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Takahiro Sakurai

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Hey guys! Sorry this post is late, I’ve been pretty busy at school so it’s been a bit tiring and stressful. I would start watching Campione! but I need to relax a little otherwise I’ll lose it, so I’ll do a seiyuu post on one of my personal favourites.

Takahiro Sakurai

Name: Takahiro Sakurai

Japanese: 櫻井孝宏 (Sakurai Takahiro)

DoB: June 13 1974

Blood Type: A

Height: 176cm

Weight: 58kg

Years Active: 1996 – present

Takahiro Sakurai is a Japanese voice actor who was born in Okazaki, Aichi, Japan.

Acting Career

He is a member of 81 Produce. Many of his roles are handsome and mostly charming men. However, he has also voiced reluctant heroes (such as Mega Man X) as well as the occasional villain (Maximilien Robespierre in Le Chevalier D’Eon, Hiltz in Zoids: Guardian Force and Sasori in Naruto Shippuden). Sometimes, he is also typecast to play angsty and arrogant young men, and also loner characters such as Kira Izuru. More recently, he also provided the Japanese dub voice of Edward Cullen in the Japanese dub adaptations of the Twilight Saga films. He appears to have done a lot of roles with Kenichi Suzumura, for example in Final Fantasy VII, Black Butler and Zombie Loan.


Takahiro’s hobbies are record collecting, scuba diving, shopping and taking walks. Take me shopping please!

He also has a cat named Hiyori…how cute hehe!

Again, I’m really sorry! I won’t be blogging for a while but please be patient with me until I get my coursework and revision sorted. I’ve been so stressed out recently because of it and it’s not really good for my health. I’m also going to America for a school trip in February so that’ll be exciting! I’ll be going to Washington D.C, Philadelphia and New York for a week with my friends for a school trip so I’m looking forward to it. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so I have to take it! While I’m there, I’ll probably try to watch some anime as it’s a good chance to catch up with series that I haven’t watched before. Now I need to get some winter clothes otherwise I’ll freeze in America! Expect to see a walking ice lolly if you live in Washington, Philadelphia or New York haha! Well, I’ll be off. See you soon guys and once again I apologise if no posts come out for a while!

Takahiro Sakurai DemotivationalLook at all this! Most of them are hot O_O


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