a back seat for now in order for the characters to shine. Because of this, a lot is learnt about each individual and that alone makes me love Hakkenden all the more!

Overall Opinion

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East is a manga series by Miyuki Abe based on the epic novel series Nanso Satomi Hakkenden.

The plot is definitely unique (since I’ve never seen one like it), however there is an absence of a central plot or whenever there is something to work on, it tends to stray from it. What kept me interested were the characters, their backstories and interactions. With the introduction of new characters, there are minor arcs to keep you interested, however it is usually resolved within the following episode. The storyline tends to feel like a collection of stories that are somewhat connected to a central plot, however it feels mostly disconnected because barely anything noteworthy has occurred. But what’s great about the lack of central plot, is that you’re thrown into this series without any understanding and as the series slowly progresses, more intricate details are given to fill in the gaps.

The characters vary and their is variety. Shino, the protagonist, is very childish and loud, however he is sensitive and caring which makes him very lovable and difficult to hate. Sosuke, his childhood friend, maintains a calm and loyal attitude and is seen accompanying Shino almost everywhere he goes. He provides a balance to Shino, who would otherwise be an annoying and bratty protagonist. Hamaji is another childhood friend, but her presence in the story is not as prominent as the two mentioned beforehand. She appears to be immature and demanding but later displays a level of maturity; something a girl her age rarely possesses or lacks. Her maturity is sometimes greater than the older characters! She is refreshing, who although lacks a background story of her own, adds a realistic feel to the story. She is a main character but her role in the series pushes her back to supporting cast. Other characters are gradually introduced into the story and contribute with the plot’s progression (as well as leaving behind slight undertones of shounen-ai). Not only are their personalities in great variety and are incredibly diverse from one another, but their pasts help intertwine them to create a much greater story; setting in motion a second season.

Older ShinoWere you always this hot Shino?

The artwork and animation was definitely refined and delightful to gaze at. In fact, it was the animation which drew me to this series in the first place! The characters all have sharp features that are clearly noticeable and match the multitude of personalities presented. My focus went straight to the character’s eyes; you can always tell what sort of personality lies beyond them. Plus they’re strangely mysterious, yet gorgeous. You could stare at the characters for hours on end without averting your eyes… no seriously, I could not stop staring because they were THAT beautiful. Background settings were captured wonderfully and seemed almost picturesque. Each district, each of the places that the characters visited were like works of art. Masterpieces. Animation was the defining beauty of this series, and it’s easy to understand why so many have praised Hakkenden for being one Studio DEEN’s greatest works. I personally agree with those statements.

SPOILER: Sosuke suffers from amnesia as he doesn’t remember much about his childhood. In actual truth, half his soul is missing which has manifested itself into a lookalike of Sosuke possessing his memories, but can’t be seen by normal humans because he is a ‘shadow’. Sosuke’s shadow was the person responsible for taking Keno’s heart and murdering his family, thus Keno seeks revenge against him. The shadow steals Shino’s devotion bead. At the end of episode 13, the shadow claims that’s one less thing to take from Shino. What is his objective?

The soundtrack was an auditory treat and pleasure to listen to. The opening theme song- God FATE – by Faylan starts off as slow and gentle, but begins to pick up as the accompanying animated sequence features more fast paced shots and flurries of movement. On the other hand, the ending theme song – Strings of Pain – by Tetsuya Kakihara (who voices Shino) showcases his voice well, and I admit I didn’t recognise his voice when I heard it! The BGM was used well the enhance the atmosphere and mood, which comes as no surprise because the sounds are done by Hitomi Kuroishi whose notable works include Code Geass (which I am also watching at this point in time).

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East isn’t for everyone. You either love it or hate it. Love because of the characters, hate because of the plot. I for one, loved Hakkenden and found great joy in watching it. Hakkenden is one of those series where you don’t expect much out of it, yet you find yourself engaged in it… and I did exactly that. In any case, Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East is probably one of the most visually stunning anime I have seen in a while and contained the right amount of humour, fantasy, mystery and adventure but lacked the action it initially presented itself with. Hopefully the plot kicks up a bit since season 2 is now airing; if it does, this will be one heck of a series.



Hiiro no Kakera Dai-ni-Shou

With 2013 upon us and the new anime season arriving, I’m getting myself into the otome game mood ready for the première of AMNESIA.

Hiiro no Kakera 2 logo

Name: Hiiro no Kakera Dai-ni-Shou

Japanese Name: 緋色の欠片 第二章

Air Date: September 30 2012 – December 23 2012

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 13


As the monster within Takuma begins to rise, Tamaki realises that she loves him. However, Logos and allies they once trusted will do anything they can to separate the two. Everything from the past is revealed and all that’s left is to clear the way for a bright future. That is, if it’s still possible.

[via Anime News Network]

I have returned my beautiful bishies! Why am I watching this when I said that I won’t watch any anime during the holidays? Because I can’t wait that long to watch anime again after a long period of time. Plus I have nothing better to do in this holiday period. I may as well do something to relieve my boredom and torture. Yeah, I did say torture. My family are driving me crazy! I’m almost up to that point where I may run up the wall in a fit of madness!

Well I can’t live without anime, it’s a huge part of my life! The sad child I am. My reason for watching Hiiro no Kakera again is because I wanted to see Yuuichi, Takuma and Ryou again and hear their wonderful voices as quickly as possible… they move me.

First Impressions

Gah, she’s back! She’s back! The girl with the worst haircut on the planet has returned! I was hoping I wouldn’t have to see her face again but I stand corrected… I have to bear with it for another twelve episodes. Yeah, I’m talking about you Tamaki and your bowl cut fringe. Seriously I thought her hair would have grown out a bit but nope, it decided to stay that way ( ಠ_ಠ) thanks a lot. And her voice. Don’t get me started about her voice. It’s even more annoying than the first season! What on earth has happened?! Can I still cut her hair? The offer is still there if you want Tamaki. *Evil grin*

TamakiDon’t look at me like that. I’m not happy to see you (-_-)

My darling Ryou has returned ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ oh I love him with a burning passion and it’s quite evident that he’s one of my favourites with the amount of photos on my phone! Ryou shows up in episode 2 for a brief moment when Shinji Inukai goes for a walk. When Ryou does appear, he sniffs Shinji Σ(゚д゚lll)eh? Did I miss something here? But then he calls him a traitor and walks off. Keeping it real Ryou. However, Ryou is correct. Whilst Shinji is talking to Vier, it’s revealed through flashbacks that he has been working for Logos all this time; it was him who admitted the locations of the artifacts to Aria. Then Suguru Oomi appears as he heard the whole conversation between the two. Suguru then defects to Logos and is no longer a part of the Guardians protecting Tamaki. Oh my god. WHAT?!

Tamaki, Takuma, Mahiro and Yuuichi are shocked at the revelation of Suguru’s betrayal. It’s unlikely that Suguru would do something like that when they need him most so the question is why? Why did Suguru leave? What was his reason? These are the questions that taunt them. They are no longer the five Guardians that protect the Tamayori princess and keep the Onikirimaru sealed. I will not ramble on anymore and just go straight to the point… TAKUMA AND YUUICHI ARE STILL HOT o(≧▽≦)o they’re both kinder and gentle towards Tamaki which causes me to rage with jealousy. Why can’t I have them? 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。I deserve them more than you! I still have my hatred for Tamaki and that will never change! Grrr. Maybe I’ll like her if she changed her hairstyle, anything but that fringe would make me happy!

Yuuichi and TamakiYuuichi, you’re breaking my heart 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Oh yeah, turns out that Onikirimaru wasn’t sealed properly. It’s just sleeping. So now the world is doomed again… that reassures me a lot. Nothing calms me down like knowing that the world is coming to an end because of a dumb headed twit! Thanks Tamaki for making me feel at ease ( ಠ_ಠ)

Midway Impressions

At the end of each episode, one of the main male characters talks directly to the audience saying romantic things to please the ears of many girls. I’m glad they continued this from the first season because it was like seeing another side of the characters. My favourite at the moment has to be Yuuichi’s from episode 4:

Yuuichi: “I can fall asleep anywhere, but I sleep most at ease… when I’m by your side”

“That’s how comfortable it is to be next to you”

Oh Yuuichi, you know how to make a girl blush! I fangirled so much that I got a fever… again. I really shouldn’t fangirl too much, this is the millionth time that it’s happened and I’ve probably reached my limit by now. I can’t help it, it’s those sweet words they say to you; it’s like they have no shame of saying them! But knowing me, I won’t even bother trying to control my inner fangirl. It’s a part of me. There’s no helping it \(^o^)/ I would love to fall asleep to Yuuichi’s and hearing it again first thing in the morning. I’d be in heaven. Now that sounds pretty good to me! A drama CD would be nice…

On second thought, another one of my favourites was Ryou’s from episode 5. My heart skipped a beat and I found my temperature rising a little bit as well as being slightly embarrassed too. No shame, no shame at all:

Ryou: “My owner smells lovely as always. I want to always be able to enjoy your scent”

“All right?”

After that, he gets closer towards the camera and then…the episode ends. Wait. Does that mean you’re my pet Ryou? And I’m your owner? *Faints* haaa~ that was…unbelievably romantic if not a bit perverted at the same time. What are you playing at Ryou? Naughty boy eh? I like that about him *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Tamaki’s grandmother is really winding me up. She puts a protective barrier around Tamaki’s room, forbids her from leaving and tells Takuma he is not allowed to see Tamaki anymore. Why are you keeping these two apart?! Can’t you see that they’re in love? Star crossed lovers, they’re like Romeo and Juliet who were tragically kept apart because of their differences. I can see the similarity because Tamaki is the Tamayori princess and Takuma is a demon. It’s not meant to be. It’s not fair. It’s too sad! Stupid old woman, why do this? (-_-) well stuff you! Love will prevail, Tamaki and Takuma will be together no matter what anybody says even if it’s against my wishes. I’m not giving up on Takuma that easily; I will not give up without a fight Tamaki! Prepare yourself!

Takuma Onizaki

Takuma, what are you angry about? It’ll be a fair fight don’t worry (^^)

Overall Opinion

This is the second season of Hiiro no Kakera. I’ve already written a review for the first one so if you would like to read it, click here.

The second season continues the story of Tamaki – the Tamayori Princess – and her Guardians. Where as the first season had no real plot and barely contained any action, season two makes up for the lack of plot and action that was missing from the first season. It’s still a slow paced anime and feels like forever to get to the ending, but overall, this season was much better. The first season is very slow and you have to be extremely patient with it if you actually had the time and patience for it.

The plot was good but in my opinion, it could have been put into one season only instead of dragging it out into a second season. It took too long for Tamaki to reach the potential of being the Tamayori princess and have the power to seal away the Onikirimaru. However it did give enough time to fully develop the characters. Tamaki was still as useless as ever but she’s grown a bit in terms of mental strength; she’s not as thoughtless as the first season where she hurried herself into being the Tamayori princess. Instead, Studio DEEN made her grow into a stronger character and the words she speaks to inspire the Guardians were encouraging. Even the antagonists pasts were developed, mainly Eins, and that was what I really liked about this series.

The animation was beautiful as always. Settings were realistic and magical with the red leaves indicating the season which the story takes place in. Every little detail was immaculate and nothing looked out of place. It truly was a wonderful thing to see for my eyes and it left me with a good impression. You could almost certainly recognise this as a shoujo anime with the handsome bishies lurking around!

The opening theme song for the second season was as good and soothing as the first one which I totally like. It was the perfect choice for this series and fitted very well with the image that Hiiro no Kakera originally portrays. I loved it so much that I’ve already downloaded it! It was more fast paced than the opening from the first season but still relaxes me whenever I hear it. The ending theme song was also as good with a more upbeat feel to it as expected from Shuhei Kita.

SPOILER: Ryou reveals that he is the true Guardian of the Inukai household. His mother hid him away when he was young so he wouldn’t have to go through the pain so Shinji was taken in and made the Guardian. Oh the lies! So where did Shinji’s power come from then?

Ryou KutaniOh Ryou…you make my heart beat faster every time I see you ❤

SPOILER 2: Drei is in possession of the Onikirimaru and plans to destroy humans who are inferior to the power of the gods. In an ensuring battle, Eins sacrifices himself to protect Aria which results in his death. Drei transforms into a hideous creature and proclaims himself a god. With Tamaki giving them strength, the Guardians set out to end Drei’s dastardly plan and manage to kill him. Tamaki then wishes Onikirimaru to disappear to which it does. Onikirimaru is no longer within the reach of humans and no one can sought out the demonic power ever again. The world is in peace at last. Thank the lord for that. Amen.

I definitely enjoyed the second season more than the first one because there was more plot and characters to build a story on. The plot was really developing and you could see the anime’s potential. Although the ending lacked a little bit, everything was improved on and I couldn’t of asked for a better season 2. I will definitely be re-watching Hiiro no Kakera many times because of the animation, music and characters. I’ve grown to love them very much! I’m gutted that Eins’ sacrifice was overlooked by the Guardians victory over Drei but it wasn’t meaningless or anything! I’m proud of Eins and he will live on in my memory. He deserves to be remembered!

Hiiro no Kakera Dai-ni-Shou exceeded my expectations and left me wanting more. What I ask now is, what is going to happen next? At the end of the final episode, Ryou says their duties as Guardians are not over yet as the Bureau of Medicine will become active. With my judgement, if a possible season 3 were based on what Ryou said, then that would be something I’d watch. I would hate to see Hiiro no Kakera end when it’s just improved. It just seems abrupt and sudden in a way. What do you guys think? Let me know by comment!

Happy New Year’s Eve! Enjoy the last moments of 2012 and I shall see you all in 2013. I’m off to watch the New Year celebrations on my TV, yay for fireworks! I hope that you’ll continue reading my blog too (^_^)


Hakuouki Reimeiroku

After cheering myself up with the OVAs, it’s time to throw myself back into the serious stuff! Bring on Hakuouki Reimeiroku!

Hakuouki Reimeiroku Logo

Name: Hakuouki Reimeiroku

Japanese Name: 薄桜鬼 黎明録

Air Date: July 9 2012 – September 24 2012

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 12


The year is 1863 and as Japan’s long festering wounds of political discord erupt into violent waves of street clashes and murder, the Tokugawa Shogunate sends a new force of masterless samurai called the Roshigumi to the aid of the Aizu forces in Kyoto. However the new ‘police’ are anything but a cohesive force and assassination has already split them into two opposing factions. The stronger is led by the brutal Serizawa Kamo and the lesser by the more honourable but less assertive Isami Kondou. It is into this pack of wolves that Ryunosuke Ibuki is dragged by the rabid Serizawa. Forced to be a virtual slave by blood debt, he hates the samurai and everything they stand for. But as he sees how the other half of the samurai live, he begins to believe that there may still be a chance, for both himself and Japan, if only Kondou will step up and take down the mad dog Serizawa!

[via Sentai Filmworks]

Final season before I move onto the delayed Campione! Don’t blame me for delaying it… blame the bishies! It’s all their fault xD

Hakuouki Reimeiroku serves as a prequel so it shows the Shinsengumi’s beginnings and how the group came together. I can see why it’s a prequel rather than a sequel; there’s nothing to continue from the second season and even if it did, what will the plot be based on? Most of the Shinsengumi are dead which is what upsets me the most. I’m still torn up over that. But they’re alive here! Yahoo!! *Punches fist in air*

First Impressions

It’s strange how Chizuru isn’t the main protagonist in this season. Instead it’s a man named Ryunosuke Ibuki. To be honest, I feel relieved to not see her. I sound very harsh don’t I? But it’s true. However, Ryunosuke can’t fight even though he has a katana attached to him. It’s Chizuru all over again (-_-) brace yourself Jimmy. What’s the point in having a katana if you’re not going to use it? It’s not some sort of decoration that you can carry around… oh wait. That’s EXACTLY what they’re doing? Maybe Chizuru and Ryunosuke are related? xD

I get to see my beloved characters again! Souji, Harada and crew are back! Throughout the first episode, I was looking for Saito in particular and guess what? He makes his appearance at the end of the episode *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* Saito, you kept me waiting! I am not a patient girl but you still look as beautiful as ever so I’ll forgive you! Don’t you ever change! And also, he smiles more which is lovely. Saito looks better when he smiles, it shows off his facial features more and his true nature. It’s more natural when he does plus he is super adorable when he does so ❤

Serizawa is really harsh. Calling Ryunosuke a dog and mongrel. He doesn’t even acknowledge him as a human which proves how low he truly is. Ryunosuke wanted to leave quickly after thanking everyone for their hospitality however Serizawa said that he owes him a debt thus makes Ryunosuke his slave. To make matters worse, he kicks or punches Ryunosuke whenever he does something wrong ( ಠ_ಠ) I really don’t like this man. I think Toshi and Souji don’t like him as well… we’re on the same page here. Well it’s understandable, Seizawa is a loathsome character. Don’t we all want to beat him up? Join the petition! Join the fight!

Harada, Shinpachi and Heisuke are really kind to Ryunosuke and they treat him like one of their own. They barely know him and yet they still treat Ryunosuke as a person unlike Serizawa. They really care for him and look at for him so it’s no wonder they get close in such a short amount of time. The four of them are a great group of friends \(^o^)/ nothing goes wrong with the power of friendship!

Can't hold their alcohol down well!Some people don’t hold their alcohol down well… here’s a perfect example.

I don’t know what happened at the end of episode 2 but I think Saito and Shinpachi got into a fight. They returned to the base covered in blood whilst Souji and Ryunosuke could only look on in shock. Their beautiful faces and bodies are stained with blood. That’s pretty symbolic in a way. Also, Souji has changed in many ways. All he wants to do is kill rogue samurai. Obviously everyone is shocked and they’re like “what the hell is going on with you man?!” but Souji, being the badass he is, just walks out of the room without explaining. This is probably because of Serizawa’s presence and influence. Seriously, what is this man doing to my precious Souji?! (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ if my English teacher saw me typing this, she would be like “you have to think about the social and historical context at the time.” How about no thankyou? This is a series that kind of throws stuff in at random y’know.

Midway Impressions

Harada and Ryunosuke are quite close. They’re really good friends and Ryunosuke talks to Harada about everything even love problems! I like their friendship though because it’s as though those two are naturally comfortable around each other and they’re not afraid that the other will spread their secrets etc. Ryunosuke also has a good friendship with Heisuke which is nice since they’re around the same age. It’s good to see Ryunosuke settling and enjoying himself; he looked uncomfortable there at the beginning of the series.

Souji had a really sad past. His sister took him to the dojo where Isami was an instructor and left him there because she could no longer afford to look after him. He was 9 years old. Souji was a live in student but he was treated more like a servant. Then the students at the dojo kept beating him up because they think the instructors favour him but Souji continued to stay strong and refused Isami’s help. One day, a tournament was held and Souji continued fighting despite having blood streaming down his face from a cut caused by his opponent. Souji’s skills showed through with the brutal defeat of his opponent; Souji was discovered as a prodigy swordsman. Gosh, I really love Souji. He’s such a sweet character and doesn’t want people to worry about him but he’s become more warped thanks to Serizawa. What happened to make Souji act like this? I hope that Isami can bring some sense back to Souji, I want him back!

The new ShinsengumiWork it fellas! xD

Speaking of Serizawa, I actually despise him now. He looks down on people and treats Ryunosuke like crap. He acts on his own because in episode 6, he strikes down some unarmed sumo wrestlers with Souji. Maybe it was on impulse but that alone caused the Roshigumi’s reputation to go down. What is that man thinking? He’s also supporting the use of ochimizu – the medicine that can increase physical and healing abilities at the cost of the person’s sanity and turning them into a Rasetsu. Sick people. You people make me sick! And here I was thinking that I would be free of those unnatural creatures…

I’ve never seen Toshi so pissed off. He went all out this time I swear! When he heard about the incident where Serizawa and Souji cut down some unarmed sumos, he couldn’t stop yelling at Souji. Man, Toshi needs some anger management classes I reckon xD maybe I could sign him up for some before Christmas? I can understand why he was so angry though, they cut down UNARMED men. Toshi tells Souji that even if those men started to fight, they didn’t have to fight back. Especially if they’re unarmed. Even I agreed with Toshi on that one, that’s going too far. Serizawa has crossed the line. Could somebody kill him already?

Overall Opinion

Hakuouki Reimeiroku was a beautifully depicted story that kept me watching without any complaints. Although it was a prequel, this in my opinion was the best out of the three seasons.

A new character – Ryunosuke Ibuki – is introduced as a samurai hating man who was born into a warrior family but was disowned by his mother for being a failure as a samurai therefore he left. Whilst walking on the road, he is beaten up and left to die on the pathway until Serizawa stumbles across and saves him. Thus Ryunosuke lives with the Roshigumi and is Serizawa’s personal slave in order to repay the debt. Although Ryunosuke is unable to fight, I still like him as a character. It doesn’t matter if you’re strong or weak physically but he grows stronger mentally as the series progresses thanks to the help of Harada, Heisuke and co. I think he shares Heisuke’s and Shinpachi’s childishness too as he also fights over food プッ(※థэథ)∵.*. Ryunosuke attempts to steal Saito’s food but the latter evil glares him…THE DEMON HAS BEEN UNLEASHED! Hehe, just like me and my food. We’re best friends so you can’t separate us! He also had a nice little romance thing going on with a maiko (geisha in training) named Kosuzu (*´ω`*) but it’s a shame that Studio DEEN never continued to develop this relationship further. It’s only implied that Ryunosuke cared for her.

Training with SaitoSaito looks like a good teacher! And I think Ryunosuke’s enjoying himself (^^)

Serizawa was not as bad as I originally thought. He had a reason behind his actions which was mainly for the Roshigumi. Also, he simply wanted Ryunosuke to live. Even though he treated him badly, it was for Ryunosuke to find a resolve. I’ve been misunderstanding his motives all along and now I feel terrible. It doesn’t help that he’d been fighting a serious disease which took the life of the woman he first loved. Now I feel even more terrible! I apologise Serizawa! *Bows head low*

The use of flashbacks helped the story move along. Through them, more is learnt about how the characters became who they are now. The character development was the best by far but I was a little surprised by Souji’s attitude, especially at the end of the final episode. He corners Ryunosuke on a bridge and pushes him into the river below. Then he claims that Ryunosuke died from the fast flow of the river. Great. Souji pretty much returns to normal in the last few episodes and then BAM! He goes ahead and does that. I don’t know what to believe anymore 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。well too bad Souji, Ryunosuke is alive and well no thanks to you! I-I’m sorry Souji…don’t look at me with those puppy eyes! You know I can’t win if you do that to me. See what I have to deal with guys? The adorableness that is Souji Okita ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

I have no complaints about the animation whatsoever. It maintained the good standard from its predecessors and once again I praise Studio DEEN for their work! Every moment was flawless and fluid. The best had to be when Saito fights; you barely see him strike. It was so quick that even Souji – one of the best swordsmen – didn’t notice. Saito has got skills! Bam! Hehe, you never disappoint me Saito (๑´ლ`๑) overall, the animation was unique and dynamic. Studio DEEN rarely fail when it comes to animation!

Fight! Fight!Saito is so small! How cute…

SPOILER: The Roshigumi are given a new name: ‘Shinsengumi’. However Isami, Toshi, Souji, Harada and Sannan are ordered to kill Serizawa as he has tarnished the Shinsengumi’s reputation with his antics and behaviour. But when they arrive, Serizawa drinks the ochimizu and becomes a Rasetsu. A difficult battle ensues as Ryunosuke tries to stop them but to no avail as Toshi stabs Serizawa through the heart. Serizawa says some words to Ryunosuke before he dies. Ryunosuke runs away but Souji finds him and pushes him into the river below. Ryunosuke is now on his own journey when he passes a girl otherwise known as Chizuru, thus a new story begins to unravel as Ryunosuke looks up to the sky and sees Serizawa’s face.

Hakuouki Reimeiroku was the perfect prequel and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Everything was in the package: beautiful animation, a good plot, fantastic character development and wonderful music. The Hakuouki series has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. I laughed, cried, smiled; this series stirred a lot of emotions within me and it’s quite rare for an anime series to do that. I’m upset that the series have ended but it finished on a high note which I’m proud of. I normally don’t praise a series like this but honestly I have so much love for Hakuouki. Well at least I have two Hakuouki movies to look forward too in 2013! A real jewel, I recommend Hakuouki to everyone regardless of your gender. You’ll love it as much as I do!

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Hakuouki Sekkaroku

Here is the review for the Hakuouki OVAs! This post will be longer than my other posts because this has less episodes, I’m giving a summary of each episode, giving my thoughts on each episode and then my overall opinion on the OVA series.

Hakuouki Sekkaroku

Name: Hakuouki Sekkaroku

Japanese Name: 薄桜鬼 雪華録

Air Date: August 5 2011 – July 27 2012

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 6

Episode 1 – Souji Okita (CV: Showtaro Morikubo)

Chizuru Yukimura is goaded by Souji Okita to be an undercover geisha again. Souji’s tuberculosis starts to plague him. Commander Isami Kondou becomes worried and orders Souji to be grounded. Chizuru goes out with the gang to celebrate her successful undercover mission and Shinpachi Nagakura gets into a drunken brawl on the way back. Isami personally dices spring onion into the porridge he asks Chizuru to cook for Souji and the latter finishes it all despite his distaste for the plant.

Episode 1 - Souji Okita

~My Thoughts~

Souji, why are you so adorable? If I counted how many times I giggled or fawned over you in that episode, it would probably be over ten times. That’s how much I love this man. Souji appears to be more manipulative and playful in this OVA than the anime. He’s obviously torn over his illness but he still tries to live life to the full by fighting. That’s the only thing he can do. He wants to be by Chizuru’s side but he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be around for 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。Souji’s true personality begins to shine through here; it’s obvious that he’s devoted to Isami and he’s such a joker especially towards Chizuru. He also hates being kept behind during missions because of his health so he gets bored easily but he should realise that Toshi and Isami are only doing this because they care about him. They don’t want his condition to worsen because it was really difficult to cure tuberculosis in those days. Yes Souji, you are loved! Mainly by me (*´ω`*) I really enjoyed this episode as Souji’s personality cheered me up instantly and his facial expressions were adorable yet gentle. There was a hint of sadness and fondness in his eyes which made me realise that he’s suffering so much. I would wrap my arms around him and stay like that forever if that would comfort him. Souji is not the person I originally imagined at the start, he’s a strong character but he’s also weak. My only problem was that Saito appeared in this episode… too bad he did! His smile was so cute that I blushed; it was completely unexpected that I was taken back by surprise. Damn you Saito! I was praising my love for Souji and then you turned up *grumble* YOU’RE IN THE NEXT EPISODE SO WAIT PATIENTLY! Be a good boy please? This episode instantly cheered me up from my bad mood because I saw my beloved Souji, Saito and Harada again. And also the LOLs that came with it! Anyways, moving onto episode 2…

Episode 2 – Hajime Saito (CV: Kousuke Toriumi)

Hajime Saito is attracted by a fine sword in a display case and rattles on about the importance of a good sword to Chizuru, who starts laughing at his passionate outburst. Flashback at the Shinsengumi, Chizuru is asked to be an undercover geisha by Isami and Toshizo Hijikata. Chizuru becomes extremely uncomfortable at the thought of the dangerous mission, but Saito immediately proffers himself and Susumu Yamazaki as bodyguards for Chizuru. Two lecherous men try to get fresh with Chizuru and are grounded by Susumu and Saito respectively. Upon seeing the beautifully dolled up Chizuru, Saito becomes oblivious to the surroundings and prepares to stutter a declaration of love, but is rudely interrupted by his attacker’s allies. The next day, Saito and Chizuru converse on the road about what Saito wanted to say to Chizuru, but Chizuru wanders off to the topic of whether Toshizo suits having a beard. At night, Toshizo apologises to Saito for sending him off on a long and dangerous reconnaissance mission. The next morning, Saito admires the snow together with Chizuru, who gives him a snow rabbit.

Epsiode 2 - Saito Hajime

~My Thoughts~

Saito is unbelievably cute isn’t he? Unbelievably cute. He’s passionate about katanas and knows so much about them it actually baffles me, it must be because he is a fantastic swordsman himself! Here in the OVA, Saito is more relaxed and true to his feelings than the anime where he’s cold and pretty much keeps to himself. He smiles more frequently and I love that face when he does; it truly makes me happy! Who doesn’t fangirl when Saito smiles? When Saito, Susumu and Chizuru run into some trouble on their mission, Saito comes to Chizuru’s rescue however he gets caught in the moment and is blushing like the cutie he is (๑´ლ`๑) d’aww!! How can you resist that gorgeous face with one of the most adorable blushes ever? I found it hilarious when he was trying to confess to Chizuru because he punches the guy creeping up behind him as he continues his attempt to declare his love. Then the guy gets up again whilst Saito elbows him in the stomach as he tries to confess to Chizuru again xD Saito is a bit of clutz ❤ the guy’s allies arrive and Saito is obviously pissed off that they’re interrupting his ‘important’ conversation so he beats the crap out of them ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ you should never interrupt Saito when he’s talking… it’s a death sentence. The journey home was even funnier because Saito tries to confess to Chizuru again but being the dope she is, she rambles on about Toshi having a beard ( ಠ_ಠ) really? How did the conversation change from love to beards? Poor Saito…give up on the girl and settle with me. She’s clearly not interested if she steers the topic! Apart from the rudeness of a certain heroine *evil eye Chizuru* I really loved this episode! It is definitely my favourite one because Saito is friendly and warms up to the others; the complete opposite of his serious demeanor and hostile attitude which makes me love him even more! Also, he accepted the snow bunny from Chizuru which is so kind of him; a real gentleman who doesn’t care if it looks stupid… I LOVE YOU SAITO!!!

Episode 3 – Sanosuke Harada (CV: Kouji Yusa)

Sanosuke Harada takes Chizuru out shopping for groceries and meet Bakufu inspectors on the way back ripping apart the belongings of civilians during checks and roughing them up. Chizuru becomes affected and so does Harada. When a man loses his letter for home, he is stopped by the inspectors and accused of treason. The incensed Harada attacks the officers trying to arrest the hapless man and vouches on seppuku that he will bring the letter back. Kyou Shiranui sees the commotion while on a watchtower and helps a flustered Chizuru overcome the man who stole the letter. The letter is brought back and satisfies the gruntled inspectors, who lodge a complaint to Toshizo. Harada takes a half-year pay cut as punishment, but keeps mumbling about the incident. Shinpachi takes Harada out for drinks.

Episode 3 - Harada Sanosuke

~My Thoughts~

Pwahaha! Now that was funny! Harada and Shinpachi are having a drink when a geisha comes in and talks to Harada. When she leaves, Shinpachi is very annoyed at how Harada is popular with the ladies… well of course he is, he’s a ladies man! Women always flock to him! The two talk about how they shouldn’t say the Shinsengumi name so loudly as it could put Chizuru in danger. That’s right, she’s on an undercover mission to collect information. Harada then dismisses it saying that Heisuke is with her and that they shouldn’t worry, suddenly that said person opens the sliding doors and screams “where’s Chizuru?!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ LOL. The two were dumbfounded and ashamed at the same time! Harada is pretty much the same in the OVA; he’s still the lovable and gentle man I love! However, his determination stands out the most in this episode. A man wants to travel to see his sick mother but the inspectors say that he doesn’t have an official document. Harada gets really angry so he steps in front of the man and tells him to look for the document which had been stolen by a suspicious man earlier. The man and one of the Shinsengumi members dash off to search for the guy who stole it. The head inspector asks Harada what he will do if the man doesn’t return so Harada boldly declares that he will commit seppuku. So Chizuru runs off to help find the stolen document keeping in mind that Harada’s life is on the line. When they find the guy who stole it, they chase him only to lose him. Then Kyou Shiranui comes to the rescue and beats the crap out of the guy claiming that he “bumped into him without apologising”. Kyou’s not being honest! Again, I really loved this episode because Harada is a true gentleman and he’s always helping others even if his life is at risk (๑´ლ`๑) I will never tire of you Harada! You’re the perfect example of a man!

Episode 4 – Heisuke Toudou (CV: Hiroyuki Yoshino)

Heisuke Toudou gets into a brawl on the street while out with Chizuru. Chizuru tries to stop him, but Harada holds her back. Heisuke later catches a duck for dinner and Chizuru makes stew with it. While snatching a piece of duck with Shinpachi, the meat flies onto Toshizo Hijikata’s forehead. Shinpachi quickly moves to another table while Heisuke makes things worse by rattling non-stop and ultimately blaming Toshizo for it. Toshizo gives Heisuke a thrashing. Flashback to the geisha episode, where Heisuke barges into Chizuru’s room in the geisha house and is overcome by her beauty. He dashes off to demand Isami and Toshizo take Chizuru off this dangerous mission. In his absence, Chikage Kazama arrives and tries to kiss Chizuru, but is whacked by an abrupt entrance by Osen on the head. Chizuru flees. Meanwhile, back at Shinsengumi headquarters, Heisuke complains loudly to Isami and Toshizo the inappropriateness of Chizuru’s mission. Isami gives his go ahead to terminate the mission, and Heisuke runs back to Chizuru. Finding her not there, he hears the voice of Susumu Yamazaki upstairs and joins him in the fight with the drunken lechers. Next morning, Heisuke has a snowball fight with Chizuru, Shinpachi and Harada, but the latter two grab Chizuru and hide behind a tree when Toshizo appears demanding to know what happened to that the tattered screen doors.

Episode 4 - Heisuke Toudou

~My Thoughts~

Heisuke sure likes to pick fights doesn’t he? *Sigh* and it’s no help that Harada and Shinpachi don’t do anything to stop him. Toshi scolds Heisuke for being reckless. Later on Chizuru wants to cook duck stew for the others so she and Heisuke go to catch some ducks. Heisuke’s way of getting ducks is quite…extraordinary if not a bit strange! When everyone is eating the stew, Heisuke and Shinpachi grab the same piece of duck with their chopsticks and a fight between men ensues! Heisuke and Shinpachi are as childish as each other since a normal person would get another piece… but not these two ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ this is where it gets funny because the duck slips out of the chopsticks as Toshi opens the door. And guess who gets hit? Toshi. Haha! He was not pleased at all xD Heisuke tries to explain himself and starts to blame Shinpachi who’s now sitting with Harada acting civilised unlike a certain person! I like Heisuke, not just because he’s funny but also for the fact that he never backs down. He goes into things head on without thinking about the situation which gets him into trouble but even though he does that, I like his resolve and determination. I also love his bond with Harada and Shinpachi! They’re like brothers as the older two constantly tease and mess with Heisuke, real brotherly love there! Heisuke is a child at heart as he puts his own feelings above everything else but sometimes it can be for the best especially regarding to Chizuru dressing up as a geisha and infiltrating the geisha house. This makes him pure which is what appealed to me about Heisuke. My favourite part of the episode was the snowball fight at the end where Shinpachi boasts about his muscles being able to cope with the cold weather only to have a snowball thrown at his chest by Heisuke as he shivers from the coldness xD another good episode! Let’s hope it continues…

Episode 5 – Toshizo Hijikata (CV: Shinichiro Miki)

Toshizo Hijikata wakes up to first snow and sees Isami inviting his comrades leaving their first foot imprint in the snow. He composes a haiku and is overheard by Chizuru and Souji, and Souji teases him about it while asking Chizuru to compliment on his poetry. Toshizo becomes embarrassed and covers it up with angry words. Chizuru and Souji leave for breakfast. At night, Isami and Toshizo discuss about the defecting Edo, and Toshizo tells Isami about his plan to ask Saito to defect. Heisuke barges into their room and Toshizo leaves to take care of things. He arrives at the geisha house to be greeted by chaos. Saito tells Toshizo to take Chizuru away, and her dressing causes a commotion when Toshizo is walking with her towards the door. A man demands money from Toshizo for taking away a geisha, and Toshizo flares up, declaring his status as Shinsengumi vice-captain and yanking Chizuru away. Upon return, Souji teases them at the door, and Hijikata hurriedly asks Chizuru to hide away. The next day, Souji catches Toshizo hiding in a back alley observing Harada on his gate duty with the Bakufu inspectors. Saito and Shinpachi are invited for a drink with Itou, and Shinpachi is highly irritated. Toshizo meets Chikage Kazama on the streets and draws his katana when Sannan appears and stops him. Next morning, Kondou brings dangos to Toshizo’s room and everyone suddenly appears to share them. Souji grabs Toshizo’s haiku book on the table and starts reading the haiku of the snow from that one morning. He then compares it to the dango he has in his hand and Toshizo becomes embarrassed and tries to grab his book back from Souji, much to the amusement of everyone.

Episode 5 - Toshizo Hijikata

~My Thoughts~

My my! Toshi, what is there to be embarrassed about? He is so easy to embarrass, just like me (๑´ლ`๑) I think that he’s a romantic person in general although he doesn’t look it. I say that because he writes haikus and in my opinion, poems are ways of communicating your love of someone or something. I sounded very old fashioned there! No wonder though, poems are indeed romantic and Toshi’s voice perfectly suited the haikus well. It’s rare to see him smile so I was glad to see him do something that made him happy. Ah, the wonders of poetry! When Toshi sneezes and shivered because of the cold weather, I randomly said “aww” out loud. What? It was a cute sneeze. Toshi is a considerate man but he too rushes into action as he walks back to headquarters, he draws his sword when he sees Chikage Kazama. He is also the type of person who doesn’t deal with popularity well especially with women because he was hiding to keep an eye on Saito when some women spot him and gossip about him resulting in Toshi hating his new found popularity. This all happened because he was walking Chizuru home whilst she was still dressed as a geisha causing rumours to go round. Thanks a lot Chizuru for troubling poor Toshi At the end of the episode, everyone barges into Toshi’s room to eat dango that Isami brought back and the former appears very annoyed. However, I think he’s hiding that he’s glad to have company! Then Souji takes his haiku book and reads it aloud for everyone to hear ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Toshi pulls a really attractive face here xD it was amusing to see Toshi getting flustered and chasing Souji around to get his precious book back プッ(※థэథ)∵.*. he acts like a child here which I thought was really sweet. I love Toshi as a character and I was glad to see many sides of him in this episode. From kindness to bluntness, this man is definitely in my top 3. If only Souji, Saito and Harada didn’t appear and take the spotlight… THIS IS TOSHI’S EPISODE! YOU HAD YOUR OWN!

Episode 6 – Chikage Kazama (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda)

Chikage Kazama stumbles across Chizuru at the geisha house where she’s working undercover. The two are alone in a room and Chikage tells Chizuru that she can’t fool his eyes. He says she’s beautiful enough to be his wife as he draws closer to kiss her. Osen interrupts and hits Chikage on the head telling Chizuru to run. Osen then talks to Chikage telling him what a woman wants as he dismisses it saying he doesn’t need her advice. Ignoring what Chikage says, Osen continues talking about Chizuru to which Chikage responds with how Chizuru is from the original bloodline and how the birth rate of female Oni is very low. Their conversation is stopped by the disruption of Chizuru escaping. Osen leaves the room to see what is happening, telling Chikage to wait as their talk is not over. Chikage leaves afterwards. Next morning, Chikage announces to Kyuujyu Amagiri that he will not support the Satsuma clan. The next day, Chikage meets Osen in the forest where they are overheard by Kaoru Nagumo. After a tense confrontation Kaoru demands that Chikage, Kyuujyu and Kyou leave Chizuru alone. Kaoru flees. Chikage then says the snow will fall and in his mind asks Chizuru what she will do once Oni cut off relations with humans. Next day, Heisuke and Chizuru go to the temple to pray on New Years. Heisuke goes off to fight whilst Chizuru bumps into Chikage. Chikage walks Chizuru back to headquarters but Chizuru thinks he’s acting weird. Ideals clash as both have different views on humans. They reach headquarters and Chizuru thanks him. As Chikage leaves, he talks about destiny as he walks towards Toshizo.

Episode 6 - Chikage Kazama

~My Thoughts~

Chikage has a deep, sexy voice. Enough said. My body temperature has risen, not because I have a heated blanket on my lap – which I must say is very lovely – but because of Chikage. I loved him in the first two seasons but now I love him even more! Is it a crime to be so hot? Let me love you baby! Ahem, sorry about that. Shall I continue properly? This episode mainly continues from the previous OVA episodes and one episode from the anime. Chikage may seem coldhearted but he’s also kind at the strangest times. Honestly, I never saw that coming. I’m used to seeing him being a complete jerk towards Chizuru and the Shinsengumi so it was an absolute shock to see him being so nice. I prefer that side of him rather than the coldhearted persona. From this OVA, he is very different than the anime; his intentions are revealed unlike the anime where it was shrouded in mystery. In fact, he cares about his own race and is willing to use anyone to help him reach that goal. There are so many things that I want to say about Chikage but the list is practically endless! I often wonder what he’s really like personality wise and my conclusion is that he’s lonely. What? Does that sound extremely weird? I shall explain… have any of you guys noticed how he never smiles around anyone? Or that he always speaks in a cold manner even to his subordinates? Well that’s what I mean. He only smiles at Chizuru and geninely shows her his gentle side through the smallest things. Like how he walked her back to headquarters because it was dangerous for a woman to be walking around on her own. I may be looking into this too much but that’s how I see it. I really love Chikage and I’m surprised at how many people like him; he’s a popular character. His looks are intriguing too, especially his red eyes. They’re captivating ❤

Overall Opinion

My overall opinion will be quite short as I’ve written quite a lot already!

Hakuouki Sekkaroku was an astounding OVA series complete with gorgeous bishounens, wonderful animation and fantastic music. I loved every single bit of it!

Every episode never failed to make me smile, giggle or laugh out loud. I honestly have to say that for an OVA series, this has done me proud. It was unique too as each OVA episode was based on the dateable characters from the otome game complete with their own ending theme song at the end of each episode. The songs suited the characters well and fit with their personality etc. Character development was good this time round! In the anime series, there was practically none at all really so it was nice to see the characters letting loose and having a breather here. We all need it sometimes! Studio DEEN have really made the effort this time round!

Hakuouki Sekkaroku is an OVA series that I would recommend for all! It’s light and not too heavy compared to the anime which is good when switching in between the second season and the third season. Of course you’d need to get the serious stuff out of your mind before moving on and you just want to relax a bit. Definitely give this a try, you won’t regret it at all! The characters alone are good enough to make you watch this (^^) I will watch this over and over again… that’s how much I love these OVAs!

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Hakuouki Hekketsuroku

“You’re Hakuouki.”

Hakuouki Hekketsuroku

Name: Hakuouki Hekketsuroku

Japanese Name: 薄桜鬼 碧血録

Air Date: October 4 2010 – December 6 2010

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 10


The continuation of Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan.

The Edo Era has ended after 260 years of history and the Meiji Era begins. However, bitter strife still continues between the soldiers of the new government and former Tokugawa retainers. This is the stage in which the surviving members of the Shinsengumi find themselves upon their return to Edo following their defeat at Tobafushimi.

[via ANN]

It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas so naturally I’m excited! I love this time of year because I get loads of presents…I feel like a kid again. After the holidays, I’ll only have 22 weeks of secondary school left before moving on to college… how weird is that? It feels weird growing up. I still can’t grasp the fact that I’m 16 let alone college! Man time flies.

I’ve been mentally preparing myself before watching this mainly because I know that loads of my favourite characters will die; the probability of me crying my eyes out is very high. I swore to myself that I won’t cry but I doubt I’ll be able to. One of my friends gave me some major spoilers and I’m angry at her for telling me. Now I know who dies which is not a good start, I’d rather be caught by surprise than go through every episode waiting for those fateful moments! Enough of the depressing thoughts, here’s my review for Hakuouki Hekketsuroku!

First Impressions

Goodness me, has anyone else noticed how handsome the guys are in western clothes? Harada, Shinpachi, Heisuke, Toshi and Saito now wear western clothes because they’re fighting a western battle but they all look really good! I’m a bit sad they cut their hair but I like this new look! It’s out with the old, and in with the new. Saito was adorable when he realised he buttoned his top wrong (๑´ლ`๑) Harada complained about the amount of buttons xD he felt like he was being strangled. I can tell, it does look a bit tight! Chizuru was gaping at them because THEY LOOKED THAT GORGEOUS. Haha! Good reaction! I did the same thing! The little girl is growing up (^^)

Saito Hajime and Chizuru YukimuraAww! Are you a bit shy Saito? (๑´ლ`๑) STAY AWAY FROM HIM CHIZURU. HE’S MINE!!

Chizuru’s twin brother – Kaoru – wants to revive the Yukimura family by using Rasetsu to destroy all humans with help from Koudou. However, Kaoru’s plans are thwarted by Chikage who kills him in front of Chizuru before he could kill Souji. It was quite a sad death actually because Kaoru had tears in his eyes as he reached out to Chizuru as she remembered their childhood together. Gosh, he had a strong love for her. He loved her so much but that was most likely because they were separated for a long time. A tragic beginning and a tragic ending. How could Chizuru forget about her own brother? I would love to do the same to my brother but I can’t; even though they’re annoying as hell, we’re still related. Poor Kaoru, he must have suffered a lot. I feel for the guy but I can’t forgive him for using Rasetsu to gain his goals. I feel like crying…

Chikage Kazuma and Kaoru YukimuraKaoru’s death…

What, what, WHAT?! Harada and Shinpachi left?! I don’t even know why but they just left! Great. Harada, you’ve just broken my heart. You know how much I love you and yet you leave without saying anything. My darling Harada, I just pray that you will come back. Come back and make me happy! If you don’t, then I’ll hunt you down *mischievous grin*

Toshi becomes more open about his emotions, he’s not as closed as he used to be but he’s still a bit reserved. The poor soul has many conflicts with himself and can’t seem to put his mind at ease even if Chizuru tries to comfort him. He feels guilty about everything, I wish there was something that can help him *ignores Chizuru in the background* I think that Toshi is the most fragile character out of all of them. I know that sounds weird as he’s one of the strongest, but that’s how I feel. He has a bigger burden to carry than any other character so it’s not surprising if he becomes stressed and bothered. After all, he’s second in command of the Shinsengumi and a lieutenant, that’s a lot of pressure.

Midway Impressions

Rasetsu get their powers from their life force. Therefore if a person turns into a Rasetsu, they would be shortening their lifespan. Once they use up their lifespan, they crumble to dust. I thought they researched this properly? That is why you should never become a Rasetsu. You’ll waste your life quicker. No thanks, I’d rather live a normal life until I’m 90 years old.

Harada! You’ve appeared again! I’m so glad I get to see your beautiful face and hear your wonderful voice again o(≧▽≦)o it was only for one episode though because after he and Kyou Shiranui fought against Koudou’s army of Rasetsu, they were both never heard of again… wait. Does he die?! NOO!!! My life is over. I never expected that at all. I’m so upset 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。you’ll be sadly missed Harada.

Souji! You’ve finally come! I haven’t see you for a while! Now it’s episode 6… you’ve kept me waiting! He’s still as adorable as ever but he was torn after hearing that the person he admired – Kondou – was beheaded. He starts to blame Toshi for not being able to save him and then leaves after talking to Chizuru. Later on in the episode, Souji overhears a conversation where some people were planning to assassinate Toshi so he waits until the time has come to prevent it. Before he fights, he coughs up a load of blood and then turns into a Rasetsu knowing that he is going to die anyway. Toshi and Chizuru rush to the scene but realise they were too late as Souji had already crumbled into dust with only his sword left stuck in the ground. Now they’ve really done it. Studio DEEN have really done it. When Toshi turned around and spoke, there was sadness in his voice. I knew something bad happened and I realised too late as well. That’s what set off the waterworks for me. I couldn’t believe Souji was gone. I cried buckets! Also, they put Harada’s in the same epsiode… it’s too much for me to bear 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Souji OkitaGoodbye my love ❤

Not Saito too! After losing Souji and Sanosuke, I don’t think I’d be able to cope with Saito gone as well. Well, we all know that he’s my favourite! At the end of episode 7, Saito is seen charging towards the enemy on his own. His fate is unknown but I have a horrible feeling that he died. I think that’s proven true as he doesn’t appear throughout the rest of the series except in flashbacks. I’m awfully sad now, what else do they want to do to me?! I’m a wreck already. 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。don’t you just hate it when directors kill off your favourite characters? You feel like your heart is teared out and it feels painful. Then you’re stuck with that feeling of loneliness. This is why I hate watching anime series with tragedy, the waterworks will never end. It’s Lockon Stratos all over again! All my feels, ALL OF THEM!

Overall Opinion

It feels really weird that I’ve finished Hakuouki Hekketsuroku. Really, really weird.

I found the story very interesting. I never thought the anime was boring whilst watching it. I like the way that they make the series last over a couple of years, rather than in a short amount of time like other anime. Part of the reason why I enjoyed Hakuouki so much is because it’s more serious and realistic; if you’re the type of person that likes something silly and fun than this is definitely not for you. I think that is another reason why some people found Hakuouki boring. Most anime nowadays are filled with silly little moments (that are also rather unrealistic) which are supposed to amuse the audience. Hakuouki doesn’t have any of that so once again I suggest that you should only watch this anime if you enjoy serious story plots. Hakuouki Hekketsuroku contains a lot of sad moments which aren’t suitable for those who don’t like depressing anime.

The animation continues to look beautiful in every single way. Of course our main Shinsengumi guys were as hot as ever but there was a lot more blood in this season. I’ve probably grown sick from the sight. Never in my life have I seen as much blood as I have in this series. Lots and lots of it. Yum. It’s going to be incredibly hard to get those images out of my head…I’m scarred for life.

The theme music was absolutely beautiful and moving. They were perfect choices for Hakuouki since this series is filled with tragedy and despair. Both songs had a hint of sadness, especially the ending ‘Akane Sora ni Negau’ by Mao. I bawled my eyes out watching the sequence that accompanied the song; the characters come and go hinting their tragic fates  which really got me going with the waterworks.

Personally, I really like the characters in Hakuouki. I love how everyone acts realistically and they have a strong bond between each other. What I see a lot of is people hating the main female character; Chizuru. True, she’s not as likable as the other main characters but she was stronger here than in Shinsengumi Kitan. She’s definitely grown after seeing the horrors of battle. Sometimes I found myself saying “Come on Chizuru! Try to protect yourself!” but I thought it was realistic at the same time since back then women were treated as inferior to men. And since Hakuouki is pretty realistic as far as the way they make the characters act and the way they stick to history, I had nothing against Chizuru for being like that. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I’ve gained some respect for the girl. Who knew right? However, she still says “eh?” a lot which really annoys me. Don’t you have any other vocabulary to use? More sophistication y’know Chizuru!

SPOILER: In the final episode, Toshi and Chikage confront each other. During the face-off Chikage recognises Toshi as a real Oni, not a Rasetsu and gives him the demon name ‘Hakuouki’. The fierce battle between them begins and results in Chikage’s death. Toshi collapses afterwards and lies unconscious on Chizuru’s lap as she reminisces the past.

Now what really bugs me is the ending. I mean seriously, why end it like that? ( ಠ_ಠ) I have so many questions left like “does Toshi die or survive?”. It is left unclear and I’m sat in my room pondering the problem over and over again. My brain hurts from thinking too much! I hate cliffhangers like that so my only dislike of Hakuouki Hekketsuroku is the ending. Endings are lacking in most anime so I was very disappointed. Also, this season only had 10 episodes whilst the first had 12…what’s going on? If Hakuouki Hekketsuroku had 12 episodes, I would of been much happier; a proper ending could of been done. I demand an answer Studio DEEN…does Toshi die or not?! I heard that there are two films scheduled for 2013 and I’m curious about the plot. Will it be a continuation or a prequel? If it’s a live-action then I won’t be watching them. Sorry guys, I only do anime!

Toshi HijikitaAlive or dead? Keep on living Toshi! For my sake please ❤

Hakuouki is definitely one of my favourite anime series ever so the main question is…who are my top 5 guys? The answer is quite simple really:

  1. (tie) Hajime Saito and Souji Okita ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ
  2. Sanosuke Harada
  3. Toshi Hijikata
  4. Chikage Kazama
  5. Kyou Shiranui <– even I didn’t see it coming xD

I wonder if that order will change after the OVAs and Hakuouki Reimeiroku… highly doubt it. My opinions rarely change unless something makes a REALLY big impact on me. I wonder if Heisuke can change my mind? He did make me LOL most of the time and he’s a great guy.

After watching the first two seasons, I’m moving onto the OVAs and prequel. I can tell that the OVAs will be super cute! I have a hunch! I just need something to get my mind off the sadness I endured watching this and a distraction from all the blood that’s been engraved in my brain… oh how we all love Studio DEEN.

On a lighter note, I know what I’m getting for Christmas! The complete series boxset 1-5 of The Big Bang Theory… BAZINGA!

Much love for Sheldon Cooper.

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Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

I know I said that I’ll be watching Campione! but… I can’t resist those handsome men (^_^;) damn you sexy bishies!

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kiten

Name: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Japanese Name: 薄桜鬼

Air Date: April 4 2010 – June 20 2010

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 12


The protagonist – Chizuru Yukimura – is the daughter of a doctor who works in Edo. Her father leaves Edo to work as a volunteer doctor and moves to Kyoto without his daughter. As time passes by, Chizuru starts worrying about losing contact with her father so she decides to go to Kyoto in search of him. On the way Chizuru is attacked by some criminals and witnesses a fight between an Oni and the Shinsengumi. Taking her into custody and saving her, the Shinsengumi debate on what to do with Chizuru when they discover that she is the daughter of the doctor they are also looking for. So they decide to become Chizuru’s protectors and help her look for her father (the doctor). Lots of events happen whilst she stays with the Shinsengumi, as they discover mysterious secrets and also fight against the Bakumatsu group. The story is overall romantic with a historical and political background.

[via Hakuouki Official Website]

This is the first season of Hakuouki. I-I’m so sorry! It’s just that these men were calling for me and I couldn’t help it! They tempted me and I gave in to them… *scolds myself* I need more willpower. WILLPOWER!

First Impressions

God Saito is hot. And he kicks ass! Perfect o(*゚▽゚*)o he is really beautiful though, his long hair suits him very well but imagine if his hair was short *nosebleed* holy crap! I’ll be right back, I must dash off to the bathroom immediately! I’m back. I ran so fast that my brother was spinning around in circles xD bless him. Saito’s long hair and serious attitude reminds me of someone…HAYATE FROM PRÉTEAR! That’s why his voice sounded so familiar! Saito is voiced by Kousuke Toriumi who also voiced Hayate O_o I take it that Saito is my favourite? Yeah, definitely.

I love how the whole group ganged up on Toshizo in episode 1. Let the poor guy think a little alright? It’s not everyday that you stumble across a girl and decide to let her live in the same house as you \(^o^)/ I can’t be bothered to call him by his name so I’ll just call him Toshi like the other guys do. He seems cold and distant but who cares? I love him regardless though. All my love goes towards you Toshi! Well, not all of it exactly… maybe part of it? I still need to give some to Souji Okita, Sanosuke Harada, Shinpachi Nagakura…

ShinsengumiThe cavalry have arrived!

Chizuru winds me up already. She’s such a bitch! Please excuse my foul language but that is the best way to describe her. You know who she reminds me of? Tamaki from Hiiro no Kakera… a defenceless, good for nothing who relies on people’s protection too much. Honestly, something called grow a pair and whoop their asses? All she does is go “eh?” like the bumbling idiot she is. I really despise heroines like that ( ಠ_ಠ) why are most heroines like this? It’s very rare that you get one that can actually stand up for herself and do something for others e.g. Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou wa Maid-sama! She was an awesome girl who stood her ground and had so much determination it was unbelievable. The girl had no fear.

The animation is gorgeous, as expected of Studio DEEN. The cherry blossoms in the opening were really pretty, I almost reached out my hand to grab them xD you know when you watch a film in 3D and everything comes flying at you? I have this habit of reaching out and trying to grab things before I realise what a complete and utter idiot I am!

Midway Impressions

The plot is now slowly unravelling as more is revealed about the ‘medicine’ that Chizuru’s father was working on. It can enhance a person’s strength and healing abilities but can result in them going mad and turn into a Rasetsu. This is proven true when Sannan-san drinks it to heal his left arm and goes insane before strangling Chizuru. How frightening does that sound? Losing your humanity for the sake of incredible abilities. That’s mental! Why would you want to do that?!

In episode 7, Saito smiles for the first time ever and the Shinsengumi have a physical exam which was definitely nosebleed worthy. Shirtless… \(//∇//)\ Saito looked yummy whilst Harada and Shinpachi had a muscle flexing contest xD I wonder who won? Of course, Chizuru takes the opportunity to spy talk to the doctor doing the exams because he knows her father. However she overhears a conversation between the doctor and Souji. The doctor then confirms his diagnosis… Souji has tuberculosis.


There’s a hint of sadness in his eyes..

I want to cry because that means he won’t live much longer 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。I love him so much to the point of curling up into a ball of depression. It’s strangely odd how he sounds like Izaya Orihara though. I’m a bit creeped out, did anyone else notice this? Or is it just my imagination? Izaya randomly pops up in my head when I hear Souji so I naturally think “the sadist is back!” except without the furry coat and black hair. It’s not the same voice actor, phew. In any case, Souji is really adorable! He makes me giggle everyone I see him (๑´ლ`๑)

I’ve fallen for Toshi. Enough said. I don’t know what it is about him but I’m drawn to him. Maybe because he does sweet things when you least expect it. It’s quite romantic and makes my heartbeat go all over the place! The same goes with Harada, he’s so gentle and caring when you don’t expect it. I thought that he would be like Toshi because of his serious demeanour but I stand corrected… he’s a not so obvious flirt with a good sense of humour ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ I am deeply in love.

ToshiMmm… look at that hotness ❤

Overall Opinion

Hakuouki is an otome game series developed by Idea Factory which spans many platforms – PSP, PS2, Nintendo DS. It is very popular in Japan and is beginning to get translated into English. The first game to hit the U.S was Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom.

The plot was absolutely fascinating with the historical background which was influenced by the actual Shinsengumi and the events which occurred at that period however, the story was completely fictional. This sparked an interest within me as I am a huge fan of history so this series was a hit for me the moment I started watching the first episode. There was nothing wrong with the plot but at times it left me confused and… bothered about a few things. The thing that left me thinking was Rasetsu. I’m bothered at the idea of using ordinary humans and transforming them into these unnatural creatures. Now there’s some food for thought.

Where do I begin with animation? Studio DEEN never fails to amaze me. They succeeded with the use of lighting to create mood and atmosphere. From the hazy moonlight to the orange glow in the daytime to a bloody red sunset, the light always seemed to shine from one direction and matched the atmosphere they were trying to create. The characters were animated beautifully and they never made me say “that looks weird”. None of them looked out of place and they fitted together perfectly with the scenery and locations. Plus, they made the main male characters look gorgeous so they’re definitely eye candy for the female audience! That alone satisfied me because y’know, I’m a girl xD

Saito, Shinpachi, Souji and HaradaMy imagination the moment I saw this scene:

Saito: “I know I’m good looking so will you stop gawking at me?”

Music in slice-of-life scenes had a serene, calming flow that worked very nicely in the background which intensified in plot twists or confrontations, enhancing drama in every occasion. Powerful drum beats are added in action scenes, which not only fit the era well, but also made them all the more exciting. I love excitement!

The theme songs were good choices for this series. The opening song had an extremely catchy tune, elegant lyrics, and great vocals. The ending was pretty good, the somber song worked nicely for this series since many episodes ended with a tragedy. I wasn’t a fan of the opening but it will do since it suited the series’ image.

What I loved about Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan the most was the characters. I grew to love every single one of them – apart from Chizuru… I will never like that girl – but there was barely any development or depth. Throughout the entire series, I often wondered to myself their reasons to fight. It sounds silly but in retrospect, everyone must of thought this at least once after watching this, right? Putting that aside, Studio DEEN know when to make a girl really emotional. Deaths of people close to the main characters tear at your heartstrings such as Yamazaki-kun at the end of episode 12.

SPOILER: Chizuru is a pureblood Oni from the prestigious Yukimura family. The entire family was annihilated and only a small amount of purebloods exist therefore Chikage Kazama – the strongest Oni of the west – is after Chizuru so they can mate and have strong Oni babies. His reasons are unknown. Chizuru also has an older twin brother named Kaoru.

No matter how many times I plan to watch this, I will never like Chizuru. She is literally helpless and can barely fend for herself without relying on the Shinsengumi; that’s what infuriates me the most (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ at least make their jobs easier by learning how to wield a katana and fight with it! I never imagined that I would get this annoyed at a herione but it was upsetting when she cried over her fallen comrades. That was the only time I felt sympathetic towards her. Other than that, she’s rather dense and doesn’t think of situations rationally like Saito. I really love this dude. Nothing will ever change that.

These Shinsengumi have no sense do they? Sannan-san, Heisuke, Souji and Toshi have all drunk the ‘medicine’ which resulted in them turning into Rasetsu. Why was such a twisted thing created anyway? It’s sickening if you ask me.

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan was the definition of a bishounen fest with elements of tragedy, history and drama. Although slow at the start, the plot begins to build only to be rushed and mashed together towards the last few episodes which could only mean a second season. There were too many sudden story developments in between events which can get awfully confusing at times! Along the way, girls are instantly pleased with the fanservice the show presents as well as the charming looks of the main male characters. Personally, I loved this series and I can’t wait to watch the second season! I’ve just realised that I’m a huge history boffin; I actually searched up all of the Shinsengumi and the events that occured… I’m a weirdo.

After watching season 1 I’m desperate to buy the game now but before I do that, I’ll have to get my PSP working. The game will have to be imported from America and has to work with my PSP which is going to take a lot of effort and time. Maybe I could persuade my dad to fork out over £45 to buy the game? That’s likely (-_-)

If I remember correctly, my friend has a costume party in January 2013 and the theme is ‘Film and Cartoon characters’. I have the urge to dress up as a Shinsengumi, walk in casually and be like “yo”. But I might be going as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider… we may have to see! I was chatting to my friend about this because I didn’t know who to dress up as and this was what happened: ( T_T)\(^-^ ) what a great friend she is.

Don’t like my opinion? Well too bad. I ain’t changing my mind for no one. Fact.

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“May God be with you”

Name: 07-Ghost

Japanese Name: セブンゴースト

Air Date: April 6 2009 – September 22 2009

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 25


Barsburg Empire’s Military Academy is known for training elites who bring victory to the empire. Students of the academy freely utilize an ability called ‘Zaiphon’ to fight, while the types of Zaiphon usable depends on the nature of the soldier.

Teito Klein, a student at the academy, is one of the most promising soldiers produced. Although ridiculed by everyone for being a sklave with no memories of his past, he is befriended by a fellow student called Mikage Celestine. While preparing for the final exam, Teito uncovers a dark secret related to his past. When an attempt to assassinate Ayanami, a high-ranking official who killed his father, fails Teito is locked away awaiting punishment.

Only wanting the best for Teito, Mikage helps him escape. Teito ends up at the 7th District Church where he is taken in by the bishops. It is here that Teito attempts to evade the grasp of Ayanami and the Military, so he can rediscover his memories and learn why he is the person that can change the fate of the world.

This has been in my backlog for quite some time now so I thought just go for it! Plus Junichi Suwabe voices Frau, Jun Fukuyama voices Hakuren Oak and Daisuke Namikawa voices Mikage \(^o^)/ I’m happy!

First Impressions

This little outburst in episode 1 by Mikage made my day:

*Mikage uses his Zaiphon and blows some magazines into Shuri’s hand*

Mikage: “Sensei! Shuri-kun bought porn to class!”


At the end of episode 1, Teito finds sanctuary in the 7th District after escaping from the Imperial Army with Mikage’s help. Teito is then taken to the ‘Domain of God’ by three bishops named Frau, Castor and Labrador. Whilst in the 7th District, the Imperial Army is not allowed to capture him… hahahaha! In your faces! Can’t touch this xD

Hot bishop trio…

I love Mikage! He’s the best friend that I’ve always wanted…he’s so dedicated to his buddy and even risks his life to help Teito escape. That’s true friendship, it’s too beautiful ❤ if only some of my friends are like that. It’s cute when he makes the pact with Teito too. I could tell that Mikage will seriously keep that promise because he’s just that awesome. Be my best friend, you’ll absolutely love it (^^)

Teito is actually pretty strong too as shown in his graduation exam. He kicks ass! And LOL at Shuri, he just pounds the wall screaming for help. Shuri made me go ( ಠ_ಠ) most of the time… ARE YOU A MAN?! Wimp. I thought he was a member of the proud Oak family… clearly not if he’s running away from battle!

Episode 2 was extremely hilarious! The comedy balances with the seriousness so I don’t get bored easily. Basically, Teito tries to find out the history of the destroyed Raggs kingdom so he casually goes to the library. When he finally manages to get the book, Frau grabs him and runs out. The way Frau dashes out makes me giggle every time! I shall put a link to the clip here. I was wetting myself, look at Teito’s and Frau’s faces! They look so adorable プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Midway Impressions

MIKAGE! I can’t live anymore, my life is over. I don’t have anything to live for… I’m sorry guys, I can’t continue like this. I’m having an emotional breakdown. *Sobs like a lunatic*

Ok much better. Oh no wait, here it comes again! Joking xD seriously, I was crying so much because MIKAGE DIES. There. I said it. It’s too painful for me, I can’t bare it anymore 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。why did you do this to me?! Damn you Ayanami! His reincarnation is the most cutest thing ever though, I teared up with joy ❤

It’s sad to think that I’ll never see this again 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Frau, you perverted bishop (๑´ლ`๑) hehee, stop being so sexy! If Frau wasn’t a bishop then I would marry the man. The many things I would do to make him mine… bad thoughts there. Oops xD but who wouldn’t want him? He’s so smexy. Episode 13 made me laugh a lot and you can see why if you click here. Poor Frau, he’s a victim of circumstances (^_^;) what makes him even cooler is that he’s one of the seven ghosts. He’s Zehel and is the only ghost who can wield Verloren’s scythe/sickle. That thing is hench!

Castor and Labrador are really intelligent. Castor can make these weird doll things and Labrador can predict the future… how awesome is that?! Castor and Frau’s constant bickering is just funny whilst Labrador looks on in the background and doesn’t help Frau at all. I feel sorry for the guy now!

Why does Ayanami look and sound so hot?! I shouldn’t even be thinking of that because he was the one who lead Mikage to his death (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ curse you Ayanami! I will never forgive you for as long as I live. REVENGE! REVENGE!

I’m getting some strong yaoi vibes from this series… did anyone else sense this? Teito always blushes around Frau and Hakuren does the same around Teito… I wouldn’t say all the time, but the majority. But it is rather cute so I’ll accept it for now. Besides, the possibility of a romantic relationship between any of the characters is open to interpretation…

Overall Opinion

There’s a lot of hotties in this series. There’s him:

And him:

And him:

And him:

I could go on! The list is practically endless ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

The plot is alright, in my opinion. It’s a bit slow but it’s sound. 07-Ghost also has its funny moments, my favourites has to be when Frau and Castor are involved LOL. There’s also a few sad and touching moments which I know I went through a few tissue boxes whilst watching xD

There’s not many confrontations between the good side and the bad side. Ayanami prefers to send his lowly minions – mwuhahaha – after Teito rather then go after him himself. The few times they do confront, they just say remarks and provoke each other into ripping each others’ heads off. Literally.

The ending of the anime is very open ended and there are still a lot of loose ties that have yet to be resolved, yet I’m oddly satisfied with it. We get to see a montage of the previous episodes and it serves as a reminder of how much Teito has grown and matured during the course of the series.

The animation has got to be the best thing about this series. It is one of the reasons I’ll watch this over and over again. The characters are absolutely gorgeous and animated as are their chibi forms. The backgrounds and settings were amazing, you don’t see many religious settings in anime but this one is centred around a church and is beautifully depicted. Definitely no disappointments there!

The soundtrack was a delight to listen to. I liked the opening theme ‘Aka no Kakera’ by Yuki Suzuki and the ending theme ‘Hitomi no Kotae’ by Noria. The instrumental pieces were pretty good as well, it goes hand in hand with the anime. The ending theme was more relaxed and classical, the violin playing sounded so sorrowful but beautiful at the same time \(^o^)/

The character development for Teito was probably the best in this series. It was interesting watching Teito move from a military soldier to a bishop in training. If you do like shounen ai – known as yaoi – there were some undertones of it, the cast was predominantly male after all! There were only a few female roles and they don’t really do much. Hakuren was one of my favourites too; he looks gorgeous with that long hair plus his voice was hot! Never underestimate the voice acting powers of Jun Fukuyama (^^)

The cast of characters was vast ranging from the badass and perverted bishop to the cheerful best friend who would do anything for his loved ones, even if he’s at risk himself. I would have loved them all the more if there was more background story to some of the major characters though, especially the Ghosts. I was really interested in them and was disappointed when not much was revealed by the end of the anime.

SPOILER: Teito is the vessel of the Eye of Mikhail. Around 1000 years ago, the God of Death Verloren fell in love with the Chief of Heaven’s daughter. However, she was found dead a while later. Verloren was accused of killing her so he fled to Earth hoping that he would find her reincarnation. As he searched for her, he tainted humans so the Chief of Heaven sent seven ghosts to punish him for his crimes. They sealed his soul with the Eye of Raphael whilst the Eye of Mikhail sealed his body. Both eyes possess a strong power that can protect or destroy the world. If they’re together, they could resurrect Verloren. Since Teito has the Eye of Mikhail, the Military are after him because he could be a large threat to the empire.

Phew, now that was a long spoiler!

It’s strange to think that this was aimed towards females and yet it seems like it was made for males instead. There’s all the action and fighting for the males whilst there’s the emotional scenes for the females. I think 07-Ghost is suitable for both genders personally.

I really loved 07-Ghost, not once I lost interest whilst watching this which is quite rare for me. Although the plot is quite serious, there are quite a few funny moments which were enhanced by the chibi characters and was quite entertaining! If there was an emotional equivalent of a colour palette, then 07-Ghost would be the whole spectrum. Laughter, sadness, anger, despair, hate, joy, love, acceptence. It really is an emotional rollercoaster which makes anime all the more better. This is one of my favourite anime series ever and I highly recommend it!

With all of that said, I wouldn’t mind a season 2. The manga is still ongoing so it’s possible… I hope.

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Hiiro no Kakera

The Tamayori princess saga has begun. Behold the power of some handsome bishounens…

Hiiro no Kakera logo

Name: Hiiro no Kakera

Japanese Name: 緋色の欠片

Air Date: March 6 2012 – June 24 2012

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 13


Every girl dreams of being an enchanted princess, but how many stop to think about all the grim and horrible things that happen in fairy tales? That’s a lesson Tamaki Kasuga learns all too graphically when she’s attacked by creatures she thought only existed in myths! Fortunately, she’s rescued by an extraordinary young man: one who’s not only part demon; but her future classmate as well, and one of the group of protectors that Tamaki will need if she’s going to fulfill her destiny as a Tamayori princess. A destiny that no one’s bothered to tell her she’s inherited until just now. And if it wasn’t bad enough to learn that every plan she’d had for the future has to change, to top it all off, Tamaki still has to start attending a new high school as well!

[via Sentai Filmworks]

Tomokazu Sugita! Oh how I’ve longed to hear that godly voice of yours *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* I haven’t heard your voice since I finished watching Beelzebub! Ah that was a good series…

Most people gave Hiiro no Kakera negative reviews so of course I was worried before watching this. It seems that a lot of anime series have been getting bad reviews recently. Are they really getting THAT bad? If that’s the case, please please PLEASE give me something to root for Tomokazu-san!

First Impressions

Hiiro no Kakera was adapted from the otome game series by Idea Factory. Idea Factory are very popular game developers in Japan. Most otome games have recently been getting anime adaptions. Hakuouki and La storia della Arcana Famigila are in my backlog so of course I will watch them eventually! Plus I’ve watched La Corda d’Oro, Neo Angelique Abyss, Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% and Starry☆Sky already \(^o^)/Takuma Onizaki and Yuuichi Komura caught my eye though so I’m chasing watching them…

At last, I’ve been introduced to Daisuke Namikawa. It’s a bit late I know but I haven’t been watching any series that he’s been in apart from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 where he portrayed Michael Trinity. This time round, he plays a white haired beauty named Yuuichi Komura (๑´ლ`๑) Yuuichi seems detached from the others but when he talks, it’s always meaningful and has some sense of wisdom behind his words. Like an old man. Oh I’m not poking fun at him! Sometimes it’s good to have wisdom beyond your years…like my little brother. He’s only 12 years old and he listens to Mozart and Beethoven. Is it a bad thing to be slightly worried about that?

Tamaki seems like the type who relies on people. Great. We’ve got another one of these heroines/protagonists (ಠ_ಠ) I can’t deal with this. I really hate the whole damsel in distress thing. It really bothers me because Tamaki is meant to be the Tamayori princess who has powers and I’ve got a feeling that she’s going to be useless. Whenever I look at Tamaki, it makes me realise that she’s such an airhead. I’m serious! Her hairstyle really bothers me too, I mean who has a fringe like that?! It’s like they shoved a bowl on her head and cut a fringe out プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

That fringe…it would look better shaved xD

The monsters that appear and attack Tamaki were actually gods…really, those things were gods? I thought they were big blobs of goo xD Takuma however could not let a poor damsel in distress get hurt so he goes ahead and saves Tamaki – just so you know, Takuma is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita! No wonder that low voice was familiar! Takuma has red hair (maybe that’s a sign for hotheadedness?) and is rather blunt about things. He’s a bit of a meanie so to say but I wouldn’t mind someone like him bullying me as long as he falls in love with me afterwards. What? You think I’m joking? I would never joke when it comes to matters like this. I am always serious when I want to be.

Midway Impressions

Why does Tamaki get guardians? She gets Takuma, Yuuichi, Mahiro Atori, Suguru Oomi and Shinji Inukai protecting her 24/7 while I have…my parents. Great. You don’t deserve them! *Throws a hissy fit*

Aria Rosenburg is mature beyond her years and Tamaki is a cry baby who can’t do anything. Sorry Tamaki, but I’m on Aria’s side. She’s a lot better than you and actually knows what she’s doing. It doesn’t help that Aria’s younger than you! This girl has a plan! It’s better to know how to deal with the situation and I’m afraid that the Guardians have no clue as to what they’re doing or who they’re up against. They’re against one hell of a team…but I shall exclude Drei because he’s an old geezer who looks like he has something devious up his sleeve and I have a strong dislike for him. I hope that Takuma and Yuuichi can find it in their hearts to forgive me for switching sides. Seriously, what do you even see in Tamaki guys? You’ll understand what I mean about Tamaki when you watch this, she’s pratically useless.

I love how Aria’s minions are named the numbers 1-4 in German. How awesome is that?! Their names are Ein, Zwei, Drei and Vier. The first 3 are males and Vier is female \(^o^)/ unfortunately Ein is a bulky man with a beard, Zwei is a ‘shinigami’ lit. ‘death god’, Drei is a creepy old man and Vier is a woman with massive boobs. I would of thought that at least one of them were hot but nope. Studio DEEN gives me this instead. Out of the group, Vier seems the most trustworthy and loyal to Aria; I have a hunch that’s true since they’re both females and can relate to one another. Sister love!

I know that the Guardians are trying their best to protect the artifacts that seal Onikirimaru (a sacred sword) from Logos but they always end up losing. Aria’s group are kicking ass! I thought these Guardians were meant to be strong. I was clearly mistaken. I-I’m sorry Takuma…don’t give me that scary look! I’m only hinting that you guys should get stronger and then kick their asses so that you’ll feel better (^_^;)

There’s this one episode where the Guardians are having a bath – apart from Suguru – and they run into Tamaki outside…still nakedヽ(*´ー`*)ノ now there’s a sight to behold! Shield your eyes unless you dare to look at the gorgeousness that is Takuma and Yuuichi! If you’re like Tamaki and instantly screams upon the sight, then you have no right to look at them. Those bishies would not want you to look away. Just a warning to you ladies. They’re there for you to look at, so look all you want!

How awkward is the situation…

Overall Opinion

I have mixed opinions about Hiiro no Kakera. Very mixed opinions.

Making an anime from a visual novel seems complicated and difficult especially if it’s reverse harem. So there can be mistakes regarding adaption such as the delivery of characters or in some cases, not sticking to the original story. I’ll be honest here and say that the story has not impressed me as well as I originally thought. At first glance, it seems to contain a lot of action based on the opening theme song but the story flow was a bit slow and replaced with rather heavy dialogue relating to protection, secrets, and artifacts.

If there was one thing about Hiiro no Kakera that has impressed me so far, it would be the artwork. It’s done beautifully and probably stands out more than anything; the character designs were visually appealing as well as background settings which gave off that natural feeling. Another thing was the music; the sound of this series is fluid and the opening song ‘Nee‘ by Maiko Fujita is relaxing. Who doesn’t want to listen to some relaxing music on a Saturday morning?

I think there may be something missing here…the heroine gets off a bus and is protected by a hot bishie. But, what kind of connections do they have? Oh but not only that, there are four other guys that just pops into the story with little background so far. There’s no character development whatsoever so the characters are shrouded in mystery. Aria is the reincarnation of Monado Cepheplot…who is Monado? Studio DEEN didn’t explain this so I was left confused throughout the series. And how did the guardians become, well, guardians? There was no character development whatsoever and no back stories so it all got confusing. I often thought to myself how the characters became guardians etc. If Studio DEEN did this, then the series would be a lot better.

So in the end, the Logos managed to unseal Onikirimaru but Takuma unleashes his demon power and kicks Ein’s butt! Whoo, go Takuma! At the end of episode 13, I actually thought Takuma died…I bawled my eyes out 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。he was just lying there with no sign of life in him and he wasn’t moving one inch! But he didn’t die so I’m happy (^^)

SPOILER: Fiona-sensei is actually Vier in disguise. It’s really noticeable though so it wasn’t a challenge. I could tell because of the hairstyle.

HOLY CRAP!! \(//∇//)\

Studio DEEN introduces a new character – Ryou Kutani – around halfway in the series, but they didn’t expand his character so I have no idea what purpose he has in Hiiro no Kakera. He’s really hot too so he’s my new favourite, I apologise to Takuma and Yuuichi…t-that bathroom scene at the end of episode 10 made steam come out of my head and his sexy voice too \(//∇//)\ I LOVE YOU RYOU!!! Pushing that to the side, it’ll be great to see what role Ryou has in the series. I’m actually rather curious about him…

I wouldn’t recommend Hiiro no Kakera to anyone but I don’t have a final judgement yet since season 2 will premiere in October this year. My birthday is in October too so it’ll be a birthday present from Studio DEEN \(^o^)/ hurry up season 2! I need to have an overall opinion on Hiiro no Kakera!

You can still watch this if you want to, I won’t stop you!

P.S, Tamaki’s fox spirit pet is adorable! I want one!

How cute is this?!


Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2

Wow. Didn’t think I’d make it this far!

Name: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2

Japanese Name: 世界一初恋 2

Air Date: September 24 2011 – December 24 2011

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 12


The continuation of season 1.
After Masamune Takano re-confesses his love to Ritsu Onodera, Ritsu once again finds himself in doubt as he tries to figure out his budding feelings as well as a transfer offer into the literature department. Will Ritsu finally discover his true feelings? Or will they remain hidden away in his heart forever?

Since season 1 was left with a MASSIVE cliffhanger, I wanted to watch season 2 otherwise I would never find what happened. Plus I’m on Team Ritsu x Masamune so I really wanted them to get together in the end. They’re so freaking adorable I forgot that they’re both guys (*´ω`*)

First Impressions

I was hoping that season 2 would round up everything nicely – meaning no crappy endings – if it did then this specific fan will be sending complaints!

The plot continues where season 1 left off so there’s no confusion as to what is happening. Takafumi Yokozawa – a man who works in the sales department and also harbours feelings towards Masamune – likes to cockblock disturb them at the right time. I sat in front of my computer knowing when he was going to charge in (´・_・`) he gets on my nerves though since he ruins all the chances Ritsu ever gets to talk or interact with Masamune…leave them alone! Can’t you see that they’re madly in love? Not yet at least (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ hurry up the pace Ritsu, I’m dying here! Masamune needs your love!

When I think about it, Masamune is rather persistent about getting Ritsu to love him again. He really is O_o is that one of his charms or something like that? I have no idea…I guess it is because it’s working on me! I love you Masamune *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
What? I have a handsome guy fetish? I may have to agree with you (^_^;) I should tone it down a bit if I could!

Midway Impressions

The love triangle between Hatori, – let’s call him Tori for now – Chiaki and Yuu has reached it’s peak. One of them will have to speak from their heart. Chiaki, I know that you’re angry at Tori for meeting an ex-girlfriend but that doesn’t mean you can run off to Yuu for comfort. He could take advantage of you in some way Σ(゚д゚lll)
In the end, Chiaki decides to stay with Tori so he obviously turns down Yuu…it broke my heart! I’ll comfort you Yuu! I’ll do anything for you my love ❤

Naturally, the fiancée has to come and cause an argument between our lovely main characters. Geez, and everything was going so well! I hate fiancée characters I could burn them. That’s what makes them stronger though (๑´ლ`๑) hahaa An-chan! You just caused the opposite effect xD

Oh dear Ritsu, whatever will you do? xD

In all seriousness, I think Studio DEEN were starting to go off plot around here. All the episodes were muddled up and episode 6 was probably thrown in just for the heck of it. It’s an adaption from Junjou Romantica. Seriously? I want more Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi not Junjou Romantica! Give me my Masamune screen time! I demand Masamune right now!!

I still love Ko. He’s so freaking good looking, I don’t know how Kisa can ignore him! Don’t ignore him, make love instead…

Overall Opinion

The plot isn’t a complex one but it is interesting with all the misunderstandings and problems. I liked the way they somehow managed to solve all of these problems one by one. It might help me in future when that sort of thing happens to me, thankyou Studio DEEN! Life lessons sorted! The art was so-so. It wasn’t as well done like the previous animes that I’ve watched so I was a bit disappointed, however each character was unique so I couldn’t mix them up or mistake one for the other. Thumbs up for that \(^o^)/

Background music wasn’t as memorable as the opening and ending theme songs. They didn’t stand out enough so it lacked and failed to show the atmosphere, it was really up to the characters to do that.

Studio DEEN have kicked it up a notch. The characters no longer just hug and kiss or any cutesy flirting…hell no. Episode one blew my mind out of this planet: RITSU AND MASAMUNE DID IT plus the former doesn’t even remember what happened \(//∇//)\ it’s a good thing that scene when it happened was blanked out, I don’t think I can take it yet. My thoughts were being processed at this point and the first question that came in mind was ‘since when?!’ xD I’m glad they took it up further though, it was getting a bit boring with just hugging. And Masamune needs to get his point across to Ritsu ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

~ P.S, if you find a random brain floating around through space then would you be so kind as to return it to me? I need it so I can write my reviews! ~

Kisa made me rage so much! Why would you try to dump the gorgeous Ko? He’s only thinking of you so you shouldn’t get angry…if you’re not careful, I will swoop in and snatch him away. Mwahahahaa!!

See? He’s angry at you Kisa. He’s mine now! ❤

Episode 12 was really sweet. Masamune reflects on his past and present relationship with Ritsu. It takes us through flashbacks so it was really cute to see his opinion of everything. Although the season finale wasn’t as good as I hoped, it still gave hints that Masamune and Ritsu finally got together…YAY!!

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi was overall a funny and romantic series! I enjoyed watching this, I felt myself growing as a person along with the characters so it was a nice change. Maybe I should watch a bit of yaoi every now and then just so I can get my daily fix of BL ❤

You know the little bunny I’ve been raving on about? Apparently it has a name…it’s called Tinkle! How KAWAII!

I’m moving on to finding my prince of song. One of six possible candidates will be victorious…

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Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

World’s greatest first love? I may have to argue with that…if I could be bothered to.

Name: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Japanese Name: 世界一初恋

Air Date: April 9 2011 – June 25 2011

Studio: Studio DEEN

Episodes: 12


Ritsu Onodera has just transferred from his father’s publishing company to Marukawa Shoten. Assigned to the shoujo manga division, he crosses paths with the person he’d least expected to meet. Masamune Takano is the editor-in-chief of the division Ritsu’s been assigned to, and the two seem get off on the wrong foot right from the very start when Masamune unexpectedly kisses him. However, there is more to than what meets the eye: Masamune Takano is actually Masamune Saga, Ritsu’s senpai and high school love, whom Ritsu had thought to have played him for a fool by taking his affections for granted when he confessed and summarily dumped him.

Unusually strange group…

Boys love. I was biased towards this series for many reasons but mainly because it’s a boy loves boy anime.
I thought I would be adventurous and eventually forced myself to watch this. It was a while ago when I managed to finally watch it but I always remembered the bunny. A freaking adorable little bunny that danced on my computer screen o(^▽^)o

First Impressions

I heard that the manga artist/creator of this also has another series called Junjou Romantica. It’s nice to see that both series are joined together because one of the main characters from Junjou is seen in the first episode of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. I didn’t notice until I spoke about it with a friend O_ o it’s only because I haven’t watched Junjou yet! I’m sorry yaoi fans! I will definitely watch it in future 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

The lively theme tune immediately perked my interest…yay theme song ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ and of course the bunny! What is it with that bunny? Is it a mascot or something? I may still be a child trapped in a teenage body O_o unsuitable content for me then! Let’s change series…I’m only joking.

The characters are lively which I like since the opening had a bright and fun theme to it. How they were introduced made me giggle…one day they’re brutally exhausted and overworked, the next they’re perfectly composed and energetic. Poor Ritsu must of thought it was his personal hell when he entered the office for the first time xD

Midway Impressions

*Eyes suddenly grow larger and cheeks go many shades of pink…*

Ahem…excuse me for a second, I need to compose myself…OH MY DAYS! Ritsu and Masamune are so perfect for each other! Ritsu ~don’t deny it any longer! At first I was like ‘it wouldn’t of worked anyway, they’re both guys and Ritsu’s got a fiancée’ but now I’m totally routing for them. Team Ritsu x Masamune all the way ❤ the voice actors are the right match for the characters, especially Katsuyuki Konishi who portrays Masamune Takano *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* however, Masamune is the exact definition of a boss from hell. Don’t hire me then, I’ll quit after a few seconds!

Yuichi Nakamura is Hatori Yoshiyuki…no wonder I recognised that voice from somewhere! Still as dreamy as always Yuichi-san ❤
Hatori is in love with Chiaki Yoshino, a male shoujo manga artist under the female pseudonym Chiharu Yoshikawa. Although Hatori is Chiaki’s manager, he can’t hide his feelings for the growing artist. And it doesn’t help that Chiaki’s childhood friend – Yuu Yanase – is also in love with Chiaki…so a love triangle emerges between the three characters.

Anyone else find Yuu strangely attractive? (๑´ლ`๑)

Shota Kisa loves Ko Yukina, a man who works at the local bookstore. Shota has a thing for good looking guys like me so Ko seems perfect for him. I was excited to see how this relationship developed in future episodes \(^o^)/

Overall Opinion

I found the setting introduction quite funny and the initial backstory was pretty interesting between Masamune and Ritsu. A long lost boyfriend from 10 years ago ends up as your boss in the hectic manga section of the company, the section you didn’t apply for. The attitude between the two is pretty funny with their constant bickering. This does make it slightly difficult for the relationship to develop however, as there is even more issues than just Ritsu’s attitude. However, all of these problems will be solved in season 2!

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi has a surprisingly good sense of humour, the constant bickering between the two main characters is amusing! But all of this starts to disappear as the series get more serious.

Sleep Masamune…it’s a good remedy for crankiness.

The opening theme song is upbeat and fun whilst the ending is more toned down. Both were suitable for the series, personally the ending was my favourite ❤

The furthest the characters have gone is kissing so I was sort of relieved. I’m not ready for full-on yaoi yet! Unfortunately, the only thing lacking was character development ( ಠ_ಠ ) their feelings aren’t improving, they’re just staying the way they began with. Hopefully they improve it in season 2.

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi is a fluffy and cutesy series so if you’re into that sort of stuff then definitely watch this! Now, I’m going to try and convince Masamune to fall in love with me instead (*´ω`*) Season 2 will be coming soon…